Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 comes to an end

There was no show this week - I just wasn't up for it and no one's around anyway. I'll come up with something good for next week, though. In the meantime, I plan on expanding this blog beyond just posting the shows to writing about some of my music exploration. I often think about bands that deserve reissues, how to expand anthologies, home-made compilations and great tracks on weak albums. I can't write as well as some but I can talk about what strikes an emotional chord and why things mean so much to me. I hope you'll come along for the ride!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12-20-2011 Show

This week's show is a catch-all hodge-podge. I've received some cool compilations of tunes old (post-punk Peel sessions) and new (from Ipswich, UK) and have pulled out some interesting bits. Also along for the ride is some Kiwi goodness, a shoegaze set, and other great underground rock!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Vic Godard And Subway Sect - Back In The Community (We Come As Aliens, 2010)
Beach House - Master Of None (Beach House, 2006)
John Foxx And The Maths - Where You End And I Begin (featuring Tara Busch) (The Shape Of Things, 2011)
UB40 - Food For Thought (Peel session) (V/A - Movement: BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions, 2011)
Tom Robinson Band - Don't Take No For An Answer (Peel session) (V/A - Movement: BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions, 2011)
The Human League - Being Boiled (Peel session) (V/A - Movement: BBC Radio 1 Peel Sessions, 2011)
Bow Wow Wow - W.O.R.K. (N.O. Nah No No My Daddy Don't) (W.O.R.K. single, 1981)
Clock DVA - Tortured Heroine (Advantage, 1983)
Perfect Disaster - Stetson (Perfect Disaster, 1985)
The Danse Society - Say It Again (Say It Again single, 1985)
Jack Rundell - Show The New Kid Round (V/A - Caveat Emptor: An Antigen Records Compilation, 2011)
John Callaghan - Emote Control (V/A - Caveat Emptor: An Antigen Records Compilation, 2011)
Sealionwoman - Poor Hugo (V/A - Caveat Emptor: An Antigen Records Compilation, 2011)
Life & Times Of - Ballet (V/A - The Ugly Truth About Ipswich 1981-2011, 2011)
As Is - Love Is Here (V/A - The Ugly Truth About Ipswich 1981-2011, 2011)
Big Ray - Duckpin (V/A - The Ugly Truth About Ipswich 1981-2011, 2011 - originally released in 2001)
Space Maggots - You Drag Me Down (V/A - The Ugly Truth About Ipswich 1981-2011, 2011 - originally released in 1987)
The Shallows - Suzanne Said (Suzanne Said single, 1985)
Cyclops - Alice (Goat Volume, 1994)
King Loser - '76 Comeback (You Cannot Kill What Does Not Live, 1995)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Upside Down (Upside Down single, 1984)
Ride - Sight Of You (Peel session) (Waves, 2003 - originally released in 1990)
The House Of Love - Christine (The House Of Love, 1988)
Love Spit Love - How Soon Is Now? (V/A - The Craft soundtrack, 1996)
Strangelove - Living With The Human Machines (Love And Other Demons, 1996)
Toy - Left Myself Behind (Left Myself Behind digital single, 2011)
1000 Mexicans - Diving For Pearls (Dance Like Ammunition, 1985)
The Flys - Waikiki Beach Refugees (Waikiki Beach Refugees, 1978)
The Damned - There Ain't No Sanity Clause (There Ain't No Sanity Clause single, 1980)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shopping show

This week's show is all about shopping for gifts, receiving presents and the true spirit of the holidays: getting stuff!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Chimp Eats Bananas - Shopping List (V/A - Messthetics Greatest Hiss, 2008 - originally released between 1979 & 1982)
The Beach Bullies - Window Shopping (We Rule The Universe, 1980)
Hidden Charms - Please Give Me Something (V/A - A Real Cool Time, 1985)
Reason To Live - The Gift (V/A - Life In The Future, 2011 - originally released in 1985)
Frankie Hill - This Gift (V/A - Shrew'd, 1993)
Bailter Space - Present (Thermos, 1990)
Feverdream - Present (Somewhere Elsewhere, 1994)
X (Au) - Present (Aspirations, 1980)
Dead Can Dance - Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book (Aion, 1990)
Hem - The Present (No Word From Tom, 2006)
The Pacific Ocean - Give (So Beautiful And Cheap And Warm, 2002)
Bill Nelson - Gift Of The August Tide (Pavilions Of The Heart And Soul, 1984)
Gang Of Four - Return The Gift (Entertainment!, 1979)
Captain Sensible - (What D'Ya Give) The Man Who's Gotten Everything (Women And Captain's First, 1982)
Naz Nomad And The Nightmares - I Can Only Give You Everything (Give Daddy The Knife Cindy, 1984)
The Creatures - Red Wrapping Paper (Red Wrapping Paper single, 2001)
Supernaut - Give Me More (Supernaut, 1997)
Curve - Gift (Gift, 2001)
The Beekeepers - Window Shopper (demo) (Do You Behave Like That At Home? single, 1997)
Sugar - Gift (File Under: Easy Listening, 1994)
The Jam - Shopping (Beat Surrender EP, 1982)
The Slits - Shoplifting (Cut, 1979)
The Higsons - A Dash To The Shops (Peel session) (It's A Wonderful Life, 1998 - originally released in 1981)
Lloyd Cole - A Gift (radio session) (Live At The BBC, 2007 - originally released in 1990)
A.C. Marias - Give Me (One Of Our Girls, 1989)
Lush - God's Gift (Black Spring EP, 1991)
Unbelievable Truth - Unwanted Gift (Misc. Music, 2001)
A House - I Give You You (I Want Too Much, 1990)
Pale Saints - Special Present (Fine Friend EP, 1994)
The Wonder Stuff - Give Us What We Want (Suspended By Stars, 2006)
The Twilight Sad - That Birthday Present (Forget The Night Ahead, 2009)
The Jazz Butcher - Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present (A Scandal In Bohemia, 1984)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Best Of 2011

Ok, maybe not the best, but certainly my favorites from 2011. It's been a good year, with exciting releases from new bands and old favorites, plus some archival releases thrown in. Along with this stuff I've delved deeper into the Nuggets box sets, Scott Walker, Brian Eno's ambient work, early Pere Ubu and Kevin Ayers in particular this year. The best thing about being a music obsessive is one never knows where one's ear will lead them - if you had shown me some of these entries a year ago I'd have scoffed, but here we are.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

Scott H. Biram – Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue (live) (V/A – No One Got Hurt, 2011)
Jon Langford – The Ballad Of Solomon Jones (Skull Orchard Revisited, 2011)
Joe Dash – Truth About Surgery (V/A – Messthetics #108, 2011 - originally released in the early 1980s)
The Diagram Brothers – I Didn't Get Where I Am Today By Being A Right Git (Peel session) (The Peel Sessions, 2011 – originally released in 1981)

David Kilgour – Diamond Mine (Left By Soft, 2011)
F In Math – Couch (Couch EP, 2011)
Ghost Wave – Sunsetter (Ghost Wave EP, 2011)
Cut Off Your Hands – Fooling No One (Hollow, 2011)

Punches – Hold Your Head (Etheria, 2011)
Wild Beasts – Loop The Loop (Smother, 2011)
Radiohead – Little By Little (The King Of Limbs, 2011)

Robyn Hitchcock – Old Man Weather (Tromso, Kaptein, 2011)
Shriekback – My Vast Behavior (Life In The Loading Bay bonus disc, 2011)
John Foxx And The Maths – Shatterproof (Interplay, 2011)

British Sea Power – We Are Sound (Valhalla Dancehall, 2011)
Puressence – Swathes Of Sea Made Stone (Solid State Recital, 2011)
Dead Guitars – Mesmerized (Stranger, 2011)

Dead Skeletons – Get On The Train (Dead Magick, 2011)
The Primitives – Rattle My Cage (Never Kill A Secret EP, 2011)
Astrid Williamson – Paperbacks (Pulse, 2011)

Thomas Dolby – 17 Hills (A Map Of The Floating City, 2011)
TV Smith – Man Down (Coming In To Land, 2011)
Peter Gabriel – The Rhythm Of The Heat (new version) (New Blood, 2011)

The Fall – I've Seen Them Come (Ersatz G.B., 2011)
The Black Watch – Meg (The End Of When, 2011)
David Sylvian – The Last Days Of December (Died In The Wool, 2011)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Show but no show

My PC at home died, limiting my access to my music library to what's on my iPod. I could've just built a playlist on there but I chose to DJ the old fashioned way and just pull things off the shelves. Unfortunately, without my home PC I was unable to record the show so there's nothing to hear this week! I'll be back next week with a best-of 2011 review.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11-15-2011 Show

This week's show has some new old stuff from obscure postpunk compilations, new new stuff from Boston Spaceships and They Might Be Giants, new to me stuff from The Church, and plenty of great old tunes!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Church - Appalatia (Forget Yourself, 2003)
Boston Spaceships - You Just Can't Tell (Let It Beard, 2011)
They Might Be Giants - Tubthumping (feat. The Onion AV Club Choir) (New Album Raises New And Troubling Questions, 2011)
Maureen & The Meatpackers - The Unpleasant Stain (Digital download, 1976)
Unter Den Linden - Vanda Inat (V/A - Life In The Future: Swedish Post-Punk & Synth Wave 79-87, 2011 - originally released in 1981)
Necropolis Of Love - Talk (V/A - Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Volume 1, 2011 - originally released in 1982)
The Associates - Party Fears Two (Sulk, 1982)
39, Lyon Street - Kites (Kites single, 1981)
MacKenzie Sings Orbidoig - Ice Cream Factory (Ice Cream Factory single, 1982)
The Exploding Budgies - Thornfield (The Grotesque Singers 12", 1985)
The Cakekitchen - Airships (Time Flowing Backwards, 1991)
This Kind Of Punishment - The Sleepwalker (A Beard Of Bees, 1984)
Dissolve - Blurred (That That Is... Is (Not), 1994)
The Vaselines - Son Of A Gun (Son Of A Gun 12", 1987)
14 Iced Bears - Balloon Song (Peel session) (In The Beginning, 2001 - originally released in 1986)
Neats - Same (The Monkey's Head In The Corner Of The Room 12", 1982)
The Bodines - Skankin' Queens (Played, 1987)
Rose Chronicles - Bruise (Happily Ever After, 1996)
Moon - Living In A World Of Strangers (Digital download, 1999)
French - Courtney Killed Kurt (Digital download, 2002)
Inter - Cherry Red Electric Blue (Got My Nine, 2000)
Jetplane Landing - What The Argument Has Changed (Pleasurehead split single, 2002)
Uncle Dave & The Waco Brothers - I Love You Baby (And I Hate Myself) (Nine Slices Of My Midlife Crisis, 2004)
The Opposition - Breaking The Silence (Breaking The Silence, 1981)
The Pop Group - We Are Time (Y, 1979)
Thom Yorke - A Rat's Nest (Analyse single, 2006)
Kid Loco - Gypsie Good Time (Kill Your Darlings, 2001)
Squirrel Nut Zippers - Ghost Of Stephen Foster (Perennial Favorites, 1998)
Kirk Lake / Jacques - Five Finger Discount (Five Finger Discount EP, 1997)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Fall - 29 albums, 29 tracks

The new album by The Fall, _Ersatz G.B._, their 29th (!), is due out shortly. It's another slab of krautrock-abilly weirdness from Mark E Smith and his current line-up, their 3rd excellent album together. In honor of one of my favorite bands I dedicated the entire show to reviewing one track from each album. Of course, this excludes singles like "The Man Whose Head Expanded" or incredible Peel session versions but 29 tracks from 29 albums fit just right. While The Fall is a decidedly acquired taste, this set shows the range of Mark E Smith's vision and musical flexibility and just might help you get over any reservations.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Fall - Age Of Chang (Ersatz G.B., 2011)
The Fall - Hot Cake (Your Future Our Clutter, 2010)
The Fall - Alton Towers (Imperial Wax Solvent, 2008)
The Fall - Fall Sound (Reformation Post TLC, 2007)
The Fall - Youwanner (Fall Heads Roll, 2005)
The Fall - Theme From Sparta F.C. #2 (The Real New Fall LP [US edition], 2004)
The Fall - My Ex-Classmates' Kids (Are You Are Missing Winner, 2001)
The Fall - Cyber Insekt (The Unutterable, 2000)
The Fall - Shake-Off (The Marshall Suite, 1999)
The Fall - Masquerade (Levitate, 1997)
The Fall - Spinetrak (The Light User Syndrome, 1996)
The Fall - Bonkers In Phoenix (Cerebral Caustic, 1995)
The Fall - Hey! Student (Middle Class Revolt, 1994)
The Fall - Glam Racket (The Infotainment Scan, 1993)
The Fall - Free Range (Code: Selfish, 1992)
The Fall - Shift-Work (Shift-Work, 1991)
The Fall - Telephone Thing (Extricate, 1990)
The Fall - Wrong Place, Right Time (I Am Kurious Orange, 1988)
The Fall - The Steak Place (The Frenz Experiment, 1988)
The Fall - Gross Chapel - British Grenadiers (Bend Sinister, 1986)
The Fall - Spoilt Victorian Child (This Nation's Saving Grace, 1985)
The Fall - Copped It (The Wonderful And Frightening World Of..., 1984)
The Fall - Eat Y'Self Fitter (Perverted By Language, 1983)
The Fall - Marquis Cha-Cha (Room To Live, 1982)
The Fall - Mere Pseud Mag. Ed. (Hex Enduction Hour, 1982)
The Fall - Prole Art Threat (Slates, 1981)
The Fall - Pay Your Rates (Grotesque, 1980)
The Fall - Choc-Stock (Dragnet, 1979)
The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox (Live At The Witch Trials, 1979)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 Show

This week's post-Halloween show mixes vampire girls with vampire skinheads, moss monsters with happy monsters, bwana devils with little red devils, and many more spooky songs from the best underground rock artists like Neko Case, Pauline Murray, Archie Bronson Outfit and more!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Hitmen - Bwana Devil (V/A - Do The Pop!, 2002 - originally released in 1982)
The Cannanes - Swing, You Little Red Devil (The Cannanes, 1996)
The Stems - She's A Monster (Buds, 1991 - originally released in 1985)
Laughing Clowns - Ghost Beat (Cruel, But Fair, 2005 - originally released in 1982)
The Doublehappys - Moss Monster (Nerves, 1992 - originally released in 1985)
3Ds - Spooky (The Venus Trail, 1993)
Fang - Ghost Writer (V/A - The Hill Is Alive, 2003)
Lovely Midget - Ghost Wall (Lovely Midget EP, 1997)
Neko Case - Things That Scare Me (Blacklisted, 2002)
Split Lip Rayfield - Devil (In The Mud, 1999)
Wee Hairy Beasties - The Lonely Vampire (Holidays Gone Crazy, 2008)
Caitlin Cary - Please Take The Devil Out Of Me (V/A - Down To The Promised Land, 2000)
The Instant Automatons - Scared To Be Alone (V/A - Messthetics Greatest Hits, 2006 - originally released in 1980)
Fourwaycross - Halloween (V/A - Auteur Labels: Independent Project Records, 2010 - originally released in 1993)
Karel Fialka - Ghosts (V/A - Messthetics #101, 2006 - originally released in 1979)
Pulsallama - The Devil Lives In My Husband's Body (V/A - Rip It Up And Start Again, 2006 - originally released in 1982)
Archie Bronson Outfit - Devils Move (Kangaroo Heart EP, 2004)
Longwave - Sea Monster (Life Of The Party single, 2005)
Pauline Murray - Creature With The Atom Brain (Halloween 2000 EP, 2000)
Invincible - Spooks (Venus, 1999)
Barry Andrews - Vampire Skinhead (...And If I Refuse? Songs 1979-81, 2002)
Shriekback - Monsters With A Brilliant Disguise (with Finn Andrews) (Digital distribution, 2006)
Fiat Lux - Sleepless Nightmare (Hired History, 1984)
Kissing The Pink - Frightened In France (Naked, 1983)
Neats - Ghost (1981-84 The Ace Of Hearts Years, 2009 - originally released in 1983)
Kimberley Rew - The Nightmare (The Bible Of Bop, 1984)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Devil's Waitin' (Howl, 2005)
Jonathan Richman - Vampire Girl (You Must Ask The Heart, 1995)
Compulsion - Happy Monsters (The Future Is Medium, 1996)
Stranger Tractors - Nightmare (Mini Album, 1996?)
The Comsat Angels - Beautiful Monster (My Minds Eye, 1992)
The Gun Club - Ghost On The Highway (Fire Of Love, 1982)
Sidi Bou Said - Dracula (Broooch, 1993)
Sumosonic - Destroy All Monsters (This Is Sumo, 1998)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn Leaves & Trees Show

This week's show is a tribute to the glorious colors of fall, the trees and the leaves. Recent stuff from Dirty Ray and Nanci Griffith mix with Felt, The Soft Boys, and Dumptruck to produce a colorful show!

When I put these theme shows together, it's fun to pull tracks from hither and yon and usually I can work out a great playlist. This week's show turned out to be kind of a downbeat show, unsurprising given the subject matter. I suppose trees and leaves tend to bring out the more contemplative qualities in musicians.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Kiwi Animal - Time Of The Leaves (Music Media, 1984)
Bilderine - Trees (Split Seconds, 1994)
Leigh Franklin - You See Leaves (V/A - Keepin' Secrets, 2005)
Mestar - Bumblebee Tree (Porcupine, 2002)
Nanci Griffith - The Giving Tree (V/A - Twistable, Turnable Man, 2010)
The Handsome Family - Where The Birch Trees Lean (Through The Trees, 1998)
Virginia Dare - Fred's Trees (Baby Got Away, 1998)
Dirty Ray - Cherry Tree (Big World For A Little Man, 2010)
The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy - Raking Up Leaves (live) (Glorious & Idiotic, 2000)
Kristin Hersh - Marriage Tree (live) (Live At Maxwell's, Hoboken, 1992)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Lime Tree Arbour (live) (Live At The Royal Albert Hall, 2008 - originally recorded in 1997)
The Real Tuesday Weld - Into The Trees (The London Book Of The Dead, 2007)
Jane Siberry - Above The Treeline (Jane Siberry, 1981)
Partick Duff - The Lion And The Hawthorn Tree (Luxury Problems, 2005)
Frank Tovey & The Pyros - The Libery Tree (Grand Union, 1991)
Felt - Penelope Tree (Absolute Classic Masterpieces, 1992 - originally released in 1983)
The Soft Boys - The Asking Tree (Invisible Hits, 1983)
Lowlife - Drowning Leaves (Godhead, 1989)
Eyeless In Gaza - Avenue With Trees (V/A - The Cherry Red Records Singles Collection, 2008 - originally released in 1981)
Clearlake - Trees In The City (Cedars, 2003)
New Model Army - Trees In Winter (Lost Songs, 2002)
Tim Keegan - From Up A Tree (Foreign Domestic, 2007)
Salad - Palm Trees On The Moon (Yeah Yeah single, 1997)
Bob Mould - Hanging Tree (Black Sheets Of Rain, 1990)
See Saw - Blood Filled Trees (...And The Head Popped Off EP, 1995)
Cud - Love In A Hollow Tree (Leggy Mambo, 1990)
Dumptruck - Barking Up The Wrong Tree (For The Country, 1987)
The Hang Ups - Underneath A Tree (Second Story, 1999)
Baby Bird - Swinging From Tree To Tree (The Greatest Hits, 1997)
Cocteau Twins - Pepper-Tree (Peel session) (BBC Sessions, 1999 - originally recorded in 1984)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10-18-2011 Show

This week's show has new stuff from the best guitar band going, Dead Guitars, an exclusive John Foxx and The Maths tracks, more side projects from Ian Masters, and a salute to the World Series!

Some notes:
The new Dead Guitars album, _Stranger_, is one of the best things I've heard all year. Moody synths wash over captivating guitar backing Carlo Van Putten's introspective lyrics. They named themselves after an amazing Adrian Borland song (presented here in demo form) that later came out on a White Rose Transmission album.

The John Foxx song here is actually the finished version which was mistakenly left off the Mojo CD it came from!

The Terry Edwards song has to be heard to be believed - a ska version of the Fall classic!

Ian Masters has been working under numerous guises over the years. I've picked 4 favorites here, two of which were buried on Myspace sites.

I had intended to do an entire baseball-themed show but I just didn't have that much quality material (and John Fogerty's "Centerfield" was NOT going to make an appearance).

Dock Ellis was major league pitcher who allegedly threw a no-hitter on LSD.

Paul Kelly is one of Australia's premier singer-songwriter's. I'm particularly fond of his 86-96 period. "Bradman" is about the Babe Ruth of cricket!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Adrian Borland - Dead Guitars (The Last Days Of The Rain Machine, 2000)
Dead Guitars - Love Goddess & The Love Ghost (Stranger, 2011)
John Foxx And The Maths - Have A Cigar (V/A - Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon, 2011)
Astrid Williamson - Shhh (radio session) (Rabid In The Kennel, 2010)
The Yesterday Sky - A Winter's Dawn (A Winter's Dawn 7", 1992)
Cargill's Raconteurs - Better Days (V/A - Avon Scrawling, 2000)
Eliza Carthy - Rolling Sea (V/A - Rogue's Gallery, 2006)
Richmond Fontaine - The Gits (V/A - Graciously, 2006)
Scritti Politti - Skank Bloc Bologna (Early, 2005 - originally released in 1978)
Graduate - Elvis Should Play Ska (Acting My Age, 1980)
Terry Edwards Ska All-Stars - Totally Wired (V/A - Readymade, 2007)
To Heaven A Jet - Airfields (V/A - Cocteau Signature Tunes, 1986 - originally released in 1981)
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis (An Ordinary Life, 1986)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Monkeys On Juice (Monkeys On Juice 7", 1984)
ESP Summer - Volume (The Complete Recordings, 2009)
Oneironaut - City (City 7", 1996)
Wingdisk - The Pink Snow Is On The Trees (Myspace site, 2008)
Ashioto - Where Do You Keep My Heart (Myspace site, 2009)
China Drum - Baseball In The Dark (Wipeout EP, 1996)
SF Seals - Dock Ellis (Baseball Trilogy EP, 1993)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Baseball Bill (Evergreen, 1997)
Whiskeytown - Empty Baseball Park (Faithless Street, 1998)
Pernice Brothers - Moonshot Manny (Digital download, 2004)
Ipanema - Je Suis Un Baseball Bat (Je Suis Un Baseball Bat Vs. Skull single, 2003
The Baseball Project - Gratitude (For Curt Flood) (Volume 1: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails, 2008)
The Black Watch - The Tennis-Playing Poet Roethke Said (Jiggery Pokery, 2002)
Billy Bragg - God's Footballer (Don't Try This At Home, 1991)
Paul Kelly - Bradman (Hidden Things, 1992 - originally released in 1987)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10-11-2011 Show

This week's show has new stuff from Magazine, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, a noise-rock set, bits and bobs from Ian Masters projects, and a set of classic rockabilly!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

If you've got any requests or suggestions for themes, please leave a comment!

Magazine - Hello Mister Curtis (With Apologies) (No Thyself, 2011)
Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto (new version) (New Blood, 2011)
Kate Bush - Wildman (50 Words For Snow, 2011)
Don McGlashan - A Thing Well Made (radio session) (Rabid In The Kennel, 2011)
Blips - Blip^/Blip~ (V/A - Spooky Sounds Of Now, 1997)
A Frames - Ionic (A Frames 2, 2003)
Six Finger Satellite - Simian Fever (Severe Exposure, 1995)
The In Out - Deutschland (Living Memorial In Deutschland, 2000)
Dive Index - Hoko Onchi (Mid/Air, 2007)
Friendly Science Orchestra - Sutekina Sora O (Minature Album, 1998)
Luminous Orange - Silver Kiss (Sakura Swirl, 2007)
The Friendly Hopefuls - The Friendly Hopefuls Salute The Punks Of 1976 (V/A - Obey The New Wave, 2006)
The Diodes - Tired Of Waking Up Tired (Released, 1979)
Pere Ubu - Ubu Dance Party (Dub Housing, 1978)
Nyam Nyam - Knowledge (Chapter II) (When We Can't Make Laughter Stay 7", 1981)
Trip Shakespeare - Today You Move (Lulu, 1991)
The Reindeer Section - Nytol (Y'All Get Scared Now, Ya Hear!, 2001)
Sky Cries Mary - Elephant Song (Exit At The Axis EP, 1991)
British Sea Power - Lucky Bicycle (Valhalla V.I.P. EP, 2011)
Fixed Stars - Here Comes The Music (Here Comes The Music single, 1999)
Hug - Walk On Fire (Firebrands single, 1993)
Andy Yorke - Ode To A Friend (Simple, 2008)
Johnny Burnette - The Train Kept A Rollin' (Johnny Burnette And The Rock 'N Roll Trio, 1956)
Gene Vincent - Cat Man (Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps, 1957)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Boogie Woogie Country Man (Boogie Woogie Country Man, 1975)
Carl Perkins - The E.P. Express (The E.P. Express, 1975)
Soft Machine - The Moon In June (BBC session) (The Peel Sessions, 1990 - originally released in 1969)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10-4-2011 Show

This week's show starts off with new stuff from old pros Thomas Dolby, Peter Blegvad, and Exene Cervenka as well younger artists Lydia Loveless, Cut Off Your Hands and Wild Beasts. It ends with spoken-word pieces from Gerard Langley, Tom Waits and a cautionary tale about petting the wrong dog from Arthur Bradford. In between we'll hit some punk, new wave and alt-country highlights - 2 hours of the best underground rock!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Lydia Loveless - Can't Change Me (Indestructible Machine, 2011)
Exene Cervenka - Alone In Arizona (The Excitement Of Maybe, 2011)
Maggie Bjorklund - Summer Romance (Coming Home, 2010)
Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge - Sacred Objects (Digital download, 2011)
Stephen Fellows - Heaven Is Here (Digital download, 2011)
Throwing Muses - Hillbilly (Anthology, 2011)
Cut Off Your Hands - Nausea (Hollow, 2011)
Wild Beasts - Thankless Thing (Reach A Bit Further EP, 2011)
Stereolab - Explosante Fixe (Explosante Fixe, 2008)
Thomas Dolby - Spice Train (The Map Of The Floating City, 2011)
Richard Lloyd - Fire Engine (live) (Real Time, 1987)
Tom Verlaine - A Town Called Walker (Flash Light, 1987)
Television - 1880 Or So (Television, 1992)
Iggy And The Stooges - Gimme Danger (Raw Power, 1973)
The Rezillos - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight (Can't Stand The Rezillos, 1978)
The Clash - White Riot (The Clash, 1977)
The Mekons - Never Been In A Riot (Never Been In A Riot 7", 1978)
The B-52's - Rock Lobster (The B-52's, 1980)
Berlin - The Metro (Pleasure Victim, 1982)
Pete Shelley - Homosapien (single version) (Homosapien 7", 1981)
The Judybats - Native Son (Native Son, 1991)
Statuesque - Ton Of Feathers, Ton Of Steel (Angleterre EP, 1996)
Prolapse - (Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes, 1999)
Uncle Tupelo - Punch Drunk (Still Feel Gone, 1991)
Whiskeytown - Turn Around (Stranger's Almanac, 1997)
Jesse Malin - Wendy (The Fine Art Of Self Destruction, 2002)
Lucero - Tears Don't Matter Much (That Much Further West, 2003)
Tom Waits - Nirvana (Orphans, 2006)
Gerard Langley - Near The Ocean (backing by Big Star) (Lit., 2003)
Arthur Bradford - Roslyn's Dog (V/A - McSweeney's #6, 2001)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Punk & Post-Punk Nuggets III

For this week's show I've dug back into my favorite period in music, punk and post-punk, looking for nuggets from bands that released only one single, hard-to-find gems from established bands and other earworthy tracks! As a bonus, the high-quality stream was back up so the show is complete and sounds great!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

And if you like this show, check out the first two shows with the same theme:
Punk & Post-Punk Nuggets
Punk & Post-Punk Nuggets II

Riff Raff - Romford Girls (I Wanna Be A Cosmonaut 7", 1978)
The Nips - All The Time In The World (All The Time In The World 7", 1978)
Johnny And The Self Abusers - Saints And Sinners (Saints And Sinners 7", 1977)
Dave Goodman & Friends - Justifiable Homicide (Justifiable Homicide 7", 1978)
The Table - Do The Standing Still (Do The Standing Still 7", 1977)
Vice Squad - Last Rockers (Last Rockers 7", 1980)
Notsensibles - (I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher (I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher 7", 1979)
The Prefects - Things In General (Peel session) (Going Through The Motions 7", 1979)
The Dils - I Hate The Rich (I Hate The Rich 7", 1977)
The Embarrassment - Careen (Death Travels West, 1983)
Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps (Too Many Creeps 7", 1980)
Frank Chickens - We Are Ninja (We Are Frank Chickens, 1984)
Fallout Club - Pedestrian Walkway (Dream Soldiers 7", 1981)
The Blue Nile - I Love This Life (I Love This Life 7", 1981)
Colourbox - The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme (The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme 7", 1986)
Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Fred Vom Jupiter (Fred Vom Jupiter 7", 1982)
C Cat Trance - Shake The Mind (Shake The Mind 12", 1986)
The Unknown Cases - Masimba Bele (Masimba Bele 12", 1983)
Blue Orchids - Work (Work 7", 1981)
Blurt - The Fish Needs A Bike (The Fish Needs A Bike 7", 1981)
Fire Engines - Big Gold Dream (Big Gold Dream 12", 1981)
Josef K - Sorry For Laughing (single version) (Sorry For Laughing 7", 1981)
The Armoury Show - Castles In Spain (Castles In Spain 7", 1984)
Easterhouse - Out On Your Own (Contenders, 1986)
The Room - Things Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl (Indoor Fireworks, 1982)
The Cleaners From Venus - Marilyn On A Train (new version) (In The Golden Autumn cassette, 1983)
Rodney Allen - Happysad (Happysad, 1987)
Buba & The Shop Assistants - Something To Do (Something To Do 7", 1984)
The Valves - It Don't Mean Nothing At All (It Don't Mean Nothing At All 7", 1979)
Grow-Up - Joanne (Joanne 7", 1980)
Airkraft - Move In Rhythm (Move In Rhythm 7", 1980)
Dave Ball - Strict Tempo (featuring Gavin Friday) (In Strict Tempo, 1983)
Bow Wow Wow - C30 C60 C90 Go (C30 C60 C90 Go 7", 1980)
Delmontes - Ga-Ga (Tous Les Soirs 7", 1980)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bands Named After Songs show

This week's show is "Bands Named After Songs", so you'll hear The Fall followed by Dresden Dolls, Talking Heads followed by Radiohead, and many more that I bet you never knew were connected!

Sadly, once again the station transmission had issues - the webstream was badly distorted. Here's the music, though.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Brian Eno - Burning Airlines Give You So Much More (Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), 1974)
Burning Airlines - Carnival (Mission: Control!, 1999)
John Cale - Ski Patrol (Slow Dazzle, 1975)
Ski Patrol - Agent Orange (Agent Orange 7", 1980)
Can - Moonshake (Future Days, 1973)
Moonshake - Sweetheart (Eva Luna, 1992)
Leonard Cohen - Sisters Of Mercy (Songs Of Leonard Cohen, 1967)
The Sisters Of Mercy - Marian (version) (First And Last And Always, 1985)
The Fall - Dresden Dolls (demo) (Backdrop 1994 - recorded in 1977)
The Dresden Dolls - Coin-Operated Boy (The Dresden Dolls, 2004)
Public Image Ltd - Radio 4 (Metal Box, 1979)
Radio 4 - How The Stars Got Crossed (New Song And Dance, 2000)
Sonic Youth - Eric's Trip (Daydream Nation, 1988)
Eric's Trip - Laying Blame (Split 7" with Sloan, 1994)
DNA - Blonde Red Head (A Taste Of DNA EP, 1981)
Blonde Redhead - Messenger (featuring David Sylvian) (Equus EP, 2004)
Roxy Music - Ladytron (Roxy Music, 1972)
Ladytron - Blue Jeans 2.0 (Softcore Jukebox, 2003)
Japan - Life Without Buildings (The Art Of Parties 7", 1981)
Life Without Buildings - Young Offenders (Any Other City, 2000)
Primal Scream - Velocity Girl (Crystal Crescent 7", 1986)
Velocity Girl - I Can't Stop Smiling (Simpatico!, 1994)
The Smiths - Pretty Girls Make Graves (The Smiths, 1984)
Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Number (Elan Vital, 2006)
The Ramones - Bad Brain (Road To Ruin, 1978)
Bad Brains - I Against I (I Against I, 1986)
The Vibrators - Stiff Little Fingers (Pure Mania, 1977)
Stiff Little Fingers - Fly The Flag (Peel session) (The Complete John Peel Sessions, 2002 - recorded in 1980)
Talking Heads - Radio Head (True Stories, 1986)
Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words (Digital download, 2009)
XTC - Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her (The Big Express, 1984)
Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her - No Telephone (No! No! No!, 2000)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9-13-2011 Show

This week's show has new stuff from HTRK, Punches, and Bat For Lashes and old stuff from pre-punk Illuminati Scott Walker, Kevin Ayers, and David Bowie and everything in between! Unfortunately, the station's streaming didn't come online until halfway through the show so you're bereft of my commentary for the first hour. Weep for your lost knowledge! OK, the highlights were:

- HTRK is a young band from Australia, formerly known as Hate Rock Trio.
- S.T.U.N. stands for Scream Towards the Uprising of Non-Conformity. That track is a leftover from my Wire covers show.
- The Summer Hits song is an ode to Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier.
- I've recently succumbed to the charms of Kevin Ayers. It took a couple of years and revisitations but his baritone and odd prop/pop vibe has won me over. The track here is a collaboration with Nico. I've long neglected the pre-punk first half of the 70s and I'm looking forward to digging in deeper to that era.
- Punches is a collaboration between an instrumentalist in New Zealand and a vocalist in Tennessee.
- I cannot tell you how much I love Scott Walker these days. He's been a revelation of the highest order, and no one else has had the career he's had - from teen idol as big as the Beatles in the 60s UK to a complete outsider making albums unlike anyone else.
- I saw The English Beat at Johnny D's the other night (well, half as Dave Wakeling heads it up sans Ranking Roger) and they were fantastic, playing all their best material.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

HTRK - Slo Glo (Work Work Work, 2011)
S.T.U.N. - Reuters (Evolution Of Energy, 2003)
The Summer Hits - Laetitia (Beaches And Canyons, 1996)
Elf Power - Needles In The Camel's Eye (When The Red King Comes, 1997)
Godley & Creme - I Pity Inanimate Objects (Freeze Frame, 1979)
Kevin Ayers - Irreversible Neural Damage / Invitation (The Confessions Of Dr. Dream And Others Stories, 1974)
David Bowie - Moss Garden (Heroes, 1977)
Punches - Tools Of The Trade (Etheria, 2011)
Bat For Lashes - The Big Sleep (with Scott Walker) (Two Suns, 2009)
Scott Walker - Cossacks Are (The Drift, 2006)
The English Beat - Save It For Later (Peel session) (Digital distribution, 1982)
Shack - Pull Together (H.M.S. Fable, 1999)
Joe Hisaishi - Hope (with Bill Nelson) (Chizyou No Rakuen [Paradise On Earth], 1994)
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Catcher (Straight Blue Line, 2000)
Envy - Bloodboy (Distorted Greetings, 1995)
Alec Bathgate - Pet Hates (Gold Lame, 1996)
hollAnd - Sparks (Drums EP, 2001)
Depeche Mode - Get The Balance Right! (People Are People, 1984)
Cast - Finetime (All Change, 1995)
Immaculate Fools - Immaculate Fools (extended version) (Immaculate Fools 12", 1984)
The Creatures - Gecko (The Feast, 1983)
Red Guitars - Marimba Jive (Slow To Fade, 1984)
Neil Finn - Log Drums (Try Whistling This bonus disc, 1998)
La Peste - Better Off Dead (La Peste, 1996 - originally released in 1978)
Pharmacy - Shine (Pharmacy EP, 1998)
The San Francisco Seals - Nowherica (Nowherica 7", 1993)
Peter Murphy - Warm Leatherette (featuring Jeordie White & Atticus Ross) (radio session) (Digital distribution, 2006)
Japan - Ghosts (Tin Drum, 1981)
Talk Talk - John Cope (I Believe In You single, 1988)
Ken Nordine - Hunger Is From (Word Jazz, 1957)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hurricane show

This week's show is dedicated to hurricanes and storms, given our recent weather. Given the time of year I'm sure this theme will pop up again!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Mark Bingham - Hurricane Introduction (V/A - Lost In The Stars, 1985)
Wayne Hancock - Thunderstorms & Neon Signs (live) (V/A - Bloodied But Unbowed, 2006)
Dollar Store - Hurricane Charley (Money Music, 2007)
Johnny Dangerously - Storm Warning (acoustic) (unknown source, late 1980s)
The Fall - Hurricane Edward (Levitate, 1997)
Kim Salmon - Lightning Scary (Essence, 1991)
Ed Kuepper - Electrical Storm (Electrical Storm, 1985)
The Pin Group - Hurricane Fighter Plane (The Pin Group, 1997)
The Mutton Birds - Rainstorm (Envy Of Angels, 1997)
Maryrose Crook - Storm From The East (live) (V/A - Flying Way Too High, 2000)
Martin Newell - Before The Hurricane (The Greatest Living Englishman, 1993)
The Go-Betweens - Twin Layers Of Lightning (radio session 1987) (Live On Snap, 1999)
The Raincoats - Rainstorm (Moving, 1983)
The Lilac Time - Hurricaned Rice (The Laundry EP, 1990)
Dif Juz - Two Fine Days (And A Thunderstorm) (Extractions, 1985)
The dB's - Storm Warning (Repercussion, 1981)
The Blue Aeroplanes - My Hurricane (Beatsongs, 1991)
The Popguns - Lightning (Snog, 1991)
Tanya Donelly - The Storm (Beautysleep, 2002)
Grant-Lee Phillips - Chain Lightning (Strangelet, 2007)
Warm Jets - Hurricane (Future Signs, 1997)
Honolulu Mountain Daffodils - Hurricane Marilyn (Aloha Sayonara, 1991)
Polak - Storm Coming (Swansongs, 2000)
Tiger - Storm Injector (We Are Puppets, 1996)
Rob Dickinson - The Storm (Fresh Wine For The Horses, 2005)
Hurricane Bells - Monsters (V/A - The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack, 2009)
The Ocean Blue - Hurricane Amore (Cerulean, 1991)
Danny Elfman - Lightning (So-Lo, 1984)
Missing Persons - Electrical Storm (V/A - We Couldn't Agree On A Title, 1981)
Syd Straw - Storm Warning (Pink Velour, 2008)
Stan Ridgway - Stormy Side Of Town (Comouflage EP, 1986)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No show this week

Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene breached my basement and we've spent the past few days scrambling to get everything fixed, so there's no show this week. But next week I'll be back with a storm-themed show!

For those of you who might have missed it, I re-present one of my favorite shows - Post Punk Peel Primer, dedicated to the late great John Peel. You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Playlist is here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wire covers show

This week's show is one giant birthday present to my favorite listener! Her favorite band (and one of mine) is Wire and I scoured the usual sources to find unusual covers. I couldn't quite find 2 hours of interesting covers without repeating too many songs so I chose my favorites off the wonderful _Whore_ compilation to close out the show. Enjoy!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Boss Hog - 12XU (I Dig You 12", 1995)
Fischerspooner - The 15th (#1, 2002)
Salem 66 - Fragile (A Ripping Spin, 1985)
Scrawl - Reuters (V/A - Lever 7", 1991)
Die Kreuzen - Pink Flag (Gone Away, 1990)
Spoon - Lowdown (live) (Bootleg, ?)
Deja Voodoo - Strange (Cemetery, 1984)
The New Bomb Turks - Mr. Suit (Destroy-Oh Boy!!, 1993)
Lightning Seeds - Outdoor Miner (Ready Or Not single, 1996)
Moose - Kidney Bingos (Honey Bee LP bonus 7", 1994)
Low - Heartbeat (A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief, 2004)
Red Zoo - 5/10 (V/A - Thurtene - A Collection Of 4AD Covers, 1993)
Yo La Tengo - Too Late (Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo, 1996)
Spoke - Ahead (All We Need Of Hell, 1994)
Dykehouse - Map Ref. 41 Degrees N 93 Degrees W (V/A - Idol Tryouts: Ghostly International, Vol. 1, 2003)
Henry Rollins - Ex-Lion Tamer (Hot Animal Machine... Plus, 1987 - released as Henrietta Collins And The Wifebeating Childhaters)
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Mannequin (Do Re Me, So Far So Good EP, 1992)
Roy Montgomery - Used To (Just Melancholy 7", 1996)
This Mortal Coil - Not Me (It'll End In Tears, 1984)
This Mortal Coil - Alone (Filigree & Shadow, 1986)
Kustomized - Surgeon's Girl (The Day I Had Some Fun 7", 1994)
Minor Threat - 12XU (V/A - Flex Your Head, 1982)
Soul Side - Ex-Lion Tamer (Less Deep Inside Keeps, 1987)
Ampere - Mr. Suit (Split CD with Das Oath, 2006)
The Lemonheads - Fragile (Varshons, 2009)
Therapy? - Reuters (Trigger Inside EP, 1994)
Dive - Heartbeat (Extended Play EP, 1994)
The Cops - Lowdown (Get Good Or Stay Bad, 2005)
My Life Story - Outdoor Miner (The Mornington Crescent Companion EP, 1995)
R.E.M. - Strange (Document, 1987)
Angry Angles - The 15th (Apparent-Transparent 7", 2006)
Band Of Susans - Too Late (Peel session, 1989) (The Peel Sessions EP, 1992)
Chris Connelly - A Mutual Friend (V/A - Whore, 1996)
Laika - German Shepherds (V/A - Whore, 1996)
Bark Psychosis - Three Girl Rhumba (V/A - Whore, 1996)
Scanner - Eardrum Buzz (V/A - Whore, 1996)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Singled Out: XTC

It's another edition of Singled Out! This time I'm featuring XTC with guest-host Big Joe Turner. No, not the blues legend, but a legend nonetheless for his work with such stalwarts as Smegabucks, Abunai! and Joe Turner & The Seven Levels. Listen to the greatness that is Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding & Co. and insightful dialogue!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

XTC - This Is Pop? (single version) (This Is Pop?, 1978)
XTC - Are You Receiving Me (Are You Receiving Me, 1978)
XTC - Life Begins At The Hop (Life Begins At The Hop, 1979)
XTC - Real By Reel (Drums And Wires, 1979)
XTC - Towers Of London (Black Sea, 1980)
XTC - It's Nearly Africa (English Settlement, 1982)
XTC - Deliver Us From The Elements (Mummer, 1983)
XTC - You're The Wish (You Are I Had) (The Big Express, 1984)
XTC - That's Really Super, Supergirl (Skylarking, 1986)
XTC - Earn Enough For Us (Skylarking, 1986)
XTC - One Of The Millions (Oranges & Lemons, 1989)
XTC - Poor Skeleton Steps Out (Oranges & Lemons, 1989)
XTC - Rook (Nonsuch, 1992)
XTC - Greenman (Apple Venus Volume 1, 1999)
XTC - This World Over (The Big Express, 1984)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8-9-2011 Show

This week we've got live stuff, new wave faves, surprising covers, another set of surprising guest appearances and more!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Skafish - Sign Of The Cross (live 1980) (V/A - Urgh! A Music War, 1981)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Do It Clean (live 1983) (Echo & The Bunnymen EP, 1983)
Colin Newman & Malka Spigel - Outdoor Miner (aka Encore) (live 1999) (Live, 1999)
King Crimson - Dinosaur (live 1995) (Live At The Wiltern, 2005)
M - Pop Muzik (New York, London, Paris, Munich, 1979)
Stephen Duffy - Kiss Me (7" version) (The Ups And Downs, 1985)
The Cult - Resurrection Joe (Resurrection Joe 7", 1984)
Freur - Look In The Back For Answers (Get Us Out Of Here, 1986)
808 State - Moses (with Ian McCulloch) (Gorgeous, 1993)
GB3 - Famished (with Steve Kilbey) (Emptiness Is Our Business, 2006)
BT - Shineaway (featuring Richard Butler) (V/A - The Jackal soundtrack, 1997)
Virginia Astley - Some Small Hope (with David Sylvian) (Hope In A Darkened Heart, 1986)
Gallon Drunk - Draggin' Along (Tonite...The Singles Bar, 1991)
DeVotchKa - Twenty-Six Temptations (remix) (V/A - Graciously, 2006)
Jarvis Cocker - A Drop Of Nelson's Blood (V/A - Rogue's Gallery, 2006)
Nouvelle Vague - Pssyche (Nouvelle Vague, 2004)
Chris Connelly - A Mutual Friend (V/A - Whore, 1996)
Pop Will Eat Itself - Everything That Rises (Must Converge) (Love Missle F1-11 EP, 1987)
Tori Amos - Strange Little Girl (Strange Little Girls, 2001)
Steve Diggle - Heated & Rising (Heated & Rising EP, 1991)
Versus - Big Head On (Big Head On 7", 1995)
Catherine Wheel - Thunderbird (Adam And Eve, 1997)
Bryan Ferry - Hiroshima... (Frantic, 2002)
Luggage - Comical Life (Comical Life EP, 1995)
Lower - Life's So Slow (The Gentle Art Of Conditioning, 1998)
The Kynd - Egotripper (Egotripper single, 1996)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8-2-2011 Show

It's hither and yon on Eardrum Buzz this week. They Might Be Giants have a solid new album which we'll sample along with a set of guest appearances, some good old post-punk from The Nightingales, Swell Maps and The Feelies, a set of tuneful New Zealand obscurities and more!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

They Might Be Giants - 2082 (Join Us, 2011)
Bark Psychosis - A Street Scene (Hex, 1994)
Gillian Welch - Look At Miss Ohio (Soul Journey, 2003)
Jimmy Chamberlin Complex - Life Begins Again (with Rob Dickinson) (Life Begins Again, 2005)
Flat 7 - Smile (Robin Guthrie mix) (with Miki Berenyi) (Lost In Blue, 2004)
Lunz - Akimbo (The Astrid Kane remix) (with Lloyd Cole) (Lunz Reinterpretations, 2005)
Ghostigital - Not Clean (with Mark E. Smith) (In Cod We Trust, 2006)
Julian Cope - Non-Alignment Pact (World Shut Your Mouth 12", 1986)
The Nightingales - Paraffin Brain (Pissed & Potless: The Definitive Collection, 2001 - originally released in 1982)
The Three Johns - Death Of The European (extended version) (Death Of The European 12", 1985)
Volcano Suns - Jak (The Bright Orange Years, 1985)
Martin Phillipps - I Don't Want To Live Forever (V/A - Arcbeats, 2001)
Emersons - Eagles (V/A - Discordia Concors, 1994)
Bored Games - Joe 90 (V/A - Flying Nun 25th Anniversay, 2006 - originally released in 1982)
Gasoline Cowboy - I Hear You Call My Name (V/A - The Hill Is Alive, 2003)
Adrian Borland - Darkest Heart (The Amsterdam Tapes, 2006)
Murray Attaway - Walpurgis Night (In Thrall, 1993)
John Greaves - The Song (with Robert Wyatt) (Songs, 1994)
Sun Kil Moon - Moorestown (April, 2008)
Swell Maps - The Helicopter Spies (In 'Jane From Occupied Europe', 1980)
The Feelies - The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness (Crazy Rhythms, 1980)
The Golden Palominos - Boy (Go) (with Michael Stipe) (Visions Of Excess, 1985)
50 Foot Wave - Bug (50 Foot Wave EP, 2004)
Hofman - Song You Hate (Keep Your Receipts And Deny Everything, 2000)
Campag Velocet - Vito Satan (Bon Chic Bon Genre, 1999)
7 Worlds Collide - Long Time Gone (with Don McGlashan) (The Sun Came Out, 2009)
Steve Jansen - Colloquium Terminat (Conversation Over remix by Sweet Billy Pilgrim) (4 Remixes From Slope EP, 2008)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No web stream this week

Since the web stream was down while I was doing my show, I decided to save the prepared set for next week and just pull new releases off the shelf. It was wholly unsatisfying - I tried to mix artists I was familiar with as well as completely unfamiliar bands but it felt like one uninteresting indie rock band after another (because it was!). I'm not even going to post the playlist, you can find it on

Yes, yes, I know I'm old when almost every young band sounds like they're trying to rip off older bands, sound like mutant classic rock or are some laptop kid with a vocoder effect run wild. Bleh. I do find new bands to love, it's just not all that frequent these days. C'est la vie.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7-19 Show

This week's show is an A to Z of lost gems, from A Certain Ratio to Zounds with stops in punk, post-punk, new wave, the New Zealand scene and indie rock along the way!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

A Certain Ratio - All Night Party (Peel session) (Early, 2002 - originally released in 1979)
The Rezillos - Destination Venus (Can't Stand The Rezillos, 1978)
Zounds - True Love (The Curse Of Zounds, 1982)
The Outsiders - Vital Hours (Close Up, 1978)
Bailter Space - Ad Man (Thermos, 1989)
The Mint Chicks - Red White Or Blue (Screens, 2009)
Die! Die! Die! - Caseman (Form, 2010)
Throw - Dreambaby (Dreambaby Goodbye, 2005)
The Elastic Purejoy - Stiff (The Elastic Purejoy, 1994)
The Field Mice - Coach Station Reunion (For Keeps, 1991)
Nine Horses - Money For All (Money For All EP, 2007)
Calexico - Gypsy's Curse (The Black Light, 1998)
Rebecca Gates - Lure And Cast (Ruby Series EP, 2001)
Susan Voelz - Happy (Summer Crashing, 1995)
I Am Kloot - The Same Deep Water As Me (I Am Kloot, 2003)
Department S - Clap Now (Sub-Stance, 2002 - originally recorded in 1981)
We Know Where You Live - Don't Be Too Honest (Dont Be Too Honest single, 1995)
The La's - Timeless Melody (radio session) (BBC In Session, 2006 - originally released in 1989)
McCarthy - Should The Bible Be Banned (That's All Very Well But..., 1996 - originally released in 1988)
Nik Kershaw - Radio Musicola (Radio Musicola, 1986)
Joolz - The Cat (Hex, 1987)
He Said - Could You? (Take Care, 1989)
Six Finger Satellite - The White Visitation (Law Of Ruins, 1998)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Machine (Machine single, 2002)
Theaudience - I Got The Wherewithal (Theaudience, 1998)
Jason Pegg - Know Thyself (Jason Pegg, 2009)
The Shins - Spilt Needles (Wincing The Night Away, 2007)
Prefab Sprout - We Let The Stars Go (Jordan: The Comeback, 1990)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Singled Out: Peter Gabriel

This time around I was joined by DJ Jeff and we profiled the unpop side of Peter Gabriel (more or less, I had to play a version of "Shock The Monkey"!). I've long admired Peter's ability to be both commercial and experimental at the same time and he's probably the single most popular artist whose work still interests me.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Peter Gabriel - Moribund The Burgermeister (Peter Gabriel 1, 1977)
Peter Gabriel - Here Comes The Flood (new version) (Shaking The Tree, 1990)
Peter Gabriel - On The Air (Peter Gabriel 2, 1978)
Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers (with Massive Attack) (Steam single, 1992)
Peter Gabriel - I Have The Touch (Robbie Robertson mix) (Phenomenon soundtrack, 1996)
Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey (live) (Plays Live, 1983)
Peter Gabriel - Walk Through The Fire (Against All Odds soundtrack, 1984)
Peter Gabriel - This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds) (So, 1986)
Peter Gabriel - Shaking The Tree (Shaking The Tree, 1990)
Peter Gabriel - A Different Drum (Passion, 1989)
Peter Gabriel - Burn You Up, Burn You Down (Up, 2002)
Peter Gabriel - The Book Of Love (soundtrack version) (Shall We Dance soundtrack, 2004)
Peter Gabriel - All Day And All Of The Night (live) (Digital distribution, 1977)
Peter Gabriel - That Voice Again (So, 1986)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7-12 Show

This week's show has new stuff from Astrid Williamson, Radiohead (from The Basement Sessions), Our Fading Smiles, and The Agitator! Plus old favorites from Eno, Chug, Bike and more one-word named bands!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Astrid Williamson - Paperbacks (Pulse, 2011)
Radiohead - The Daily Mail (Digital distribution, 2011)
Brian Eno - The Harness (My Squelchy Life, 1991)
Brian Eno - Strong Flashes Of Light (Enobox 1: Instrumentals, 1993)
Our Fading Smiles - Seconds (Weathered, 2011)
Thomas Tantrum - Shake It Shake It (Thomas Tantrum, 2008)
Fruit Bats - When U Love Somebody (Mouthfuls, 2003)
The Agitator - Get Ready (Digital distribution, 2011)
Chug - Evel Knievel (Sassafras, 1994)
Bike - Save My Life (Take In The Sun, 1997)
Straitjacket Fits - Bad Note For A Heart (Melt, 1990)
Big Black - Kerosene (The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape, 1987)
Sugar - Tilted (Beaster EP, 1993)
Electrafixion - Zephyr (full version) (Zephyr EP, 1994)
Headless Chickens - George (George/Cruise Control EP, 1994)
The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Television, The Drug Of The Nation (Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury, 1992)
Buck 65 - Shutter Buggin' (Situation, 2007)
Gerard Langley - Autumn Journal I (Lit. 3, 2007)
Lloyd Cole - That's Alright (Broken Record, 2010)
The Ropers - Revolver (All The Time, 1995)
Jacques - The Day Before You Came (To Stars, 2000)
Salad - Drink The Elixir (Drink Me, 1995)
Subcircus - 86'd (Carousel, 1996)
The Boxer Rebellion - Flight (Exits, 2005)
Sea Saw - Vanity Fair (Magnetophone, 1996)
Art Brut - Bad Weekend (Bang Bang Rock & Roll, 2005)
The Spinanes - Kid In Candy (Arches And Aisles, 1998)
Dead Guitars - This Was A Year (Airplanes, 2007)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Singled Out: The Chameleons

This week on Singled Out we spotlighted The Chameleons with guest-host DJ Mark! It's only an hour for my favorite band of all-time but we got in some classics, a couple of radio sessions and samples from post-Chameleons activities along with the usual blathering and some stories.

You can downloaded this podcast by clicking here.

The Chameleons - In Shreds (In Shreds 7", 1982)
The Chameleons - Things I Wish I'd Said (Peel session, 1981) (John Peel Sessions, 1990)
The Chameleons - Don't Fall (Script Of The Bridge, 1983)
The Chameleons - Monkeyland (radio session, 1983) (The Radio 1 Evening Show Sessions, 1993)
The Chameleons - Perfume Garden (What Does Anything Mean? Basically, 1985)
The Chameleons - Looking Inwardly (What Does Anything Mean? Basically, 1985)
The Chameleons - Mad Jack (Strange Times, 1986)
The Chameleons - Swamp Thing (Strange Times, 1986)
The Chameleons - Denims And Curls (Tony Fletcher Walked On Water EP, 1990)
The Sun And The Moon - The Speed Of Life (The Sun And The Moon, 1988)
The Reegs - See My Friends (See My Friends 12", 1989)
The Chameleons - Indiana (Why Call It Anything, 2001)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day show

This week's show is a tribute to Independence Day including fireworks, barbecues and all things revolutionary. This will be my last theme show for a while - I enjoy the challenge that themes create (I wind up playing things I never would otherwise) but it's time to shift focus a bit!

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

The Jody Grind - 3rd Of July (Lefty's Deceiver, 1992)
X - 4th Of July (demo) (Beyond And Back, 1997)
Plus Minus (+/-) - The Declaration Of Independence (Self-Titled Long-Playing Debut Album, 2002)
The Comsat Angels - Independence Day (Waiting For A Miracle, 1980)
Celestial Fireworks - Go! (V/A - Your Secret's Safe With Us, 1982)
Celestial Fireworks - Go! (Reprise) (V/A - Your Secret's Safe With Us, 1982)
Noh Mercy - Revolutionary Spy (V/A - Earcom 3, 1979)
Minutemen - Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing (Double Nickels On The Dime, 1984)
Tuff Monks - After The Fireworks (After The Fireworks 7", 1982)
Minuteman - Voodoo Slaves (V/A - Do The Pop!, 2002 - originally released in 1982)
Grant McLennan - Sally's Revolution (Watershed, 1991)
Brad Jones - Miss July (Gilt-Flake, 1995)
Nick Lowe - Indoor Fireworks (The Rose Of England, 1985)
The 6ths - Winter In July (with Ayako Akashiba) (Wasps' Nests, 1995)
Laurie Anderson - Fireworks (live) (United States Live, 1984)
Gang Of Four - Independence (Hard, 1983)
The Fall - Light / Fireworks (The Infotainment Scan, 1993)
Anywhen - The Ultimate Independent (Anywhen, 1997)
Bap Kennedy - Fireworks (The Big Picture, 2005)
Last Party - Barbecued (Black Leather Sheets EP, 1992)
The Adicts - Viva La Revolution (Songs Of Praise, 1981)
New Model Army - Fireworks Night (Carnival, 2005)
Television - The Revolution (The Revolution promo CD single, 1992)
Pacific Ocean - Fireworks (Less Than The Needle, More Than The Shotgun, 2000)
Tender Trap - Fireworks (Dansette Dansette, 2010)
Unbelievable Truth - Revolution (Higher Than Reason EP, 1998)
Drywall - Goin' On Down To The BBQ (Barbeque Babylon, 2006)
Ryan Adams - Firecracker (Gold, 2001)
Caitlin Cary - Fireworks (While You Weren't Looking, 2002)
The Waco Brothers - Revolution Blues (Do You Think About Me?, 1997)
The Wannadies - Children Of The Revolution (Heaven 7", 1990)
Yummy Fur - Independent Pop Song (Kinky Cinema, 1997)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Fireworks (12" version) (Fireworks 12", 1982)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Show

This week's show is a tribute to summer in all it's forms - as it comes in, as it goes out, when it breaks your heart or gives you hope. Technical difficulties mean I couldn't capture the stream so it's just the music this week. I do love WBRS but these sorts of problems are aggravating.

The new album from John Foxx And The Maths is his best work in 30 years. I'm still not sure when an artists revisits his most famous territory if it's bad or good, but I do love this new album.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

John Foxx And The Maths - Summerland (Interplay, 2011)
Martin Newell - The Green-Gold Girl Of The Summer (The Greatest Living Englishman, 1993)
The Motels - Suddenly Last Summer (Little Robbers, 1983)
Eskimo - Summerlite (Loverbatim, 2004)
The Magick Heads - Roll On Summer (Transvection, 2000)
Bilders - Summer On The Nullarbor (Max Quitz, 1993 - originally released in 1981)
The Take - Summer (V/A - Can't Stop It!, 2001 - originally released in 1980)
The Mark Of Cain - Lords Of Summer (V/A - Tales From The Australian Underground, 2003 - originally released in 1988)
Violators - Summer Of 81 (V/A - Burning Ambitions Vol. 2, 1993 - originally released in 1982)
Channel 3 - Indian Summer (The Best Of Channel 3, 2010 - originally released in 1985)
Chris Stamey - The Summer Sun (V/A - DIY, Come Out And Play, 1993 - originally released in 1977)
The Daintees - Roll On Summertime (Roll On Summertime 7", 1982)
Cherry Twister - Blue Summer (V/A - Yellow Pills Vol. 3, 1996)
The Last - Every Summer Day (L.A. Explosion!, 1979)
Rain Tree Crow - Red Earth (As Summertime Ends) (Rain Tree Crow, 1991)
Rhythm Of Life - Summertime (Soon 7", 1981)
Felt - Now Summer Spreads Its Wings Again (Penelope Tree 7", 1983)
Blanche - Another Lost Summer (If We Can't Trust The Doctors, 2004)
Wilco - Summer Teeth (Summerteeth, 1999)
Bandola - The Last Song Of Summer ('Til Tuesday EP, 1992)
Jesse Malin - Indian Summer (The Heat, 2004)
Jack - Wintercomessummer (Pioneer Soundtracks, 1996)
Adorable - Summerside (I'll Be Your Saint single, 1992)
Feverdream - Starlit Summer (Initial EP, 1993)
AC Acoustics - Chinese Summer (Understanding Music, 2000)
Annie Christian - Sudden Summer Release (Digital distribution, 2008)
Containe - Summer (Only Cowards Walk Like Cowards, 1996)
Cole Marquis - White Trash In Summer (Lightning In A Bottle, 1998)
Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (radio session) (Silver Box, 2004 - originally released in 1982)
Yo La Tengo - The Summer (Fakebook, 1990)
The Twilight Sad - That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy (live) (Killed My Parents And Hit The Road, 2008)
Scott Walker - The Summer Knows (In 5 Easy Pieces, 2003 - originally released in 1972)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Show

Today's show is a tribute to fathers everywhere from Justin Sullivan, Kelly Hogan, Drive-By Truckers and more! Of course not all father's are happy-go-lucky in Eardrum Buzz-land. Plus a closing birthday set - for me!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Tribe - Daddy's Home (Abort, 1991)
Gene - Voice Of The Father (Drawn To The Deep End, 1997)
The The - I'm A Long Gone Daddy (Hanky Panky, 1994)
Lowlife - My Mother's Fatherly Father (San Antorium, 1991)
Nomeansno - Dad (The People's Choice, 2004 - originally released in 1986)
Andy Prieboy - Sins Of My Fathers (Sins Of Our Fathers, 1995)
Justin Sullivan - Ghost Of Your Father (live) (Big Guitars In Little Europe, 1995)
Kevin Coyne - Father, Dear Father (V/A - I'll Give You My Heart: Cherry Red Singles, 2008 - originally released in 1982)
Miles Hunt - Me, My Mom, My Dad And My Brother (live) (Interloper, 2006)
Sick Bees - Brain Dead Daddy (My Pleasure, 2000)
The Dream Syndicate - Daddy's Girl (Medicine Show, 1984)
The Perfect Disaster - Father (Heaven Scent, 1990)
Adrian Belew - Oh Daddy (Mr. Music Head, 1989)
Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone (Violent Femmes, 1983)
The Brilliant Corners - Like Father Like Son (Somebody Up There Likes Me, 1988)
Pigbag - Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag (long version) (Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag 12", 1981)
Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Papa Was A Rodeo (Beneath The Country Underdog, 2000)
Robbe Fulks - Brenda's New Stepfather (Couples In Trouble, 2001)
Syd Straw - My Daddy (Flies A Ship In The Sky) (V/A - Daddy-O Daddy!: Rare Family Songs of Woody Guthrie, 2001)
Weddings, Parties, Anything - Father's Day (Difficult Loves, 1992)
Salamander Jim - Hot Cakes For Daddy (V/A - Tales From The Australian Underground Vol. 2, 2006 - originally released in 1985)
Luke Buda - Weekend Dad (Vesuvius, 2008)
Bressa Creeting Cake - Papa People (Bressa Creeting Cake, 1997)
Billy Bragg - Sugardaddy (demo) (William Bloke reissue, 2006)
Laika - Sugar Daddy (Lost In Space, 2003 - originally released in 1994)
Frank Black - Sugar Daddy (V/A - Wig In A Box, 2003)
The Wedding Present - Happy Birthday (Peel session) (John Peel Sessions 1987-1990, 1993)
The Julie Dolphin - Birthday (Lit, 1994)
The Sugarcubes - Birthday (Life's Too Good, 1988)
Drive-By Truckers - Birthday Boy (The Big To-Do, 2010)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6-14 Show

New stuff this week from TV Smith, F In Math and The Church, old stuff from Talking Heads, Monochrome Set and Minimal Compact. Sadly, the stations streaming broke again so there's no brilliant commentary from your humble host so I'll just make these few points:

TV Smith, the folk-punk, keeps churning out great music years after leading The Adverts.

Love the line from Marty Willson-Piper, "Andy Partridge/Robert Wyatt/You hear it/You buy it". Nice to know artists I like are just as big music obsessives as me!

Iggy Pop's solo albums are patchy (there's not much to "Skull Ring" but it's a great groove and chorus) but the Anthology really collects all the highlights.

I'm an unabashed fan of 80s synth-pop remixes, enjoy the 3 tracks that end the show!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

TV Smith - Complaints Dept (Coming In To Land, 2011)
F In Math - Don't Look Down (Couch EP, 2011)
The Church - Deadman's Hand (Untitled #23, 2010)
Marty Willson-Piper - Forget The Radio (Hanging Out In Heaven, 2000)
Talking Heads - Love -> Building On Fire (Once In A Lifetime, 2003 - originally released in 1977)
Gang Of Four - The History Of The World (live) (100 Flowers Bloom, 1998 - originally released in 1984)
Generation X - Your Generation (Generation X reissue, 2002 - originally released in 1977)
The Monochrome Set - Reach For Your Gun (Volume, Contrast, Brilliance, 1991 - originally released in 1986 by Bid)
Andy Cameron - I Want To Be A Punk Rocker (Ally's Tartan Army 7", 1977)
Shy Tots - Robot Maid (V/A - Bouquet Of Steel, 1980)
The Damned - Lovely Money (Lovely Money 7", 1982)
The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks (live) (Live At Max's Kansas City, 1979)
The New Christs - Born Out Of Time (Divine Rites, 1988)
The Androidss - Auckland Tonight (V/A - It's Bigger Than Both Of Us, 1988)
Iggy Pop - Skull Ring (Skull Ring, 2003)
The Walker Brothers - The Electrician (Nite Flights, 1978)
Seafood - Western Battle (When Do We Start Fighting, 2001)
Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin' (Minimal Compact EP, 1981)
Pure Grain - (Here Come) The Millionaires (Here Come The Millionaires EP, 1999)
Polaris - Hey Sandy (Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete, 1999)
Juniper - From Despair To Nowhere (Premier EP, 1996)
Jason Ringenberg - Tuskegee Pride (Best Tracks And Side Tracks, 2008)
Reverend Horton Heat - 400 Bucks (Holy Roller, 1999)
New Pornographers - Your Daddy Don't Know (FUBAR soundtrack, 2002)
20/20 - Yellow Pills (20/20, 1979)
Scritti Politti - Absolute (version) (Cupid & Psyche, 1985)
ABC - How To Be A Zillionaire (Wall St. mix) (How To Be A Zillionaire 12", 1984)
Ultravox - Love's Great Adventure (extended version) (Love's Great Adventure 12", 1984)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Singled Out: Richard Thompson

This time on Singled Out, Big Ian and I showcased an hour of Richard Thompson, an inimitable guitarist and an incredible songwriter. It's damn hard picking just an hours worth of music from someone with over 40 years of work!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Richard Thompson - I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (1974)
Richard Thompson - Man In Need (live), Live Warrior (2008)
Richard Thompson - Turning Of The Tide, Amnesia (1988)
Richard Thompson - Razor Dance (live), Semi-Detached Mock Tudor (2002)
Richard Thompson - Shoot Out The Lights, Shoot Out The Lights (1982)
Richard Thompson - The Love You Can't Survive, The Old Kit Bag (2003)
Richard Thompson - Guns Are The Tongues, Sweet Warrior (2007)
Richard Thompson - How I Wanted To, Hand Of Kindness (1993)
Richard Thompson - Beeswing, Mirror Blue (1994)
Richard Thompson - Al Bowley's in Heaven (live), Watching The Dark (1993)
Norma Watterson - God Loves A Drunk (RT cover), Norma Watterson (1996)
Richard Thompson - From Graceland To Galway (live), Watching The Dark (1993)

June 7th show

On this, our first anniversary, we've got new stuff from David Sylvian, Stephen Merritt, Punches and Capsula, a tribute to legendary producer Martin Rushent (RIP) and odds and ends of great underground rock.

You can download this podcast by clicking here,

David Sylvian - I Should Not Dare (Died In The Wool, 2011)
Stephen Merritt - Forever And A Day (Obscurities, 2011)
Punches - Hold Your Head (Untitled forthcoming album, 2011)
Capsula - Wild Fascination (In The Land Of Silver Souls, 2011)
The Stranglers - No More Heroes (No More Heroes, 1977)
XTC - Are You Receiving Me? (Are You Receiving Me? 7", 1978)
Buzzcocks - What Do You Know? (What Do You Know? 7" , 1980)
Altered Images - Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday, 1981)
The Cannanes - Frightening Thing (original version) (Frightening Thing 7", 1993)
DM3 - 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated (One Time, Two Times, Three Red Light, 1993)
The Beasts Of Bourbon - Psycho (The Axeman's Jazz, 1985)
Ollie Olsen - Win/Lose (V/A - Tales From The Australian Underground Vol. 2, 2006 - originally released in 1986)
Firewater - I Often Dream Of Trains (Songs We Should Have Written, 2004)
Chris Knox - Hip Priest (V/A - Perverted By Mark E. Smith, 2004)
Joe Pernice - Tell Me When It's Over (It Feels So Good When I Stop, 2009)
Bob Mould - Shoot Out The Lights (Poison Years, 1994)
(The Real) Tuesday Weld - Bathtime In Clerkenwell (I, Lucifer, 2002)
Stereolab - Speck-Voice (Free Witch And No-Bra Queen 7", 2001)
Plus Minus (+/-) - Summerlong (Pulled Punches, 2010)
The Ruby Suns - Oh, Mojave (Sea Lion, 2008)
The Snivelling Shits - Isgodaman? (I Can't Come, 1998 - originally recorded in 1977)
PJ Harvey - This Mess We're In (with Thom Yorke) (Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, 2000)
Paul Haig - Mad Horses (V/A - The Fruit Of The Original Sin, 1981)
Scenic - Sage (V/A - Auteur Labels - Independent Project Records, 2010 - originally released in 1996)
Jeanne Moreau - Interview with Claude Coppens - Erik Satie (V/A - From Brussels With Love, 1980)
Happyhead - Fabulous (Give Happyhead, 1992)
The Psychedelic Furs - Into You Like A Train (Talk Talk Talk, 1981)
Dimmer - Nowhere I Want (Degrees Of Existence, 2009)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4AD: The Glory Years

This week's show is an overview of the glory years of one of the most important indie UK labels, 4AD. Their best stuff runs from 1980 until 1992 and I chose two tracks from each year, without repeating artists. Rather challenging! There's some good nuggets I couldn't fit in from the early years but after compiling this show I realized the best 4AD stuff is widely known and available, as opposed to many labels where critical one-off singles and compilation tracks are hidden away.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Rema-Rema - Rema-Rema (Wheel In The Roses 12" BAD5, 1980)
Bauhaus - Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Terror Couple Kill Colonel 7" AD7, 1980)
The Past Seven Days - Raindance (Raindance 7" AD102, 1981)
Dif Juz - Cs (Huremics 12" BAD109, 1981)
Modern English - Life In The Gladhouse (Life In The Gladhouse 12" BAD208, 1982)
Colin Newman - We Means We Starts (We Means We Starts 7" AD209, 1982)
The Birthday Party - Sonny's Burning (The Bad Seed 12" BAD301, 1983)
Cocteau Twins - Sugar Hiccup (Sunburst And Snowblind 12" BAD314, 1983)
Dead Can Dance - Ocean (Dead Can Dance CAD404, 1984)
Colourbox - Fast Dump (Say You 12" BAD403, 1984)
Clan Of Xymox - A Day (Clan Of Xymox CAD503, 1985)
The Wolfgang Press - The Deep Briny (Water 12" BAD502, 1985)
This Mortal Coil - Drugs (Filigree & Shadow DAD609, 1986)
Throwing Muses - Hate My Way (Throwing Muses CAD607, 1986)
Frazier Chorus - Sloppy Heart (Sloppy Heart 12" BAD708, 1987)
Pixies - Levitate Me (Come On Pilgrim MAD709, 1987)
Ultra Vivid Scene - She Screamed (She Screamed 12" BAD806, 1988)
Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares - Stani Mi, Maytcho (Get Up, My Daughter) (Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares: Volume 2 CAD801CD, 1988)
Pale Saints - Sight Of You (Barging Into The Presence Of God 12" BAD910, 1989)
Lush - Scarlet (Scar JAD911, 1989)
The Breeders - Doe (Pod CAD0006, 1990)
His Name Is Alive - If July (Livonia CAD0008, 1990)
Heidi Berry - Up In The Air (Love CAD1012, 1991)
Spirea X - Chlorine Dream (Chlorine Dream 12" BAD1004, 1991)
Belly - Slow Dog (single version) (Slow Dust 12" BAD2009, 1992)
Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill (Down Colorful Hill CAD2014, 1992)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5-17 Show

This week's show contains a tribute to my favorite hair stylist, exciting new materials from Wild Beasts, Puressence, Ghost Wave and Animals That Swim, the latest Messthetics volume and a set of Bruce Gilbert & Graham Lewis's work.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Morrissey - Hairdresser On Fire (Bona Drag, 1990)
Kimberley Rew - My Baby Does Her Hairdo Long (The Bible Of Bop, 1984)
Crackajacks - Long Blond Hair (V/A - The Missing Link Story, 2005 - originally released in 1980)
99 Tales - Tearin' My Hair Out (V/A - For A Decade Of Sin, 2005)
Hugh Cornwell - Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit (Guilty, 1997)
The Black Watch - Her Jet Black Hair (Tatterdemalion, 2006)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Black Hair (band version) (B-Sides & Rarities, 2005)
Wild Beasts - Deeper (Smother, 2011)
Puressence - In Harm's Way (Solid State Recital, 2011)
Ghost Wave - Mood Ring (Ghost Wave EP, 2011)
Stephen Fellows - Mostly Caused By Travelling (Digital distribution, 2011)
Animals That Swim - Silver Rays (Digital distribution, 2011)
Explode Into Colors - Sharpen The Knife (Quilts, 2010)
Anna Domino - Tamper With Time (Mysteries Of America, 1990)
Jack Frost - Providence (Jack Frost, 1990)
J.C. Hopkins - Superglue (Athens By Night, 1997)
Jon Langford - Sentimental Marching Song (Skull Orchard Revisited, 2011)
Moonshine Willy - Turn The Lights Down Low (V/A - Down To The Promised Land, 2000)
Scott H. Biram - Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue (live) (V/A - No One Got Hurt, 2011)
Chris Mills - Living In The Aftermath (Living In The Aftermath, 2008)
The Diagram Brothers - Those Men In White Coats (Peel session) (The Peel Sessions, 2011)
Greeting No. 4 - Photos (Messthetics #108, 2011)
Indifferent Dance Centre - Flight & Pursuit (Messthetics #108, 2011)
3D - Colour Of Love (Messthetics #108, 2011)
The Clean - Tally Ho (Anthology, 2002 - originally released in 1981)
The Stereo Bus - Shallow (The Stereo Bus, 1997)
The 3Ds - Hellzapoppin (Hellzapoppin, 1992)
David Mulcahy - Control Freak (Oddy Knocky, 1998)
Gilbert And Lewis - Ends With The Sea (8 Time, 1988 - originally released in 1981)
Dome - Cruel When Complete (1 + 2, 1992 - originally released in 1980)
Duet Emmo - The First Person (Or So It Seems, 1983)
P'o - Crystal Streams (Whilst Climing Thieves Vie For Attention, 1983)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Follow Eardrum Buzz on Facebook!

Now you can follow Eardrum Buzz on Facebook! Yes, yes, it's terribly exciting, especially given I don't have a Facebook account myself. Loyal listener 'A' was kind enough to set this up for me. I have no idea what else I should do with it, suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Show

This week's show was a belated tribute to mothers. Of course, here at Eardrum Buzz it's not all flowers and candy - we've got some dead mothers, some insect mothers (except that one), some mothers on pills and some mechanical mothers.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Mothers (The Size Of Food, 1989)
Able Tasmans - Patrick's Mother (A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down, 1986)
Ghostplane - Holy Mother (Beneath The Sleepy Lagoon, 2005)
The Stones - Mother-Father (live) (The Last Rhumba, 1983)
X (Au) - Mother (Aspirations, 1980)
The Dagoes - I Do It For Mama (V/A - Do The Pop! Redux Part One, 2007 - originally released in 1982)
Brrr Cold - Mothers At War (V/A - Can't Stop It! II, 2007)
Height/Dismay - Mother's Footsteps (V/A - Terrace Industry, 2010)
Catherine Wheel (Au) - Mama (Self Portraits EP, 1992)
Trailer Bride - Fujiyama Mama (V/A - Hard-Headed Woman, 2004)
The Boxmasters - Sylvia's Mother (V/A - Twistable, Turnable Man, 2010)
Alejandro Escovedo - I Wish I Was Your Mother (live) (Gravity reissue, 2002)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Come To Mama, She Say (Jubilee, 1998)
DMZ - Don't Jump Me, Mother (DMZ, 1978)
The Outputs - Gymslip Mother (V/A - The Epigram EP, 1981)
Blurt - My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People (The Best Of Blurt Vol. 1, 2003 - originally released in 1980)
The Shapes - Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) (V/A - Labels Unlimited, 1979)
Polyphonic Size - Mother's Little Helper (Mother's Little Helper EP, 1982)
Fountains Of Wayne - Stacy's Mom (Welcome Interstate Managers, 2003)
Tommy Keene - My Mother Looked Like Marilyn Monroe (Songs From The Film, 1986)
The Durutti Column - Requiem For Mother (The Best Of, 2004)
Kitchens Of Distinction - Courage, Mother (Love Is Hell, 1989)
Cocteau Twins - When Mama Was Moth (Head Over Heels, 1984)
The Wonder Stuff - Mother And I (radio session) (Live At The BBC, 2007 - originally recorded in 1987)
Bandit Queen - Mother To The Apes (Miss Dandys EP, 1994)
Guided By Voices - Metal Mothers (Propeller, 1992)
Oingo Boingo - Mama (new version) (Boingo Alive, 1988)
They Might Be Giants - Your Mom's Alright (TMBG Unlimited, Feb 2001)
The Beautiful South - Mother's Pride (Choke, 1990)
Kate Bush - Mother Stands For Comfort (Hounds Of Love, 1985)
Virginia Dare - Revolt Of Mother (Baby Got Away, 1998)
American Music Club - Mom's TV (Engine, 1987)
Ari Up - Baby Mother (Dread More Dan Dead, 2005)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Women In Underground Rock show

This week's show was a tribute to the late Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex and all of the great women in underground rock. When punk leveled the stage, women like Poly, Ari Up, Debby Harry and Siouxsie Sioux were able to express themselves and their unique viewpoint, inspiring generations of women and providing a great counterpoint for "lads with guitars" that often dominate the scene. By no means does this show highlight every women worth mentioning; it's two hours of my favorites.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

X-Ray Spex - Art-I-Ficial (Peel session) (Let's Submerge: The Anthology, 2006 - originally recorded in 1978)
Avengers - Open Your Eyes (Avengers, 1983 - originally recorded in 1978)
Penetration - Don't Dictate (Don't Dictate 7", 1977)
Blondie - X Offender (Blondie, 1977)
Delta 5 - You (Anticipation 7", 1980)
Au Pairs - Come Again (Playing With A Different Sex, 1981)
The Slits - In The Beginning There Was Rhythm (Man Next Door 12", 1980)
The Raincoats - No One's Little Girl (Running Away 7", 1982)
Ludus - Anatomy Is Not Destiny (My Cherry Is In Sherry 7", 1981)
Pylon - Cool (Cool 7", 1979)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Placebo Effect (new version) (The Thorn EP, 1984)
Grace Jones - She's Lost Control (Private Life 7", 1980)
Jay Clarkson - Liberal Cad (Packet, 1993)
Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat (Compilation, 1991)
Dead Famous People - Postcard From Paradise (All Hail The Daffodil, 1991)
Laurie Anderson - Strange Angels (Strange Angels, 1987)
The Jody Grind - One Man's Trash (One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure, 1990)
Belly - Star (full band version) (Feed The Tree EP, 1993)
Kristin Hersh - Hips And Makers (Hips And Makers, 1994)
Danielle Dax - Touch Piggy's Eyes (Dark Adapted Eye, 1988)
Sidi Bou Said - Like You (Obsessive, 1997)
Sleeper - Swallow (single version) (Swallow single, 1994)
Barbara Manning & The Go-Luckys! - Isn't Lonely Lovely? (single version) (Homeless Where The Heart Is EP, 1999)
Sally Timms - Little Tommy Tucker (In The World Of Him, 2004)
Astrid Williamson - The Stars Are Beautiful (Here Come The Vikings, 2009)
Hem - Valentine's Day (I'm Talking With My Mouth EP, 2003)
Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You (Middle Cyclone, 2009)
Glasser - Apply (Ring, 2010)
Caitlin Cary & Matt Douglas - These August Days (The Small Ponds EP, 2010)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Research & Development show

This week's show is a review of what I call the "research and development" listening I do - new stuff from old favorites, side-tracks never followed up on, things I've read about in forums or elsewhere online and things I've heard on our other cool local stations. Not everything's great but I can usually find at least something that stands out on each album.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

Robyn Hitchcock - Old Man Weather (Tromso, Kaptein, 2011)
GB3 - Actress On A Mattress (with Grant McLennan) (Empitness Is Our Business, 2006)
Brinsley Schwarz - Silver Pistol (Silver Pistol, 1972)
Box Tops - Wang Dang Doodle (Tear Off, 1998)
Test Dept. - Total Nervous Phenomonom (V/A - If You Can't Please Yourself, You Can't Please Your Soul, 1985)
UNKLE - Money And Run (with Nick Cave) (Only The Lonely EP, 2011)
Radiohead - Supercollider (Supercollider 12", 2011)
Shriekback - My Vast Behaviour (Life In The Loading Bay bonus disc, 2011)
Restaurants For Dogs - Le Freak (Shriekback-Related Rareties CDR, 2011)
Art Brut - Direct Hit (with Hank Starrs) (Direct Hit! EP, 2007)
Play Dead - Sin Of Sins (live) (Into The Fire, 1985)
Ride - Dreams Burn Down (live) (Nowhere 20th Anniversary reissue, 2011)
801 - T.N.K. (Tomorrow Never Knows) (live) (801 Live, 1976)
Spacemen 3 - Take Me To The Other Side (The Perfect Prescription, 1987)
The Oscillation - Respond In Silence (Out Of Phase, 2007)
The Megaphonic Thrift - Undertow (Decay Decoy, 2011)
Sunbirds - Rocket (No Sun No Shadow, 2003)
Kissing The Pink - Watching Their Eyes (Naked, 1983)
Tuxedomoon - Incubus (Blue Suit) (Desire, 1981)
Cabaret Voltaire - Eastern Track (Conform To Deform, 2001)
Squeeze - Slap & Tickle (Cool For Cats, 1979)
The Times - I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape (Pop Goes Art!, 1982)
The Go-Go's - Johnny, Are You Queer? (live) (Return To The Valley Of The Go-Go's, 1994)
The Disciplines - Fate's A Strong Bitch (with Lydia Lunch) (Virgins Of Menace, 2011)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Mama Taught Me Better (Beat The Devil's Tattoo, 2010)
Marcellus Hall - One Drop Of Rain (The First Line, 2011)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring vacation show

This week's show is all about vacations, holidays and the beach. Next week it's spring break for Brandeis and my kids as well!

No show next week, when I come back I'm planning on doing some label retrospectives, maybe a bird-themed show, perhaps a show highlighting an artists band output with their solo work.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking here.

The Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun (Never Mind The Bollocks, 1977)
The Saints - Every Day's A Holiday, Every Night's A Party (Prehistoric Sounds, 1978)
Ultravox - Radio Beach (live) (digital bootleg, 1979)
Radio Birdman - Zeno Beach (Zeno Beach, 2006)
Rik Starr - A Sort Of Holiday (V/A - Flying Nun 25th Anniversary box, 2006)
Peter Jefferies - On An Unknown Beach (The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World, 1991)
David Kilgour - Beached (Sugar Mouth, 1994)
Robert Scott - Back Beach (Tudor Gates EP, 2002)
The Spongetones - Every Night Is A Holiday (Beat Music, 1982)
The B'Girls - Fun At The Beach (Fun At The Beach 7", 1979)
Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach (Metro Music, 1980)
V.D.U.'s - Holiday Romances (V/A - Messthetics, Vol. 3, 2004 - originally released in 1980)
Collective Horizontal - Beach Coma (V/A - Messthetics #101, 2006 - originally released in 1979)
The Embarrassment - Two-Week Vacation (Heyday 1979-1983, 1995)
28th Day - Holiday (28th Day, 1992)
The Amphetameanies - Bedroom Holiday (Right Line In Nylons, 2000)
The Coctails - Working Holiday (V/A - Working Holiday, 1994)
Baby Bird - Aluminium Beach (Fatherhood, 1995)
The Lilac Time - Bank Holiday Monday (Keep Going, 2003)
Kirsty MacColl - He's On The Beach (From Croydon To Cuba, 2005 - originally released in 1985)
Max Eider - Spittal Beach (Disaffection, 2010)
Camera Obscura - Roman Holiday (Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken single, 2006)
The Chameleons - On The Beach (What Does Anything Mean? Basically, 1985)
Slowdive - Beach Song (Beach Song flexi, 1992)
Consonant - Mysteries Of The Holiday Camp (Love And Afflication, 2003)
Captain Sensible - Holiday In My Heart (The Universe Of Geoffrey Brown, 1998)
Sleeper - Package Holiday (Sale Of The Century single, 1996)
Orange Juice - Holiday Hymn (Peel session) (Coals To Newcastle box, 2010)
TV Smith's Cheap - Silicon Valley Holiday (RIP - Everything Must Go!, 1995)
Salem 66 - Holiday (Frequency And Urgency, 1987)
President's Eleven - Summer Vacation (V/A - Behind The Banana Curtain, 2000)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Singled Out: Devo

The latest Singled Out highlighted Devo! DJ Mark and I presented an hour of our favorite tracks from their golden period, including some oddities and early singles. Sadly our babbling meant we ran over time and I couldn't play the best track off the comeback album ("Don't Shoot I'm A Man). Devo - so much more than just "Whip It"!

Feel free to leave me a comment requesting an artist for future Singled Out shows.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Devo - Devo Corporate Anthem (Duty Now For The Future, 1979)
Devo - Jocko Homo (single version) (Mongoloid 7", 1977)
Devo - Be Stiff (Be Stiff 7", 1978)
Devo - Mongoloid (single version) (Mongoloid 7", 1977)
Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, 1978)
Devo - Space Junk (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, 1978)
Devo - Clockout (Duty Now For The Future, 1979)
Devo - The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise (Duty Now For The Future, 1979)
Devo - Whip It (live) (Dev-O Live, 1981)
Devo - Cold War (Freedom Of Choice, 1980)
Devo - That's Pep! (Freedom Of Choice, 1980)
Devo - Mr. B's Ballroom (Freedom Of Choice, 1980)
Devo - Nu-Tra Speaks - New Traditionalist Man (Beautiful World 7", 1981)
Devo - Jerkin' Back And Forth (New Traditionalists, 1981)
Devo - Beautiful World (New Traditionalists, 1981)
Devo - Peek-A-Boo! (Dance Velocity) (Peek-A-Boo! 12", 1982)
Devo - Find Out (b-side of Peek-A-Boo single) (Peek-A-Boo! 7", 1982)
Devo - Shout (Shout, 1984)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4-5 Show

No theme this week, just a bit of this and that - some new stuff up front, a 2 Tone set, a Wire/Colin Newman set as I just saw a great Wire gig this weekend, then just whatever tickled my fancy. Annoyingly, the webcasting was down again so here's just the tunes without that bothersome DJ going on and on.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

These New Puritans - Fire-Power (Hidden, 2010)
Shriekback - Semi Delicious (Life In The Loading Bay, 2010)
Surf City - Crazy Rulers Of The World (Kudos, 2010)
Street Chant - Cloud Jumpers (Means, 2010)
The English Beat - Rotating Head (Special Beat Service, 1982)
The Specials - Blank Expression (The Specials, 1979)
The Selecter - On My Radio (V/A - The 2 Tone Collection, 1993 - originally released in 1979)
Wire - Red Barked Trees (Red Barked Trees, 2011)
Githead - These Days (Art Pop, 2007)
Colin Newman - But I... (Commercial Suicide, 1986)
Guadalcanal Diary - Litany (Life Goes On) (2x4, 1987)
Jason & The Scorchers - Golden Days (Halcyon Days, 2010)
The Blasters - I'm Shakin' (The Blasters, 1981)
Lone Justice - Ways To Be Wicked (Lone Justice, 1985)
Snowmen - Safe (Soundproof, 1994)
Eight Living Legs - Don't Do That Near Me (False Sense Of Security, 2005 - originally recorded in 1983)
Earwig - Driving You Mad, Slowly (Past, 1992)
The Dawn Parade - Caffeine Row (Caffeine Row single, 2002)
Keyop - We Hate Andrew Song (V/A - Avon Scrawling, 2000)
Big Dipper - He Is God (V/A - Human Music, 1988)
Scrawl - 11:59 It's January (V/A - Working Holiday!, 1994)
Tom Waits - Heigh Ho (The Dwarfs Marching Song) (V/A - Stay Awake, 1988)
Brian Dewan - The Mirimachi Fire (Words Of Wisdom, 2007)
The Handsome Family - The Giant Of Illinois (Through The Trees, 1998)
John Wesley Harding - Kiss Me, Miss Liberty (New Deal, 1996)
Robert Forster with Adele Pickvance - The Light That Guides You Home (digital single, 2009)
Lift - Bleeding You Dry (Bleeding You Dry single, 1999)
You Am I - Hourly, Daily (Hourly, Daily, 1996)
Winter Hours - Island Of Jewels (Wait Til The Morning, 1989)
Kevin Salem - Lighthouse Keeper (Soma City, 1995)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Irish show

This week's show was by request! A couple of weeks ago one of my listeners was disappointed I didn't play Irish artists in honor of St. Patrick's Day, so here's an entire show highlighting the best underground Irish rock. Until I made this playlist, I hadn't really noticed how many of my favorite artists were from Ireland, or even that some of them were Irish to begin with!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (Teenage Kicks 7", 1978)
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster (Peel session) (The Complete John Peel Sessions, 2002 - originally recorded in 1978)
The Pogues - Thousands Are Sailing (If I Should Fall From Grace With God, 1987)
The Frank And Walters - Pathways (Indian Ocean EP, 1996)
A House - I Am The Greatest (I Am The Greatest, 1991)
Lokomotiv - Catalyst (digital release, 2000)
Microdisney - Loftholdingswood (Peel session) (The Peel Sessions Album, 1989 - originally recorded in 1984)
The Fatima Mansions - Only Losers Take The Bus (Viva Dead Ponies, 1991)
The Boomtown Rats - Lookin' After No. 1 (The Boomtown Rats, 1977)
The Adventures - Send My Heart (The Adventures, 1985)
The Glee Club - Icy Blue (Mine, 1994)
That Petrol Emotion - V2 (Peel session) (The Peel Sessions, 1989 - originally recorded in 1985)
Power Of Dreams - Radioactive Generation (Positivity, 1993)
Compulsion - Mall Monarchy (Comforter, 1994)
My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow (Loveless, 1991)
Whipping Boy - Twinkle (Heartworm, 1995)
Ash - Burn Baby Burn (Free All Angels, 2001)
Snow Patrol - Starfighter Pilot (Songs For Polar Bears, 1998)
Blink - Cello (album mix) (Map Of The Universe, 1995)
Bawl - Bathroom (Bathroom 7", 1995)
6ths with Neil Hannon - The Dead Only Quickly Decay (Hyacinths And Thistles, 2000)
Starjets - Schooldays (God Bless Starjets, 1979)
The Radiators From Space - Television Screen (album version) (TV Tube Heart, 1977)
Rudi - Big Time (Big Time 7", 1978)
Something Happens - Be The One (V/A - Yellow Pills, Vol. 3, 1996)
Supernaut - Feel So Real (Supernaut, 1997)
Stump - Buffalo (V/A - NME C86, 1986)
Gavin Friday - You Take Away The Sun (Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves, 1989)
Bap Kennedy - The Ghosts Of Belfast (Domestic Blues, 1998)
Sinead O'Connor - She Moved Through The Fair (Michael Collins soundtrack, 1996)
Jonathan Richman and Julia Sweeney - Just Because I'm Irish (You Must Ask The Heart, 1995)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring show

This week's show was a tribute to spring and all it's glory - it's about time it sprung here in New England! Apologies for the background hum, the Live365 webcast is poor. Hopefully the campus webcasting server will be back up next week!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Baby Ray - Thing Called Springtime (Monkey Puzzle, 1998)
Mission Of Burma - Peking Spring (Peking Spring, 1988 - recorded in 1979)
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - (Excerpts From) The Rite Of Spring (Dawn Of The Cycads, 2008 - originally released in 1984)
The Stems - Rosebud (Buds, 1991)
The Lighthouse Keepers - Springtime (V/A - Inner City Sound, 2005 - originally released in 1983)
Paul Kelly - From Little Things Big Things Grow (live) (Live, May 1992, 1992)
Akron/Family - One Spring Morning (V/A - Rogues Gallery, 2006)
Sandy Denny - Whispering Grass (radio session) (A Boxful Of Treasures, 2004 - originally recorded in 1973)
Cathal Coughlan - And Springtime Followed Summer (The Sky's Awful Blue, 2002)
Nick Cave - Where The Wild Roses Grow (Murder Ballads, 1996)
Dolly Mixture - Grass Is Greener (Everything And More, 2010 - originally released in 1984)
Departure Lounge - Grow Your Own (King Kong Frown single, 2002)
Springloader - One More Thing (V/A - Keepin' Secrets, 2005 - originally recorded in 1994)
Minisnap - March Hare (March Hare EP, 2004)
Clinic - Cutting Grass (Distortions single, 2000)
The Creatures - Hot Springs In The Snow (A Bestiary Of, 1997 - originally released in 1983)
The Convent - Springtime (Outro) (Tales From The Frozen Forest, 1994)
Cud - Alison Springs (When In Rome, Kill Me, 1989)
I Scream Brothers - Tree Growing Wrong (V/A - Your Secret's Safe With Us, 1982)
The Stranglers/JJ Burnel - Waiting For The Trees To Grow (Strangled From Birth And Beyond, 1994)
Robert Wyatt - Grass (V/A - Rip It Up And Start Again, 2006 - originally released in 1981)
Subway Sect - Spring Is Grey (We Oppose All Rock & Roll, 1996 - originally released in 1984)
Go Metric USA - Just Because Your Garden Grows (Three Chords By Two Verses, 1998)
The Cleaners From Venus - Mad March Hare (Golden Cleaners, 1993)
Bill Nelson - Spring (King Of The Cowboys single, 1982)
Versus - Blade Of Grass (The Stars Are Insane, 1994)
The Family Cat - Springing The Atom (Magic Happens, 1994)
The Innocence Mission - Green Grass, Red Tree (Birds Of My Neighborhood, 1999)
Springhouse - Asphalt Angels (Postcards From The Arctic, 1993)
The Fall - I Can Hear The Grass Grow (Fall Heads Roll, 2005)
R.E.M. - Green Grow The Rushes (Fables Of The Reconstruction, 1985)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Show

This weeks show was a green theme in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I could've gone with an all-Irish bands lineup as well but there were so many green related songs that it made for a great playlist. Unfortunately, the stations' webcasting server was off-line again so I present the music sans DJ once more.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Rex Hobart - It's Not Easy Being Green (V/A - The Bottle Let Me Down, 2002)
Dave Alvin with The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Green Green Grass Of Home (The Executioner's Last Songs, Vol. 3, 2003)
Neko Case - Bowling Green (The Virginian, 1997)
Lucinda Williams - Greenville (Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, 1998)
The Chills - Green Eyed Owl (live) (Secret Box, 2001 - originally released in 1987)
The Bats - Green (Silverbeet, 1993)
Scorched Earth Policy - Green Cigar (Keep Away From The Wires, 2000 - originally released in 1984)
The Mutton Birds - Green Lantern (Rain, Steam & Speed, 1999)
Bill Pritchard - Bitter Green (Half A Million, 1988)
Alex Chilton - I Will Turn Your Money Green (Black List EP, 1989)
Stan Ridgway - Big Green Tree (Neon Mirage, 2010)
Lloyd Cole - Eat Your Greens (Cleaning Out The Ashtrays, 2009 - originally released in 1993)
Husker Du - Green Eyes (Flip Your Wig, 1985)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Evergreen (Evergreen, 1997)
The Jam - Pretty Green (live) (Live Jam, 1993 - recorded in 1981)
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Green Fingers (radio session) (At The BBC, 2009 - recorded in 1982)
New Model Army - Green And Grey (Thunder And Consolation, 1989)
Private Dicks - Green Is In The Red (V/A - Avon Calling: The Bristol Compilation, 1979)
Wall Of Voodoo - The Grass Is Greener (Happy Planet, 1987)
Jawbox - Green Glass (For Your Own Special Sweetheart, 1994)
Glide - Pretty Mouth And Green My Eyes (Pretty Mouth EP, 1991)
Half String - Evergreen (Tripped Up Breathing EP, 1994)
The Ocean Blue - Sea Of Green (Beneath The Rhythm And Sound, 1992)
Luxury - Green Hearts (V/A - Yellow Pills: Prefill, 2004)
Sumosonic - God's Green Earth (This Is Sumo, 1998)
Throwing Muses - Green (Throwing Muses, 1986)
White Rose Transmission - Glittering Green (Spiders In The Mind Web, 2010)
Van Dyke Parks - Greenland Whale Fisheries (V/A - Rogue's Gallery, 2006)
The Love Hall Tryst - Jack In The Green (Songs Of Misfortune, 2005)
Peter Blegvad - The Green Boy (Downtime, 1988)
XTC - Greenman (Apple Venus Volume 1, 1999)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8th show

Another theme-less show, the last for a bit as I've got St. Patrick's Day and Spring shows coming up! Brand new track from a reformed Primitives as well as lots of my favorite post-punk gems from over the years.

You can download this podcast by request - leave me a comment.

The Primitives - Rattle My Cage (Never Kill A Secret EP, 2011)
Madnomad - 35 Summers (Tamper-Evident, 2003)
O Positive - Talk About Love (Only Breathing/Cloud Factory, 1987)
Young Marble Giants - N.I.T.A. (Peel session) (Colossal Youth & Collected Works, 2007)
Fuzzbox - Bohemian Rhapsody (Self! EP, 1989)
Nut - Scream (Fantanicity, 1996)
Johnny Dangerously - Junk Culture (You, Me And The Alarm Clock EP, 1989)
Rodney Allen - Thrills On Wheels (The Moped Song) (Happysad, 1987)
10,000 Maniacs - My Mother The War (The Wishing Chair, 1985)
Whysall Lane - Time Machine (Whysall Lane, 2006)
Demarnia Lloyd - Too Long Away (Set Upon A Curve, 2002)
The Gordons - Machine Song (Future Shock EP, 1980)
The Tufnels - Fly Away 1000's (Lurid, 1994)
YFC - Anthem (Ricochet, 2005)
Shane MacGown & Maire Brennan - You're The One (You're The One EP, 1995)
Sinead O'Connor - Troy (The Lion And The Cobra, 1987)
The Railway Children - In The Meantime (radio session) (The Radio One Evening Sessions, 1993)
Roland Orzabal - Ticket To The World (Tomcats Screaming Outside, 2001)
Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor (Kill The Poor 7", 1980)
The Fire Engines - Candyskin (Fond, 1992)
World Of Pooh - Mr. Coffee - Nerves (The Land Of Thirst, 1989)
Swimmer - It's A Dirty Job (Petits Pois, 1996)
The Art Of Noise - Close (To The Edit) ((Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!, 1984)
Jansen Barnieri Karn - The Wilderness (Beginning To Melt, 1994)
Easterhouse - Nineteen Sixty Nine (Contenders, 1986)
The Hang Ups - Caroline (Second Story, 1999)
Life Without Buildings - PS Exclusive (Any Other City, 2000)
Dadamah - High Tension House (This Is Not A Dream, 1995)