Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10-11-2011 Show

This week's show has new stuff from Magazine, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, a noise-rock set, bits and bobs from Ian Masters projects, and a set of classic rockabilly!

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Magazine - Hello Mister Curtis (With Apologies) (No Thyself, 2011)
Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto (new version) (New Blood, 2011)
Kate Bush - Wildman (50 Words For Snow, 2011)
Don McGlashan - A Thing Well Made (radio session) (Rabid In The Kennel, 2011)
Blips - Blip^/Blip~ (V/A - Spooky Sounds Of Now, 1997)
A Frames - Ionic (A Frames 2, 2003)
Six Finger Satellite - Simian Fever (Severe Exposure, 1995)
The In Out - Deutschland (Living Memorial In Deutschland, 2000)
Dive Index - Hoko Onchi (Mid/Air, 2007)
Friendly Science Orchestra - Sutekina Sora O (Minature Album, 1998)
Luminous Orange - Silver Kiss (Sakura Swirl, 2007)
The Friendly Hopefuls - The Friendly Hopefuls Salute The Punks Of 1976 (V/A - Obey The New Wave, 2006)
The Diodes - Tired Of Waking Up Tired (Released, 1979)
Pere Ubu - Ubu Dance Party (Dub Housing, 1978)
Nyam Nyam - Knowledge (Chapter II) (When We Can't Make Laughter Stay 7", 1981)
Trip Shakespeare - Today You Move (Lulu, 1991)
The Reindeer Section - Nytol (Y'All Get Scared Now, Ya Hear!, 2001)
Sky Cries Mary - Elephant Song (Exit At The Axis EP, 1991)
British Sea Power - Lucky Bicycle (Valhalla V.I.P. EP, 2011)
Fixed Stars - Here Comes The Music (Here Comes The Music single, 1999)
Hug - Walk On Fire (Firebrands single, 1993)
Andy Yorke - Ode To A Friend (Simple, 2008)
Johnny Burnette - The Train Kept A Rollin' (Johnny Burnette And The Rock 'N Roll Trio, 1956)
Gene Vincent - Cat Man (Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps, 1957)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Boogie Woogie Country Man (Boogie Woogie Country Man, 1975)
Carl Perkins - The E.P. Express (The E.P. Express, 1975)
Soft Machine - The Moon In June (BBC session) (The Peel Sessions, 1990 - originally released in 1969)

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