Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5-1-2012 show

It's been a fruitful few weeks with lots of new stuff coming out as well as plenty that I've checked out. I always like being able to share my latest discoveries and this show has them in spades. For example, how did I miss Long Fin Killie back in the day? Amazing band, glad all their albums were less than $2 on Amazon! And Taming The Outback, wow, what a great post-punk crate digging find - it's the album Echo & The Bunnymen didn't make after _Crocodiles_! The teaser from the forthcoming Peter Blegvad/Andy Partridge album is fantastic, can't wait for it to get released! And lots of new stuff from old and new favorites.

Unfortunately, my new work schedule means that I have to put the show on hiatus. I'm not wrapping it up yet, maybe I can do it once a month through the summer, we'll have to see. I'll try to get back to posting other things to the blog but the show will have to wait. For now!

Unfortunately, it appears a glitch has resulted in a corrupt file of the broadcast, but here's the music.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Waco Brothers & Paul Burch - Flight To Spain (Great Chicago Fire, 2012)
Billy Bragg & Wilco - Union Prayer (Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions, 2012)
Paul Westerberg - Man Without Ties (Besterberg, 2005 - originally released in 1993)
The Agitator - Die Like A Dog (No! (promo), 2011)
The Fall - Victrola Time (Night Of The Humerons 7", 2012)
Public Image Ltd. - Lollipop Opera (One Drop EP, 2012)
Dalis Car - Soundclound (InGladAloneness EP, 2012)
The Frank And Walters - Indie Love Song (Greenwich Mean Time, 2012)
Toy - Motoring (Motoring 7", 2012)
The Bats - Free All Monsters (Free All Monsters, 2011)
The Saints - Grain Of Sand (Prodigal Son, 1988)
British Sea Power - Facts Not Right (EP4, 2012)
Long Fin Killie - Lipstick (Amelia, 1997)
Half String - Eyesick (Maps For Sleep 1991-1994, 2012 - originally released in 1997)
The Chameleons - Heaven (BBC session) (digital distribution, 2012)
Taming The Outback - Fire & Smoke (1986-1989, 2011 - originally released in 1986)
The Primitives - I'm Not Sayin' (Echoes And Rhymes, 2012)
Gazelle Twin - Changelings (John Foxx & The Maths remix) (The Entire City Remixed, 2012)
Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge - The Cryonic Trombone (Gonwards, 2012?)
Oingo Boingo - Forbidden Zone (Forbidden Zone soundtrack, 1983)
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Rider (White Lunar, 2009)
The Outsiders - Freeway (Calling On Youth reissue, 2012)
Bap Kennedy - Working Man (The Sailor's Revenge, 2012)
The dB's - Working For Somebody Else (The Sound Of Music, 1987)
The Wonder Stuff - Back To Work (Escape From Rubbish Island, 2004)
Magazine - Model Worker (Peel session) (The Complete John Peel Sessions, 2008 - originally released in 1980)
Chelsea - Right To Work (Right To Work 7", 1977)
Wire - In The Art Of Stopping (Send, 2003)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4-10-2012 Show

New stuff from David Sylvian, The Verlaines, Anthony Reynolds, British Sea Power, a pair of recent Barbara Manning tracks, a set of Elvis (songs about, not by), one of the great irresistible forces meets the unmovable object collaborations and more this week!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Einsturzende Neubauten - Total Eclipse Of The Sun (Silence Is Sexy, 2000)
David Sylvian - Where's Your Gravity? (A Victim Of Stars, 2012)
British Sea Power - Brand New Century (EP3, 2012)
Spotlight, Floodlight ft. Rob Dickinson - Mercy Street (digital distribution, 2010)
Barbara Manning - Never Go Back (V/A - Thank You Chico, Goodnight, 2011)
The Sleaze Tax - Tape You To A Star (digital distribution, 2009)
The Rip - Wrecked Wee Hymn (V/A - Time To Go - The Southern Psychedelic Moment, 2012 - originally released in 1987)
The Verlaines - A Call From Decades Past (Untimely Meditations, 2012)
Bressa Creeting Cake - A Chip That Sells Millions (V/A - Tally Ho! Flying Nun's Greatest Bits, 2011 - originally released in 1997)
The Nightblooms - One Weak Moment (live) (Live EP, 1992)
Killing Joke - In Cythera (MMXII, 2012)
Anthony Reynolds - Be My Next Ex-Girlfriend (version) (Life's Too Long, 2012)
The Jazz Butcher - Inside Your Heart (V/A - Another Spark, 1984)
The Nightingales - Elvis, The Last Ten Days (Pissed & Potless, 2001 - originally released in 1982)
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Elvis Is Dead (V/A - Vaultage 78, 1978)
These New Puritans - Elvis (Beat Pyramid, 2008)
Whipping Boy - Suspicious Minds (V/A - Natural Born Elvis, 1998)
Slowdive - Alison (Souvlaki, 1993)
Lokomotiv - Next Time Round (Next Time Round single, 2000)
Stephen Emmer - Wish On (Vogue Estate, 1982)
Anita Lane - Bedazzled (The World's A Girl single, 1995)
Dizrhythmia - A Grown Man Immersed In Tin-Tin (Dizrhythmia, 1988)
Jon Hassell - Courage (Dream Theory In Malaya, 1981)
The Long Decline - Buckle Up & Join In Lad (The Long Decline, 1997)
Saint Etienne - Kiss And Make Up (Kiss And Make Up single, 1990)
Kimo - Discover Me (Surrender, 2008)
Homer - Lucky Thirteen (Lucky Thirteen single, 1995)
Marc Almond - Threat Of Love (Open All Night, 1999)
Inspiral Carpets feat. Mark E. Smith - I Want You (I Want You single, 1994)
The Stranglers - Shut Up (Nice 'N' Sleazy single, 1978)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Days Of The Week show

After playing "Everyday Is Like Sunday" on a grey, rainy day this weekend I decided that this week's theme would be the days of the week. I pick these themes because they get me to dig deeper into my library, pair unusual bands and are generally fun to make flow well. Unsurprisingly, the weekend days are over-represented and the mid-week Wednesday and Thursday are not as great for song titles. A surprising amount of kiwi bands write songs about the days of the week along with some classic post-punk, alt-country and more!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday (Viva Hate, 1988)
The Associates - Tell Me Easter's On Friday (Fourth Drawer Down, 1981)
The Brilliant Corners - Meet Me On Tuesdays (Everything I Ever Wanted, 1988)
The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays (The Fine Art Of Surfacing, 1979)
Linoleum - On A Tuesday (Dissent, 1997)
Longwave - Sunday Nite Health (Life Of The Party EP, 2004)
Clearlake - Sunday Evening (Lido, 2001)
Versus - Saturday Saints (On The Ones And Threes, 2010)
Graeme Downes - Sunday Kickaround (Hammers And Anvils, 2001)
The Mutton Birds - Ash Wednesday (Too Hard Basket, 1998)
Able Tasmans - Wednesday (She's Coming Round) (Hey, Spinner!, 1990)
Alec Bathgate - Friday In The Ground (Gold Lame, 1996)
Screaming Meemees - Sunday Boys (If This Is Paradise, I'll Take The Bag, 1982)
Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night, Stay At Home (Saturday Night, Stay At Home 7", 1978)
The Puddle - Thursday (Thursday 7", 1993)
The Cakekitchen - Is It Only Monday? (Time Flowing Backwards, 1991)
The Jody Grind - Friday (Lefty's Deceiver, 1992)
Lucinda Williams - Sundays (live) (Lucinda Williams reissue, 1998)
Robbie Fulks - Let's Kill Saturday Night (Let's Kill Saturday Night, 1998)
Kirsty MacColl - Big Boy On A Saturday Night (Titanic Days, 1993)
Radio Birdman - Monday Morning Gunk (Radios Appear, 1977)
Dead Kennedys - Saturday Night Holocaust (Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death, 1987 - originally released in 1982)
The Professionals - Friday Night Square (I Didn't See It Coming, 1981)
China Drum - (Had A Good Idea On) Monday (Goosefair, 1996)
Beagle - A Different Sunday (Sound On Sound, 1992)
You Am I - Tuesday (Hourly, Daily, 1996)
Steve Diggle - Wednesday's Flowers (Heated And Rising EP, 1993)
Bandola - 'Til Tuesday ('Til Tuesday EP, 1992)
Jacques - Tuesday's Child (Roses For Ashes EP, 2003)
Bill Pritchard - Wednesday (Half A Million, 1988)
The Fatima Mansions - Thursday (Viva Dead Ponies, 1990)
The Ropers - Blue Sunday (V/A - Why Popstars Can't Dance, 1994)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Singled Out: The Kinks

It's been a while since I did a Singled Out show and this time DJ Jeff and I wanted to honor The Kinks. It's only an hour so we chose some pretty unusual tracks from the Davies brothers. Aside from the massive volume of music to choose from, there's a huge amount of great anecdotes and stories about The Kinks, who are a world-class band if ever there was one, dedicated to their art and their audience. They certainly gave the people what they wanted!

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

The Kinks - See My Friends (single, 1965)
The Kinks - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (single, 1966)
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon (single, 1966)
The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Sunny Afternoon single, 1966)
The Kinks - David Watts (Something Else, 1967)
The Kinks - Love Me Till The Sun Shines (Something Else, 1967)
The Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society (The Village Green Preservation Society, 1968 & single, 1969)
The Kinks - Big Sky (The Village Green Preservation Society, 1968)
The Kinks - Picture Book (The Village Green Preservation Society, 1968)
The Kinks - Apeman (single, 1970)
The Kinks - Catch Me Now I'm Falling (single, 1979)
The Kinks - (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman (single 1979)
The Kinks - Destroyer (single, 1981)
The Kinks - Around The Dial (Give The People What They Want, 1981)
The Kinks - Better Things (single, 1981)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This show is for the birds!

Birds! This week's show is all about one of my favorite sources of music - the birds of spring. From post-punk heavyweights Killing Joke and Public Image Ltd to recent cuts from Chris Mills and The Wheat Pool, all the songs are dedicated to our neighborhood avian singers. Sure, most of the music isn't as serene and beautiful as the tweets we hear outside but as a theme it pulls together quite well.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

Bill Nelson - When The Birds Return (The Two-Fold Aspect Of Everything, 1984)
Killing Joke - Birds Of A Feather (Birds Of A Feather 7", 1982)
Public Image Ltd. - No Birds (Metal Box, 1979)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Painted Bird (BBC session) (At The BBC, 2009 - originally released in 1982)
Tarnation - Yellow Birds (Gentle Creatures, 1995)
The Wheat Pool - Nervous Bird (Hauntario, 2009)
Kristin Hersh - Little Birdy (Murder, Misery And Then Goodnight, 1998)
Leonard Cohen - Bird On The Wire (Songs From A Room, 1969)
The Jam - Big Bird (live) (Dig The New Breed, 1982)
Carl Gustav & The 84's - Through Birds, Through Fire (I Want To Kill Russians 7", 1981)
The Final Eclipse - Birdsong (V/A - Avon Calling bonus disc, 2005 - originally released around 1980)
Dr. Yogami - Nightmare Birds (V/A - A Real Cool Time, 1985)
Essential Logic - Eagle Bird (Wake Up EP, 1979)
LiLiPut - Birdy (LiLiPut, 1982)
Lung Leg - Anatomy Of A Dolly Bird (Hello Sir, 1997)
Think Tree - Hire A Bird (Eight/Thirteen, 1990)
The Bats - Chicken Bird Run (Compiletely Bats, 1990)
Trash - Screech Of Bird (Not Gate, 1994)
Slate - Iron Bird (live) (V/A - Arclife, 1999)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Mockingbirds (Might Joe Moon, 1994)
Chris Mills - Blackbirds (Living In The Aftermath, 2008)
Adrian Belew - Bird In A Box (Mr. Music Head, 1989)
Brian Stevens And The Flip - A Little Bird Told Me So (V/A - Yellow Pills Vol. 2, 1994)
Felt - Dark Red Birds (Poem Of The River, 1987)
Jack Frost - Birdowner (As Seen On T.V.) (Jack Frost, 1990)
Salad - Broken Bird (Ice Cream, 1997)
Bettie Serveert - Get The Bird (Kid's Allright EP, 1993)
Heavenly - And The Birds Aren't Singing (Le Jardin De Heavenly, 1992)
The Icicle Works - Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) (The Icicle Works, 1984)
Peter Holsapple And Chris Stamey - Bird On The Wing (Here And Now, 2009)
The Blue Aeroplanes - Whatever Happened To Our Golden Birds? (Rough Music, 1995)
Dead Can Dance - Bird (A Passage In Time, 1991)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3-20-2012 show

This week brings new stuff from The Shins, Andrew Bird and High Highs, old stuff from Psychic TV, The Cure and Can, with a special highlight of box sets from Simple Minds and The Blackeyed Susans! Unfortunately a brown-out means I couldn't record the show, so here's the music sans DJ banter and insight.

The new Shins album is a mixed bag after a couple of listens - James Mercer fired the entire band after the last album and there's something missing in the rhythm section on the new one.

I picked up a new wave compilation called "New Wave Club Class*x - Sinners Day 2011" and was pleasantly surprised by a bunch of bands I hadn't heard much from before.

I highlighted two box sets I recently bought. The first is Simple Minds first 6 albums - fantastic stuff, overlooked due to their later awful sell-out years. The other is from The Blackeyed Susans, a wonderful folk-rock band from Australia which imbues their music with something ineffable from where they live.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral (Port Of Morrow, 2012)
Andrew Bird - Orpheo Looks Back (Break It Yourself, 2012)
High Highs - Horses (High Highs EP, 2011)
Psychic TV - Godstar (single version) (Godstar 7", 1985)
Visage - Fade To Grey (single version) (Fade To Grey 7", 1980)
Severed Heads - Petrol (Petrol 7", 1985)
Sex Gang Children - Deiche (Dieche 7", 1984)
The Leather Nun - Gimme Gimme Gimme (Gimme Gimme Gimme! 7", 1986)
The Cure - A Forest (Peel session) (Digital distribution, 1980)
BT - Always (feat. Rob Dickinson) (These Hopeful Machines, 2010)
Janet LaValley - Love To Hear You Cry (Digital distribution, 1995?)
Stephen Hero - Welcome Home! (57 Stars Of The Air Almanac, 2007)
Lois - Northern Soul (Snapshot Radio EP, 1996)
The Housemartins - Happy Hour (London 0 Hull 4, 1986)
Street Chant - Yr Philosophy (Means, 2010)
Cinematic - Aqua Baby (Cinematic, 1994)
David Yetton - Stars Without Make-Up (Blow Out Your Candles, 2005)
Lard - War Pimp Renaissance (Pure Chewing Satisfaction, 1997)
Michal Kahan - Chevere!! (Baby Escapo EP, 2003)
Juniper Moon - No Te Pongas El Sombrero (El Resto De Mi Vida, 2002)
Monstrance - The Floating World (Monstrance, 2007)
23 Skidoo - Last Words (The Gospel Comes To New Guinea, 2002 - originally released in 1981)
Can - Mushroom (Tago Mago, 1971)
Simple Minds - Changeling (Real To Real Cacophony, 1979)
Simple Minds - Thirty Frames A Second (Empires And Dance, 1980)
Simple Minds - The American (Sister Feelings Call, 1981)
(all part of X5 box set, 2012)
The Blackeyed Susans - Mary Mac (Mouth To Mouth, 1996)
The Blackeyed Susans - Smokin' Johnny Cash (Spin The Bottle, 1997)
The Blackeyed Susans - Private Dancer (Dedicated To The Ones We Love, 2001)
(all part of Reveal Yourself box set, 2009)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rockabilly Show

This week's show is a bit outside our normal focus: 1950s rockabilly! This is the motherland, the wellspring and inspiration for all the music I love. Some of it emphasizes the 'rock', some the 'billy' but it's all ridiculously catchy and fun! You'll hear big names like Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and The King as well as lesser known artists like Buck Griffin, Malcolm Yelvington and Barbara Pittman. I managed to fit 50 tracks into 2 hours, join the fun!

Normally, I try to list the original source release but almost all of these tracks came out on singles and are now conveniently compiled somewhere. I've listed the release year after the title.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

Bill Haley With Haley's Comets - Crazy Man, Crazy (1953) (V/A - Loud, Fast & Out Of Control, 1999)
Carl Perkins - Dixie Fried (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Sun Story, 2011)
Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else (1959) (V/A - Loud, Fast & Out Of Control, 1999)
Gene Vincent - Cat Man (1957) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
Johnny Burnette Trio - The Train Kept A-Rollin' (1956) (V/A - Loud, Fast & Out Of Control, 1999)
Buck Griffin - Stutterin' Papa (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The MGM Story, 2011)
Bob Gallion - My Square Dancin' Mama (1957) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The MGM Story, 2011)
Arthur Smith - Who Shot Willie? (1951) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The MGM Story, 2011)
Billy Jack Wills - All She Wants To Do Is Rock (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The MGM Story, 2011)
Don Gibson - I Ain't A Studying You Baby (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The MGM Story, 2011)
Simon Crum - Stand Up, Sit Down, Shut Your Mouth (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Capitol Story, 2011)
Rudy Grayzell - There's Gonna Be A Ball (1955) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Capitol Story, 2011)
Lew Williams - Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Imperial Story, 2011)
Dennis Herrold - Hip Hip Baby (1957) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Imperial Story, 2011)
Weldon Rogers - So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye (1957) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Imperial Story, 2011)
Malcolm Yelvington & The Star Rhythm Boys - Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (1954) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Sun Story, 2011)
Ray Smith - Right Behind You Baby (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Sun Story, 2011)
Sonny Burgess - Red Headed Woman (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Johnny Bell - Flip Flop And Fly (1959) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Jackie Lee Cochran - Ruby Pearl (1957) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Jerry Kennedy - Teenage Love Is Misery (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Terry Noland - Come Marry Me (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Johnny Caroll - Tryin' To Get To You (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Billy Harlan - School House Rock (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Justin Tubb - Rock It On Down To My House Baby (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Ben Hewitt - I Want A New Girl Now (1960) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Mercury Story, 2011)
Connie Dycus - Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Mercury Story, 2011)
Eddie Bond - Slip, Slip, Slippin' In (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Mercury Story, 2011)
Ronnie Dawson - Rockin' Bones (1959) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
John & Jackie - Little Girl (1958) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
Hasil Adkins - Chicken Walk (1958) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin' All Over (1960) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
Tom Tall - Stack-A-Records (1958) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
Johnny Dollar - Action Packed (1958) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
The Collins Kids - Hoy Hoy (1958) (V/A - Rockabilly Essentials, 1998)
Janis Martin - My Boy Elvis (1956) (V/A - Loud, Fast & Out Of Control, 1999)
The Miller Sisters - Ten Cats Down (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Sun Story, 2011)
Barbara Pittman - I Need A Man (1956) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
Laura Lee Perkins - Kiss Me Baby (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Imperial Story, 2011)
Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Capitol Story, 2011)
George Jones - Who Shot Sam (1959) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Mercury Story, 2011)
Rock-A-Teens - Woo-Hoo (1959) (V/A - Loud, Fast & Out Of Control, 1999)
Warren Smith - Ubangi Stomp (1956) (V/A - Rockin' Bones, 2006)
Billy Riley & The Little Green Men - Red Hot (1957) (V/A - Loud, Fast & Out Of Control, 1999)
Ricky Nelson - Stood Up (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Imperial Story, 2011)
Little Richard - The Girl Can't Help It (1956) (V/A - Loud, Fast & Out Of Control, 1999)
Jerry Lee Lewis - High School Confidential (1958) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Sun Story, 2011)
Roy Orbison & Teen Kings - Ooby Dooby (1956) (V/A - Loud, Fast & Out Of Control, 1999)
Buddy Holly - Love Me (1956) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Decca Story, 2011)
Elvis Presley - That's All Right (1954) (V/A - Essential Rockabilly - The Sun Story, 2011)