Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Emergency show

Last night, instead of working on the Midwest show, I spent a couple of hours in the emergency room of my local hospital, so why not do a show with just that theme? My boy's fine but now you can enjoy this mix of punk, new wave, and downbeat rock.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

999 - Emergency (999, 1978)
Stiff Little Fingers - State Of Emergency (Inflammable Material, 1979)
The Undertones - Emergency Cases (Teenage Kicks single, 1978)
Rezillos - Ambulance (radio session) (Digital distribution, 2009)
Just Urbain - Hospital Bed (V/A - Shakedown! Brisbane Punk Rock (1979-1983), 2005 - originally released in 1980)
Glide - Spin Doctor (Open Up And Croon, 1995)
The Chills - Martyn's Doctor Told Me (Secret Box, 2001)
The Stereo Bus - Mental Hospital (Hey Thank You single, 1999)
The King Of Luxembourg - Trial Of Dr. Fancy (V/A - Too Good To Be True, 2005 - originally released in 1986)
Killer Pussy - Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage (Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage single, 1982)
Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor! (Into The Gap, 1984)
Whiskeytown - Nurse With The Pills (radio session) (Strangers Almanac reissue, 2008)
Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - Scars And Glasses (The Opiates (Revised), 2008)
Patrick Duff - Rock'n'Roll Doctor (Luxury Problems JP edition, 2005)
Hofman - Follow The Ambulance (Reach Around Hofman EP, 1998)
The Replacements - Take Me Down To The Hospital (Hootenanny, 1983)
The Proletariat - Scars (Soma Holiday, 1983)
Dangerous Birds - Emergency (V/A - Laughing At The Ground single, 1982)
Prolapse - Black Death Ambulance (Pointless Walks To Dismal Places, 1994)
Sleeper - Big Nurse (Alice EP, 1993)
The Convent - Scars (About Kings And Queens And Stolen Bicycles, 2002)
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Emergency Turn Off (Turning Into Small, 1998)
Billy Bragg - A Nurse's Life Is Full Of Woe (Talking With The Taxman About Poetry reissue, 2006)
Tiger - I'm In Love With RAF Nurse (Race EP, 1996)
Jesse Malin - Scars Of Love (The Heat, 2004)
Sisters Of Mercy - Doctor Jeep (Vision Thing, 1990)
Swell Maps - Doctor At C. (Collision Time Revisited, 1989 - originally released in 1979)
Cop Shoot Cop - Ambulance Song (Release, 1994)
Second Layer - State Of Emergency (State Of Emergency EP, 1980)
Wire - Ambulance Chasers (live) (The Ideal Copy, 1987)
Justin Sullivan - No Pain (live) (Big Guitars In Little Europe, 1995)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rain show

This week's theme is inspired by the warm winter we've been having and all the rain that's come down. Do you know how many songs have been written about the rain?! I could've filled out half this playlist with just songs from New Zealand bands, I guess it rains a lot down there! Hear some from Robert Forster, Snapper, Sons And Daughters and more! I'm still getting the hang of my new Linux box and only just discovered I set the native audio recording software to record in mono! Next week I'll have it all worked out.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Robert Forster - If It Rains (The Evangelist, 2008)
Immaculate Fools - Rain (Woodhouse, 1995)
Marcellus Hall - One Drop Of Rain (The First Line, 2011)
The Triffids - Raining Pleasure (Raining Pleasure mini-LP, 1984)
Let's Go Naked - Rainshower Me (Insides, 2007 - originally released in the late 80s)
Weddings Parties Anything - Rain In My Heart (live) (They Were Better Live, 1999)
The Pterodactyls - Every Time It Rains (V/A - Outnumbered By Sheep, 1986)
The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - I Like Rain (Love Songs, 1988)
Snapper - Rain (Shotgun Blossom, 1990)
The Bads - Feels Like Rain (Earth From Space, 2005)
Lanky - Here Come The Rains (Wait, 2000)
John White - Goodbye To Rainy Days (Mogwash, 2006)
Demarnia Lloyd - Rain (Set Upon A Curve, 2002)
Close Lobsters - Going To Heaven To See If It Rains (Forever Until Victory! The Singles Collection, 2009 - originally released in 1986)
TV21 - It Feels Like It's Starting To Rain (Snakes And Ladders: Almost Complete 1980-82, 2010 - originally released in 1981)
Fantastic Something - If She Doesn't Smile (It'll Rain) (V/A - I'll Give You My Heart, I'll Give You My Heart, 2008 - originally released in 1984)
The Suede Crocodiles - Stop The Rain (Stop The Rain single, 1983)
Sons And Daughters - Come In Out Of The Rain (Dance Me In single, 2005)
True Believers - The Rain Won't Help When It's Over (Hard Road, 1994)
Dave Couse - Will It Ever Stop Raining? (Genes, 2003)
Seafood - Psychic Rainy Nights (Messenger In The Camp, 1999)
The Pogues - A Rainy Night In Soho (Poguetry In Motion EP, 1986)
The Raincoats - Rainstorm (Moving, 1983)
Annie Lennox & Paul Buchanan - Here Comes The Rain Again (live) (Digital distribution - originally released in 1995)
The Dambuilders - Hibachi In The Rain (A Young Person's Guide, 1989)
Guadalcanal Diary - Pray For Rain (Jamboree, 1986)
The Railway Children - After The Rain (radio session) (The Radio One Evening Show Sessions, 1993)
I Am Kloot - Morning Rain (Natural History, 2001)
Nick Lowe - Raining Raining (live) (The Doings, 1999)
Scott Walker - It's Raining Today (Scott 3, 1969)
Vangelis - Tears In Rain (Blade Runner Trilogy, 2007 - originally released in 1982)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Compiling Husker Du

I was never much of a fan of the hardcore scene, though I do like bits and pieces. When it came to Husker Du, I liked the poppier side of their output, and fortunately I had a friend who made me a great sampler tape which formed the basis for this compilation. Another friend, years later, offered his suggestions and I added in Allmusic's picks from each album. After reviewing it all I came up with 2 playlists of 16 tracks each. I know there's more room on each disc but this captures everything that was great about the band and shows off their tremendous songwriting. As I've said, sometimes less is more.

Disc 1 (82-85):
1. Sunshine Superman (Everything Falls Apart)
2. Everything Falls Apart (Everything Falls Apart)
3. In A Free Land (Everything Falls Apart)
4. Real World (Metal Circus)
5. It's Not Funny Anymore (Metal Circus)
6. Diane (Metal Circus)
7. Something I Learned Today (Zen Arcade)
8. Never Talking To You Again (Zen Arcade)
9. Chartered Trips (Zen Arcade)
10. Pinks Turns To Blue (Zen Arcade)
11. Turn On The News (Zen Arcade)
12. Flip Your Wig (Flip Your Wig)
13. Makes No Sense At All (Flip Your Wig)
14. Hate Paper Doll (Flip Your Wig)
15. Green Eyes (Flip Your Wig)
16. Games (Flip Your Wig)

Disc 2 (85-87):
1. New Day Rising (New Day Rising)
2. Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (New Day Rising)
3. I Apologize (New Day Rising)
4. Celebrated Summer (New Day Rising)
5. Terms Of Psychic Warfare (New Day Rising)
6. Books About UFOs (New Day Rising)
7. Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (Candy Apple Grey)
8. Sorry Somehow (Candy Apple Grey)
9. Too Far Down (Candy Apple Grey)
10. Hardly Getting Over It (Candy Apple Grey)
11. These Important Years (Warehouse)
12. Ice Cold Ice (Warehouse)
13. Could You Be The One (Warehouse)
14. Up In The Air (Warehouse)
15. Eight Miles High (single a-side)
16. All Work And No Play (Don't Want To Know b-side)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1-17-2012 Show

This week is themeless, with new stuff from The Joy Formidable, The Lucy Show, and The Kills, obscure stuff from NNB, Asylum Street Spankers, and Clive Pig, and a mix of more great underground rock! Unfortunately, a technical glitch on my end prevented me from recording the show with my scintillating commentary, so you'll just have to do with the music itself. Here's the bits worth repeating:

The Joy Formidable's debut EP was OK and showed promise - their debut album delivers in spades.
The Lucy Show track is from an aborted reunion in 1993 and it shows the grunge influence at the time.
Kitchen's track, as is usually the case with Peel sessions, is a clearer mix of a great track with a better vocal/guitar balance.
The Kills are often compared to The White Stripes but this track is beyond anything the White Stripes have done.
The Be Bop Deluxe track is from a fantastic *8* CD career overview of Bill Nelson.
I dig that Flock Of Seagulls track, off the same album that gave us "I Ran", in part because it's more guitar-y.
Charlotte Gainsbourg is backed by two members of Air and sings lyrics written by the guys from Pulp and The Divine Comedy.
Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire singing Johnny Cash? That's pretty damn cool!
NNB is one of those bands that released less than half a dozen tracks but deserves to be remembered.
"Fiery Jack" by The Yummy Fur is a 48 second cover of The Fall's song!
"Jumper Clown" is a cover of a Marc Riley & The Creepers song. Riley had been kicked out of The Fall and this was his response to a live song they'd been doing, "Hey Marc Riley". The jumpers refer to MES' clothes of choice at the time.
Momus is interpreting a Jacques Brel song, "Jackie". His name is Nick Currie, hence the change in title.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Joy Formidable - Whirring (The Big Roar, 2011)
The Lucy Show - She's Going Down (Remembrances, 2011)
Kitchens Of Distinction - Four Men (Peel session) (Digital distribution - originally released in 1992)
The Kills - Future Starts Slow (Blood Pressures, 2011)
Be Bop Deluxe - Panic In The World (Juan Les Pins mix) (The Practice Of Everday Life, 2011 - originally released in 1978)
Andy Prieboy - The Same Great Guy With A Great New Look (Every Lady Gets A Song EP, 2011)
A Flock Of Seagulls - Telecommunication (A Flock Of Seagulls, 1982)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55 (5:55, 2006)
Family Cactus - Coal Town (Come Howling, 2009)
White Swan Black Swan - Ode To Sergio (Castle Of Useless Junk EP, 2008)
Marshmallow - Anytime Soon (Marshmallow, 2005)
Ghost Club - Ghost Club Theme Song (Ghostclubbing, 2002)
Stephen Mallinder - I Walk The Line (V/A - 'Til Things Are Brighter, 1988)
Asylum Street Spankers - Funnel Of Love (V/A - Hard-Headed Woman, 2004)
Paul Burch - Life Of A Fool (live) (V/A - Bloodied But Unbowed, 2006)
Cordero - Close Your House Down (V/A - For A Decade Of Sin, 2005)
The Dawn Parade - Wider Than The January Skies (Caffeine Row single, 2002)
Low Pop Suicide - Disengaged (On The Cross Of Commerce, 1993)
Matthew Sweet - Superdeformed (V/A - No Alternative, 1993)
Adorable - A To Fade In (Against Perfection, 1993)
NNB - Slack (Slack New World 7", 1978)
The Yummy Fur - Fiery Jack (Kinky Cinema, 1997)
The Wedding Present - Jumper Clown (It's A Gas EP, 1994)
Bruce Gilbert - Eline Cout II (The Shivering Man, 1986)
French Frith Kaiser Thompson - March Of The Cosmetic Surgeons (Invisible Means, 1990)
Momus - Nicky (Nicky EP, 1986)
Mark Kozelek - Rock'n'Roll Singer (Rock'n'Roll Singer EP, 2000)
John Greaves - The Price We Pay (with S'Ange & Kristoffer Blegvad) (Songs, 1994)
Clive Pig - Too Much Talk (A Whale Of A Tale, 2005)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Less is more: anthologies and best-of's

I am a music obsessive. I love discovering an artist and digging into their back-catalog, down to b-sides and compilation tracks. Even with artists I already love I can find neglected periods in their history that deserve reappraisal. But sometimes I want to separate the wheat from the chaff and listen to just the best bits. And frankly, with so much music at my fingertips I don't always want to hear the second tier material, deserving as it may be. That's where a well-compiled collection does the job. But inevitably, I find there are key tracks missing, a single disc doesn't satisfy or an artist's huge catalog requires a bigger overview. I'm lazy, I want an easy starting point to build a playlist. At this point, here's what I do:

First I read about existing compilations on Allmusic.com and Rateyourmusic.com, my go-to resources for reviews.
If there's a clear winner, I'll pick it up or recreate it if I own most of it already.
I will often make a spreadsheet and collate tracklistings across comps - this is a quick way of determining if any obvious tracks are missing. If something shows up on four out of five comps but not the one I picked, I'll add it to mine.
Sometimes I'll review the I Love Music or Steve Hoffman forums - they're great sources of discussion for people like me and they usually have threads discussing artists best tracks.
Lastly, I'll add my own picks if I'm very familiar with an artists catalog.

This has served me very well. As I said, I'm lazy - I don't want to listen to and rate tracks off 10 albums! But as I'll discuss, once in a while that is exactly what I do. In the coming posts I'll share how I improved upon, or created, artist compilations.

I told you I was obsessive!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Covers of underground artists

There was no show last week, so last week's show is this week's! And this week's show is all covers! I did a covers show when I just
started this program but it was covers of famous songs. These covers are all of other underground artists and I tried to set up some fun
pairings, so you have XTC covering Captain Beefheart followed by Primus covering XTC. I always enjoy hearing familiar songs performed
in different ways, or with a different voice.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Chameleons - Splitting In Two (live) (Live In Toronto, 1992)
Jon Auer - Tears (6 1/2 EP, 1999)
XTC - Ella Guru (Mayor Of Simpleton EP, 1989)
Primus - Making Plans For Nigel (Miscellaneous Debris EP, 1992)
Sex Pistols - Road Runner (rehearsal) (The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle, 1979)
The Beasts Of Bourbon - Anarchy In The UK (live) (From The Belly Of The Beasts, 1993)
Julian Cope - Non-Alignment Pact (World Shut Your Mouth EP, 1986)
The Frank And Walters - An Elegant Chaos (Something Happened To Me single, 1999)
John Cale - Hallelujah (V/A - I'm Your Fan: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen, 1991)
Bauhaus - Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores (Telegram Sam single, 1980)
The Smiths - What's The World? (live) (Sweet And Tender Hooligan EP, 1995)
The Dream Academy - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (Please Please Please single, 1985)
R.E.M. - Arms Of Love (Man On The Moon single, 1992)
Gene - Nightswimming (Where Are They Now? single, 1997)
The Comsat Angels - I Wanna Destroy You (From Beyond 2, 2000)
Silkworm - Our Secret (The Chain single, 1992)
Mission Of Burma - Heart Of Darkness (live) (The Horrible Truth About Burma, 1985)
The Spinanes - Fame And Fortune (Noel, Jonah And Me EP, 1994)
Helmet - Primitive (Born Annoying, 1994)
Catherine Wheel - Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely (30 Century Man EP, 1992)
Barbara Manning - Paintwork (V/A - Perverted By Mark E. - A Tribute To The Fall, 2004)
Pop Will Eat Itself - Everything That Rises Must Converge (Love Missle F1-11 EP, 1987)
Del Amitri - Bye Bye Pride (Just Like A Man EP, 1992)
Luna - Indian Summer (Indian Summer EP, 1993)
The Loud Family - Back Of A Car (Slouching Towards Liverpool EP, 1993)
Emilie Simon - Femme Fatale (with Tim Keegan) (Émilie Simon, 2003)
The House Of Love - Pink Frost (The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes EP, 1991)
John Wesley Harding - Heavenly Pop Hit (split single, 1990)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No show this week

You know what? Little kids with stomach bugs and hosting a radio program don't mix, so I had to miss this week's show. The good news is I've got a good one all set for next week - all covers by and of underground artists! Should be fun. In the meantime, I'm getting ready to start blogging more broadly. First up, some of my favorite homemade compilations.