Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No web stream this week

Since the web stream was down while I was doing my show, I decided to save the prepared set for next week and just pull new releases off the shelf. It was wholly unsatisfying - I tried to mix artists I was familiar with as well as completely unfamiliar bands but it felt like one uninteresting indie rock band after another (because it was!). I'm not even going to post the playlist, you can find it on wbrs.org.

Yes, yes, I know I'm old when almost every young band sounds like they're trying to rip off older bands, sound like mutant classic rock or are some laptop kid with a vocoder effect run wild. Bleh. I do find new bands to love, it's just not all that frequent these days. C'est la vie.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7-19 Show

This week's show is an A to Z of lost gems, from A Certain Ratio to Zounds with stops in punk, post-punk, new wave, the New Zealand scene and indie rock along the way!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

A Certain Ratio - All Night Party (Peel session) (Early, 2002 - originally released in 1979)
The Rezillos - Destination Venus (Can't Stand The Rezillos, 1978)
Zounds - True Love (The Curse Of Zounds, 1982)
The Outsiders - Vital Hours (Close Up, 1978)
Bailter Space - Ad Man (Thermos, 1989)
The Mint Chicks - Red White Or Blue (Screens, 2009)
Die! Die! Die! - Caseman (Form, 2010)
Throw - Dreambaby (Dreambaby Goodbye, 2005)
The Elastic Purejoy - Stiff (The Elastic Purejoy, 1994)
The Field Mice - Coach Station Reunion (For Keeps, 1991)
Nine Horses - Money For All (Money For All EP, 2007)
Calexico - Gypsy's Curse (The Black Light, 1998)
Rebecca Gates - Lure And Cast (Ruby Series EP, 2001)
Susan Voelz - Happy (Summer Crashing, 1995)
I Am Kloot - The Same Deep Water As Me (I Am Kloot, 2003)
Department S - Clap Now (Sub-Stance, 2002 - originally recorded in 1981)
We Know Where You Live - Don't Be Too Honest (Dont Be Too Honest single, 1995)
The La's - Timeless Melody (radio session) (BBC In Session, 2006 - originally released in 1989)
McCarthy - Should The Bible Be Banned (That's All Very Well But..., 1996 - originally released in 1988)
Nik Kershaw - Radio Musicola (Radio Musicola, 1986)
Joolz - The Cat (Hex, 1987)
He Said - Could You? (Take Care, 1989)
Six Finger Satellite - The White Visitation (Law Of Ruins, 1998)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Machine (Machine single, 2002)
Theaudience - I Got The Wherewithal (Theaudience, 1998)
Jason Pegg - Know Thyself (Jason Pegg, 2009)
The Shins - Spilt Needles (Wincing The Night Away, 2007)
Prefab Sprout - We Let The Stars Go (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Singled Out: Peter Gabriel

This time around I was joined by DJ Jeff and we profiled the unpop side of Peter Gabriel (more or less, I had to play a version of "Shock The Monkey"!). I've long admired Peter's ability to be both commercial and experimental at the same time and he's probably the single most popular artist whose work still interests me.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Peter Gabriel - Moribund The Burgermeister (Peter Gabriel 1, 1977)
Peter Gabriel - Here Comes The Flood (new version) (Shaking The Tree, 1990)
Peter Gabriel - On The Air (Peter Gabriel 2, 1978)
Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers (with Massive Attack) (Steam single, 1992)
Peter Gabriel - I Have The Touch (Robbie Robertson mix) (Phenomenon soundtrack, 1996)
Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey (live) (Plays Live, 1983)
Peter Gabriel - Walk Through The Fire (Against All Odds soundtrack, 1984)
Peter Gabriel - This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds) (So, 1986)
Peter Gabriel - Shaking The Tree (Shaking The Tree, 1990)
Peter Gabriel - A Different Drum (Passion, 1989)
Peter Gabriel - Burn You Up, Burn You Down (Up, 2002)
Peter Gabriel - The Book Of Love (soundtrack version) (Shall We Dance soundtrack, 2004)
Peter Gabriel - All Day And All Of The Night (live) (Digital distribution, 1977)
Peter Gabriel - That Voice Again (So, 1986)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7-12 Show

This week's show has new stuff from Astrid Williamson, Radiohead (from The Basement Sessions), Our Fading Smiles, and The Agitator! Plus old favorites from Eno, Chug, Bike and more one-word named bands!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Astrid Williamson - Paperbacks (Pulse, 2011)
Radiohead - The Daily Mail (Digital distribution, 2011)
Brian Eno - The Harness (My Squelchy Life, 1991)
Brian Eno - Strong Flashes Of Light (Enobox 1: Instrumentals, 1993)
Our Fading Smiles - Seconds (Weathered, 2011)
Thomas Tantrum - Shake It Shake It (Thomas Tantrum, 2008)
Fruit Bats - When U Love Somebody (Mouthfuls, 2003)
The Agitator - Get Ready (Digital distribution, 2011)
Chug - Evel Knievel (Sassafras, 1994)
Bike - Save My Life (Take In The Sun, 1997)
Straitjacket Fits - Bad Note For A Heart (Melt, 1990)
Big Black - Kerosene (The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape, 1987)
Sugar - Tilted (Beaster EP, 1993)
Electrafixion - Zephyr (full version) (Zephyr EP, 1994)
Headless Chickens - George (George/Cruise Control EP, 1994)
The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Television, The Drug Of The Nation (Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury, 1992)
Buck 65 - Shutter Buggin' (Situation, 2007)
Gerard Langley - Autumn Journal I (Lit. 3, 2007)
Lloyd Cole - That's Alright (Broken Record, 2010)
The Ropers - Revolver (All The Time, 1995)
Jacques - The Day Before You Came (To Stars, 2000)
Salad - Drink The Elixir (Drink Me, 1995)
Subcircus - 86'd (Carousel, 1996)
The Boxer Rebellion - Flight (Exits, 2005)
Sea Saw - Vanity Fair (Magnetophone, 1996)
Art Brut - Bad Weekend (Bang Bang Rock & Roll, 2005)
The Spinanes - Kid In Candy (Arches And Aisles, 1998)
Dead Guitars - This Was A Year (Airplanes, 2007)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Singled Out: The Chameleons

This week on Singled Out we spotlighted The Chameleons with guest-host DJ Mark! It's only an hour for my favorite band of all-time but we got in some classics, a couple of radio sessions and samples from post-Chameleons activities along with the usual blathering and some stories.

You can downloaded this podcast by clicking here.

The Chameleons - In Shreds (In Shreds 7", 1982)
The Chameleons - Things I Wish I'd Said (Peel session, 1981) (John Peel Sessions, 1990)
The Chameleons - Don't Fall (Script Of The Bridge, 1983)
The Chameleons - Monkeyland (radio session, 1983) (The Radio 1 Evening Show Sessions, 1993)
The Chameleons - Perfume Garden (What Does Anything Mean? Basically, 1985)
The Chameleons - Looking Inwardly (What Does Anything Mean? Basically, 1985)
The Chameleons - Mad Jack (Strange Times, 1986)
The Chameleons - Swamp Thing (Strange Times, 1986)
The Chameleons - Denims And Curls (Tony Fletcher Walked On Water EP, 1990)
The Sun And The Moon - The Speed Of Life (The Sun And The Moon, 1988)
The Reegs - See My Friends (See My Friends 12", 1989)
The Chameleons - Indiana (Why Call It Anything, 2001)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day show

This week's show is a tribute to Independence Day including fireworks, barbecues and all things revolutionary. This will be my last theme show for a while - I enjoy the challenge that themes create (I wind up playing things I never would otherwise) but it's time to shift focus a bit!

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

The Jody Grind - 3rd Of July (Lefty's Deceiver, 1992)
X - 4th Of July (demo) (Beyond And Back, 1997)
Plus Minus (+/-) - The Declaration Of Independence (Self-Titled Long-Playing Debut Album, 2002)
The Comsat Angels - Independence Day (Waiting For A Miracle, 1980)
Celestial Fireworks - Go! (V/A - Your Secret's Safe With Us, 1982)
Celestial Fireworks - Go! (Reprise) (V/A - Your Secret's Safe With Us, 1982)
Noh Mercy - Revolutionary Spy (V/A - Earcom 3, 1979)
Minutemen - Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing (Double Nickels On The Dime, 1984)
Tuff Monks - After The Fireworks (After The Fireworks 7", 1982)
Minuteman - Voodoo Slaves (V/A - Do The Pop!, 2002 - originally released in 1982)
Grant McLennan - Sally's Revolution (Watershed, 1991)
Brad Jones - Miss July (Gilt-Flake, 1995)
Nick Lowe - Indoor Fireworks (The Rose Of England, 1985)
The 6ths - Winter In July (with Ayako Akashiba) (Wasps' Nests, 1995)
Laurie Anderson - Fireworks (live) (United States Live, 1984)
Gang Of Four - Independence (Hard, 1983)
The Fall - Light / Fireworks (The Infotainment Scan, 1993)
Anywhen - The Ultimate Independent (Anywhen, 1997)
Bap Kennedy - Fireworks (The Big Picture, 2005)
Last Party - Barbecued (Black Leather Sheets EP, 1992)
The Adicts - Viva La Revolution (Songs Of Praise, 1981)
New Model Army - Fireworks Night (Carnival, 2005)
Television - The Revolution (The Revolution promo CD single, 1992)
Pacific Ocean - Fireworks (Less Than The Needle, More Than The Shotgun, 2000)
Tender Trap - Fireworks (Dansette Dansette, 2010)
Unbelievable Truth - Revolution (Higher Than Reason EP, 1998)
Drywall - Goin' On Down To The BBQ (Barbeque Babylon, 2006)
Ryan Adams - Firecracker (Gold, 2001)
Caitlin Cary - Fireworks (While You Weren't Looking, 2002)
The Waco Brothers - Revolution Blues (Do You Think About Me?, 1997)
The Wannadies - Children Of The Revolution (Heaven 7", 1990)
Yummy Fur - Independent Pop Song (Kinky Cinema, 1997)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Fireworks (12" version) (Fireworks 12", 1982)