Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Irish show

This week's show was by request! A couple of weeks ago one of my listeners was disappointed I didn't play Irish artists in honor of St. Patrick's Day, so here's an entire show highlighting the best underground Irish rock. Until I made this playlist, I hadn't really noticed how many of my favorite artists were from Ireland, or even that some of them were Irish to begin with!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (Teenage Kicks 7", 1978)
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster (Peel session) (The Complete John Peel Sessions, 2002 - originally recorded in 1978)
The Pogues - Thousands Are Sailing (If I Should Fall From Grace With God, 1987)
The Frank And Walters - Pathways (Indian Ocean EP, 1996)
A House - I Am The Greatest (I Am The Greatest, 1991)
Lokomotiv - Catalyst (digital release, 2000)
Microdisney - Loftholdingswood (Peel session) (The Peel Sessions Album, 1989 - originally recorded in 1984)
The Fatima Mansions - Only Losers Take The Bus (Viva Dead Ponies, 1991)
The Boomtown Rats - Lookin' After No. 1 (The Boomtown Rats, 1977)
The Adventures - Send My Heart (The Adventures, 1985)
The Glee Club - Icy Blue (Mine, 1994)
That Petrol Emotion - V2 (Peel session) (The Peel Sessions, 1989 - originally recorded in 1985)
Power Of Dreams - Radioactive Generation (Positivity, 1993)
Compulsion - Mall Monarchy (Comforter, 1994)
My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow (Loveless, 1991)
Whipping Boy - Twinkle (Heartworm, 1995)
Ash - Burn Baby Burn (Free All Angels, 2001)
Snow Patrol - Starfighter Pilot (Songs For Polar Bears, 1998)
Blink - Cello (album mix) (Map Of The Universe, 1995)
Bawl - Bathroom (Bathroom 7", 1995)
6ths with Neil Hannon - The Dead Only Quickly Decay (Hyacinths And Thistles, 2000)
Starjets - Schooldays (God Bless Starjets, 1979)
The Radiators From Space - Television Screen (album version) (TV Tube Heart, 1977)
Rudi - Big Time (Big Time 7", 1978)
Something Happens - Be The One (V/A - Yellow Pills, Vol. 3, 1996)
Supernaut - Feel So Real (Supernaut, 1997)
Stump - Buffalo (V/A - NME C86, 1986)
Gavin Friday - You Take Away The Sun (Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves, 1989)
Bap Kennedy - The Ghosts Of Belfast (Domestic Blues, 1998)
Sinead O'Connor - She Moved Through The Fair (Michael Collins soundtrack, 1996)
Jonathan Richman and Julia Sweeney - Just Because I'm Irish (You Must Ask The Heart, 1995)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring show

This week's show was a tribute to spring and all it's glory - it's about time it sprung here in New England! Apologies for the background hum, the Live365 webcast is poor. Hopefully the campus webcasting server will be back up next week!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Baby Ray - Thing Called Springtime (Monkey Puzzle, 1998)
Mission Of Burma - Peking Spring (Peking Spring, 1988 - recorded in 1979)
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - (Excerpts From) The Rite Of Spring (Dawn Of The Cycads, 2008 - originally released in 1984)
The Stems - Rosebud (Buds, 1991)
The Lighthouse Keepers - Springtime (V/A - Inner City Sound, 2005 - originally released in 1983)
Paul Kelly - From Little Things Big Things Grow (live) (Live, May 1992, 1992)
Akron/Family - One Spring Morning (V/A - Rogues Gallery, 2006)
Sandy Denny - Whispering Grass (radio session) (A Boxful Of Treasures, 2004 - originally recorded in 1973)
Cathal Coughlan - And Springtime Followed Summer (The Sky's Awful Blue, 2002)
Nick Cave - Where The Wild Roses Grow (Murder Ballads, 1996)
Dolly Mixture - Grass Is Greener (Everything And More, 2010 - originally released in 1984)
Departure Lounge - Grow Your Own (King Kong Frown single, 2002)
Springloader - One More Thing (V/A - Keepin' Secrets, 2005 - originally recorded in 1994)
Minisnap - March Hare (March Hare EP, 2004)
Clinic - Cutting Grass (Distortions single, 2000)
The Creatures - Hot Springs In The Snow (A Bestiary Of, 1997 - originally released in 1983)
The Convent - Springtime (Outro) (Tales From The Frozen Forest, 1994)
Cud - Alison Springs (When In Rome, Kill Me, 1989)
I Scream Brothers - Tree Growing Wrong (V/A - Your Secret's Safe With Us, 1982)
The Stranglers/JJ Burnel - Waiting For The Trees To Grow (Strangled From Birth And Beyond, 1994)
Robert Wyatt - Grass (V/A - Rip It Up And Start Again, 2006 - originally released in 1981)
Subway Sect - Spring Is Grey (We Oppose All Rock & Roll, 1996 - originally released in 1984)
Go Metric USA - Just Because Your Garden Grows (Three Chords By Two Verses, 1998)
The Cleaners From Venus - Mad March Hare (Golden Cleaners, 1993)
Bill Nelson - Spring (King Of The Cowboys single, 1982)
Versus - Blade Of Grass (The Stars Are Insane, 1994)
The Family Cat - Springing The Atom (Magic Happens, 1994)
The Innocence Mission - Green Grass, Red Tree (Birds Of My Neighborhood, 1999)
Springhouse - Asphalt Angels (Postcards From The Arctic, 1993)
The Fall - I Can Hear The Grass Grow (Fall Heads Roll, 2005)
R.E.M. - Green Grow The Rushes (Fables Of The Reconstruction, 1985)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Show

This weeks show was a green theme in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I could've gone with an all-Irish bands lineup as well but there were so many green related songs that it made for a great playlist. Unfortunately, the stations' webcasting server was off-line again so I present the music sans DJ once more.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Rex Hobart - It's Not Easy Being Green (V/A - The Bottle Let Me Down, 2002)
Dave Alvin with The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Green Green Grass Of Home (The Executioner's Last Songs, Vol. 3, 2003)
Neko Case - Bowling Green (The Virginian, 1997)
Lucinda Williams - Greenville (Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, 1998)
The Chills - Green Eyed Owl (live) (Secret Box, 2001 - originally released in 1987)
The Bats - Green (Silverbeet, 1993)
Scorched Earth Policy - Green Cigar (Keep Away From The Wires, 2000 - originally released in 1984)
The Mutton Birds - Green Lantern (Rain, Steam & Speed, 1999)
Bill Pritchard - Bitter Green (Half A Million, 1988)
Alex Chilton - I Will Turn Your Money Green (Black List EP, 1989)
Stan Ridgway - Big Green Tree (Neon Mirage, 2010)
Lloyd Cole - Eat Your Greens (Cleaning Out The Ashtrays, 2009 - originally released in 1993)
Husker Du - Green Eyes (Flip Your Wig, 1985)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Evergreen (Evergreen, 1997)
The Jam - Pretty Green (live) (Live Jam, 1993 - recorded in 1981)
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Green Fingers (radio session) (At The BBC, 2009 - recorded in 1982)
New Model Army - Green And Grey (Thunder And Consolation, 1989)
Private Dicks - Green Is In The Red (V/A - Avon Calling: The Bristol Compilation, 1979)
Wall Of Voodoo - The Grass Is Greener (Happy Planet, 1987)
Jawbox - Green Glass (For Your Own Special Sweetheart, 1994)
Glide - Pretty Mouth And Green My Eyes (Pretty Mouth EP, 1991)
Half String - Evergreen (Tripped Up Breathing EP, 1994)
The Ocean Blue - Sea Of Green (Beneath The Rhythm And Sound, 1992)
Luxury - Green Hearts (V/A - Yellow Pills: Prefill, 2004)
Sumosonic - God's Green Earth (This Is Sumo, 1998)
Throwing Muses - Green (Throwing Muses, 1986)
White Rose Transmission - Glittering Green (Spiders In The Mind Web, 2010)
Van Dyke Parks - Greenland Whale Fisheries (V/A - Rogue's Gallery, 2006)
The Love Hall Tryst - Jack In The Green (Songs Of Misfortune, 2005)
Peter Blegvad - The Green Boy (Downtime, 1988)
XTC - Greenman (Apple Venus Volume 1, 1999)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8th show

Another theme-less show, the last for a bit as I've got St. Patrick's Day and Spring shows coming up! Brand new track from a reformed Primitives as well as lots of my favorite post-punk gems from over the years.

You can download this podcast by request - leave me a comment.

The Primitives - Rattle My Cage (Never Kill A Secret EP, 2011)
Madnomad - 35 Summers (Tamper-Evident, 2003)
O Positive - Talk About Love (Only Breathing/Cloud Factory, 1987)
Young Marble Giants - N.I.T.A. (Peel session) (Colossal Youth & Collected Works, 2007)
Fuzzbox - Bohemian Rhapsody (Self! EP, 1989)
Nut - Scream (Fantanicity, 1996)
Johnny Dangerously - Junk Culture (You, Me And The Alarm Clock EP, 1989)
Rodney Allen - Thrills On Wheels (The Moped Song) (Happysad, 1987)
10,000 Maniacs - My Mother The War (The Wishing Chair, 1985)
Whysall Lane - Time Machine (Whysall Lane, 2006)
Demarnia Lloyd - Too Long Away (Set Upon A Curve, 2002)
The Gordons - Machine Song (Future Shock EP, 1980)
The Tufnels - Fly Away 1000's (Lurid, 1994)
YFC - Anthem (Ricochet, 2005)
Shane MacGown & Maire Brennan - You're The One (You're The One EP, 1995)
Sinead O'Connor - Troy (The Lion And The Cobra, 1987)
The Railway Children - In The Meantime (radio session) (The Radio One Evening Sessions, 1993)
Roland Orzabal - Ticket To The World (Tomcats Screaming Outside, 2001)
Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor (Kill The Poor 7", 1980)
The Fire Engines - Candyskin (Fond, 1992)
World Of Pooh - Mr. Coffee - Nerves (The Land Of Thirst, 1989)
Swimmer - It's A Dirty Job (Petits Pois, 1996)
The Art Of Noise - Close (To The Edit) ((Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!, 1984)
Jansen Barnieri Karn - The Wilderness (Beginning To Melt, 1994)
Easterhouse - Nineteen Sixty Nine (Contenders, 1986)
The Hang Ups - Caroline (Second Story, 1999)
Life Without Buildings - PS Exclusive (Any Other City, 2000)
Dadamah - High Tension House (This Is Not A Dream, 1995)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st show

I'm back after a week in sunny Arizona! No theme this week, just random bits and bobs from the library and a tribute to the people of Christchurch with some great NZ tunes.

You can download this podcast by request - leave me a comment.
Radiohead - Separator (The King Of Limbs, 2011)
Dead Skeletons - Dead Mantra (Digital distribution, 2009)
Archie Bronson Outfit - Hoola (Coconut, 2010)
The Orange - What's In A Name (Fruit Salad Lives EP, 1986)
Graeme Jefferies - The Simple Tapestry Of Fate (Messages For The Cakekitchen, 1987)
Shayne Carter & Peter Jeffieres - Randolph's Going Home (Randolph's Going Home 7", 1986)
Playthings - Coloured (Coloured 7", 1981)
Jeremy Taylor - Idiot Heart (Black Balloons, 2005)
Chris Matthews & Robot Monkey Orchestra - And Death Shall Have No Dominion (The Map Of Love, 2008)
Venus Beads - 'A Client' ('A Client' EP, 1994)
Livingstone - So Tough (So Tough EP, 1996)
Lincolnville - You Know What You Are (Black Box, 1998)
Paul Westerberg - Dyslexic Heart (World Class Fad EP, 1993)
John Lever - Loveyourself (Beefpig EP, 1999)
Cellartime - She Came (As It Went Down EP, 2002)
Thestill - Sunshine (Nectar, 2001)
Brilliantine - At Least That's The Way (Vainglory, 1997)
Lost Girls - Hovercrafts (Needle's Eye EP, 1998)
Cassell Webb - Llano (Llano, 1986)
Boom-Boom Mancini - Super Model Human (Mess Up Your Life (A Bit), 1999)
Jane Siberry - Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog (Bound By The Beauty, 1989)
Tim Keegan - Where The Flowers Grow (Foreign Domestic, 2007)
Grant Hart - 2541 (2541 single, 1988)
The Lodge - Smell Of A Friend (Smell Of A Friend, 1988)
Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday (Viva Hate, 1988)
Stic Basin - Muarg Muarg (Stic Basin, 2003)
Carl Marsh - Every Bone In My Body (Too Much Fun, 1989)
Anthony Reynolds - I Know You Know (British Ballads, 2007)
John Linnell - South Carolina (State Songs, 1999)