Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9-13-2011 Show

This week's show has new stuff from HTRK, Punches, and Bat For Lashes and old stuff from pre-punk Illuminati Scott Walker, Kevin Ayers, and David Bowie and everything in between! Unfortunately, the station's streaming didn't come online until halfway through the show so you're bereft of my commentary for the first hour. Weep for your lost knowledge! OK, the highlights were:

- HTRK is a young band from Australia, formerly known as Hate Rock Trio.
- S.T.U.N. stands for Scream Towards the Uprising of Non-Conformity. That track is a leftover from my Wire covers show.
- The Summer Hits song is an ode to Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier.
- I've recently succumbed to the charms of Kevin Ayers. It took a couple of years and revisitations but his baritone and odd prop/pop vibe has won me over. The track here is a collaboration with Nico. I've long neglected the pre-punk first half of the 70s and I'm looking forward to digging in deeper to that era.
- Punches is a collaboration between an instrumentalist in New Zealand and a vocalist in Tennessee.
- I cannot tell you how much I love Scott Walker these days. He's been a revelation of the highest order, and no one else has had the career he's had - from teen idol as big as the Beatles in the 60s UK to a complete outsider making albums unlike anyone else.
- I saw The English Beat at Johnny D's the other night (well, half as Dave Wakeling heads it up sans Ranking Roger) and they were fantastic, playing all their best material.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

HTRK - Slo Glo (Work Work Work, 2011)
S.T.U.N. - Reuters (Evolution Of Energy, 2003)
The Summer Hits - Laetitia (Beaches And Canyons, 1996)
Elf Power - Needles In The Camel's Eye (When The Red King Comes, 1997)
Godley & Creme - I Pity Inanimate Objects (Freeze Frame, 1979)
Kevin Ayers - Irreversible Neural Damage / Invitation (The Confessions Of Dr. Dream And Others Stories, 1974)
David Bowie - Moss Garden (Heroes, 1977)
Punches - Tools Of The Trade (Etheria, 2011)
Bat For Lashes - The Big Sleep (with Scott Walker) (Two Suns, 2009)
Scott Walker - Cossacks Are (The Drift, 2006)
The English Beat - Save It For Later (Peel session) (Digital distribution, 1982)
Shack - Pull Together (H.M.S. Fable, 1999)
Joe Hisaishi - Hope (with Bill Nelson) (Chizyou No Rakuen [Paradise On Earth], 1994)
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Catcher (Straight Blue Line, 2000)
Envy - Bloodboy (Distorted Greetings, 1995)
Alec Bathgate - Pet Hates (Gold Lame, 1996)
hollAnd - Sparks (Drums EP, 2001)
Depeche Mode - Get The Balance Right! (People Are People, 1984)
Cast - Finetime (All Change, 1995)
Immaculate Fools - Immaculate Fools (extended version) (Immaculate Fools 12", 1984)
The Creatures - Gecko (The Feast, 1983)
Red Guitars - Marimba Jive (Slow To Fade, 1984)
Neil Finn - Log Drums (Try Whistling This bonus disc, 1998)
La Peste - Better Off Dead (La Peste, 1996 - originally released in 1978)
Pharmacy - Shine (Pharmacy EP, 1998)
The San Francisco Seals - Nowherica (Nowherica 7", 1993)
Peter Murphy - Warm Leatherette (featuring Jeordie White & Atticus Ross) (radio session) (Digital distribution, 2006)
Japan - Ghosts (Tin Drum, 1981)
Talk Talk - John Cope (I Believe In You single, 1988)
Ken Nordine - Hunger Is From (Word Jazz, 1957)

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