Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween show

This week is my Halloween show, filled with spooky songs, metaphorical monsters and various vampires. Enjoy!

Listen to the show by request - leave me a comment.

The Dream Syndicate - Halloween (The Days Of Wine And Roses, 1982)
The Jazz Butcher - The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula (The Gift Of Music, 1985)
Pauline Murray - Night Of The Vampire (Halloween 2000 EP, 2000)
Ryan Adams - Halloween (Love Is Hell, 2003)
The Revillos - She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man (Teen Beat EP, 1981)
Sons And Daughters - Monsters (The Repulsion Box, 2005)
Wee Hairy Beasties - Pumpkinhead (Holidays Gone Crazy, 2008)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Halloween (Storm Hymnal, 2001)
Stan Ridgway - Monsters Of The Id (Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs, 2004)
Syd Straw - Dr. Frankenstein (Whole Wide World, 2005)
A Frames - Skeletons (A Frames 2, 2003)
Kirsty MacColl - Halloween (Electric Landlady, 1991)
Tribe - Frankenstein (demo) (digital download)
The Psychedelic Furs - The Ghost In You (Mirror Moves, 1984)
Public Image Ltd - Death Disco (The Greatest Hits So Far, 1990 - originally released in 1979)
Method Actors - Halloween (This Is Still It, 2010)
They Might Be Giants - Monsters Of Mud (TMBD Unlimited 3-01, 2001)
Japan - Ghosts (Tin Drum, 1981)
David Vanian & The Phantom Chords - This House Is Haunted (David Vanian & The Phantom Chords, 1995)
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Halloween (Juju, 1981)
French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Now That I Am Dead (Invisible Means, 1990)
Brian Dewan - The Creatures (Tells The Story, 1993)
Toy Love - Bride Of Frankenstein (Cuts, 2005 - originally released in 1980)
The Spinanes - Halloween Candy (Imp Years, 2000 - originally released in 1992)
The Chills - Ghosts (Brave Words, 1987)
Patrick Duff - Dead Man Singing (The Mad Straight Road, 2010)
The Fall - There's A Ghost In My House (The Frenz Experiment, 1988)
Andy Partridge - Shalloween (Fuzzy Warbles Vol. 8, 2006)
The Birthday Party - Dead Joe (Junkyard, 1982)
David Sylvian - Ballad Of A Deadman (feat. Joan Wasser with Steve Jansen) (Sleepwalkers, 2010)
Robyn Hitchcock - Eerie Green Storm Lantern (live) (Storefront Hitchcock, 1998)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This week's show

No particular theme this week, just a nice freeform show!

You can download the podcast by request - leave me a comment.

New Model Army - Flying Through The Smoke (Eight, 2000)
Dif Juz - A Starting Point (Extractions, 1985)
Dirty Ray - Old Man In Young Man's Shoes (Big World For A Little Man, 2010)
Astrid Williamson - Girlfriend (Astrid Williamson, 2003)
Kristin Hersh - When The Levee Breaks (Your Ghost EP, 1994)
Thomas Dolby - I Love You Goodbye (Astronauts & Heretics, 1992)
Max Eider - Can't Touch Me Now (Disaffection, 2010)
Cinerama - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (Peel session) (John Peel Sessions: Season 3, 2007)
Dead Guitars - Feels Alright (Airplanes, 2007)
Stephen Hero - Open Blue Skies (57 Stars Of The Air Almanac, 2007)
The Real Tuesday Weld - I Love The Rain (When Cupid Meets Psyche, 2001)
Modern English - Life In The Gladhouse (After The Snow, 1982)
Donkey - Fear Not Wandering Soul (Stroke My Wings Gently, 1997)
Adrian Belew - The Rail Song (Twang Bar King, 1983)
Don McGlashan - Toy Factory Fire (Warm Hand, 2006)
The Mutts - Blasted (The Mutts EP, 2004)
Annie Christian - Planet Of Love (Softcore EP, 2000)
The Boxer Rebellion - All You Do It Talk (Exits, 2005)
Julie Dolphin - Head (Roses EP, 1992)
The Mint Chicks - Red White Or Blue (Screens, 2009)
The Creatures - Rocket Ship (Rocket Ship fan club CD single, 2001)
Versus - Wallflower (Oriental American 7", 1998)
Fiat Lux - This Illness (Hired History, 1984)
TV21 - Ideal Way Of Life (Snakes And Ladders, 2010 - originally released in 1981)
The Skids - The Saints Are Coming (Sweet Suburbia, 1995 - originally released in 1978)
Laurie Anderson - The End Of The World (The Ugly One With The Jewels, 1995)
Aztec Camera - Good Morning Britain (live) (Dream Sweet Dreams EP, 1993)
Andrew Bird - The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns (V/A - Twistable, Turnable Man: A Musical Tribute To Shel Silverstein, 2010)
Bap Kennedy - Ballad Of Neil Armstrong (Howl On, 2009)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Singled Out: James Brown

Tonight I did a special one-hour show called Singled Out where we pick one artist and showcase their best work. I chose James Brown's funk period - boy was it hard to pick just an hour, and only one long jam! Still, it was great fun developing a set of tunes that flowed and showcased a master at work.

Download the podcast by request - leave me a comment.

It's A New Day (live, 1971) - Star Time
I Got You (I Feel Good) (live, 1967) - Live At The Garden
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (live, 1966) - Star Time promo
Licking Stick - Licking Stick (live, 1968) - Foundations Of Funk
There Was A Time (live, 1968) - Star Time
I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) (live, 1968) - Say It Live And Loud, Live In Dallas
Super Bad (live, 1971) - Revolution Of The Mind
Money Won't Change You (full take) - Star Time
Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothing (original rock version) - James Brown's Funky People, Pt. 3
Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (new version) - Funk Power
Make It Funky, Pts 1-4 - Make It Funky

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mix and Match

This week I played an hour of alt country and an hour of old school shoegaze. Not exactly peanut butter and chocolate!

You can download the show by request - leave me a comment.

Marc Riley with The Creepers - Wanted Man (Various Artists - 'Til Things Are Brighter, 1988)
Alejandro Escovedo - Gravity / Falling Down Again (Gravity, 1992)
Syd Straw with Wilco - The T.B. Is Whipping Me (Various Artists - Red, Hot & Country,1994)
Bobby Bare, Jr. - Flat Chested Girl From Maynardville (live) (Various Artists - Bloodied But Unbowed DVD, 2006)
Rosie Flores - This Little Girls Gone Rockin' (Girl Of The Century, 2009)
Kelly Hogan - I'll Go To My Grave Loving You (Because It Feel Good, 2001)
Richard Buckner - 22 (Various Artists - Hell-Bent, 1995)
Billy Bragg & Wilco - Walt Whitman's Niece (Mermaid Avenue, 1998)
Rhett Miller - Point Shirley (The Instigator, 2002)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Bethlehem Steel (Copperopolis, 1996)
Dollar Store - Around The Bend (Dollar Store, 2004)
Steve Earle - Tom Dooley (Various Artists - Pine Valley Cosmonauts present The Executioner's Last Songs, 2002)
Lucero - Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good (That Much Further West, 2003)
Son Volt - Windfall (Trace, 1995)
My Bloody Valentine - Swallow (Tremolo EP, 1991)
Ride - Unfamiliar (Today Forever EP, 1991)
Lush - Sweetness And Light (Gala, 1990)
Slowdive - So Tired (Outside Your Room EP, 1993)
Pale Saints - Sight Of You (The Comforts Of Madness, 1990)
Kitchens Of Distinction - The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule (Love Is Hell, 1989)
Catherine Wheel - Shallow (Ferment, 1992)
Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey (Psychocandy, 1985)
Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi Off The Bridge (Black Tambourine, 2010 - originally released in 1993)
Alison's Halo - Raindrop (Eyedazzler 1992-1996, 1997)
Half String - Eclipse (Eclipse - Oval - Hue, 1995)
Straitjacket Fits - Down In Splendour (Melt, 1991)
Chug - Oozing (Kisser EP, 1994)
The Nightblooms - 59#2 (The Nightblooms, 1992)
Ecstacy Of St. Theresa - Fluidum (...Fluidtrance Centauri EP, 1993)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Latest show

This week's show was about highlighting some new stuff and old favorites. Great new stuff from British Sea Power, Twilight Sad, David Sylvian, Cathal Coughlan and others.

Listen to the show by request - leave me a comment.

British Sea Power - Cleaning Out The Rooms (Zeus EP, 2010)
The Fall - Quartet Of Doc Shanley (Levitate, 1997)
Lighterthief - Running With The Mothmen (with Barry Andrews) (Hard Listening digital single, 2009)
The Architects Of Disaster - Cucumber Sandwich (Cucumber Sandwich 7", 1982)
The Black Watch - All Over Again (Short Stories EP, 1989)
Apartment - Broken Glass (V/A - Avon Calling 2, 2010)
Alternative TV - Stockhausen In Space (Action Time Vision: The ATV Anthology, 2003 - originally released in 1999)
David Sylvian - Five Lines (with Dai Fujikura) (Sleepwalkers, 2010)
The Neats - Red And Grey (The Monkey's Head In The Corner Of The Room EP, 1982)
The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Tin Toy Clockwork Train (25 O'Clock reissue, 2009)
Method Actors - Commotion (This Is Still It, 2010 - originally released 1981)
Drive-By Truckers - TVA (The Fine Print, 2009)
Cathal Coughlan - Avail (Rancho Tetrahedron, 2010)
Stan Ridgway - Halfway There (Neon Mirage, 2010)
Kirsty MacColl - Mambo De La Luna (From Croydon To Cuba, 2005 - originally released in 1999)
The Twilight Sad - The Wrong Car (The Wrong Car EP, 2010)
AC Acoustics - Stunt Girl (Victory Parts, 1998)
The Pacific Ocean - I'm Part Of Everything Again (So Beautiful And Cheap And Warm, 2002)
Danielle Dax - Here Come The Harvest Buns (Pop-Eyes, 1983)
Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl Of My Dreams (Strange Man, Changed Man, 1979)
Stiff Little Fingers - Touch And Go (Now Then..., 1982)
Cud - Wanting Isn't Getting (Showbiz reissue, 2008)
50 Foot Wave - Clara Bow (50 Foot Wave EP, 2004)
David Kilgour & Sam Hunt - Chord (Falling Debris, 2009)
Laika - Coming Down Glass (Silver Apples Of The Moon, 1995)
American Music Club - Rise (Everclear, 1991)
The Buggles - Blue Nylon (Adventures In Modern Recording reissue, 2010)
Bettie Serveert - Tom Boy (Palomine, 1992)
Clinic - The Return Of Evil Bill (Internal Wrangler, 2000)