Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10-4-2011 Show

This week's show starts off with new stuff from old pros Thomas Dolby, Peter Blegvad, and Exene Cervenka as well younger artists Lydia Loveless, Cut Off Your Hands and Wild Beasts. It ends with spoken-word pieces from Gerard Langley, Tom Waits and a cautionary tale about petting the wrong dog from Arthur Bradford. In between we'll hit some punk, new wave and alt-country highlights - 2 hours of the best underground rock!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Lydia Loveless - Can't Change Me (Indestructible Machine, 2011)
Exene Cervenka - Alone In Arizona (The Excitement Of Maybe, 2011)
Maggie Bjorklund - Summer Romance (Coming Home, 2010)
Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge - Sacred Objects (Digital download, 2011)
Stephen Fellows - Heaven Is Here (Digital download, 2011)
Throwing Muses - Hillbilly (Anthology, 2011)
Cut Off Your Hands - Nausea (Hollow, 2011)
Wild Beasts - Thankless Thing (Reach A Bit Further EP, 2011)
Stereolab - Explosante Fixe (Explosante Fixe, 2008)
Thomas Dolby - Spice Train (The Map Of The Floating City, 2011)
Richard Lloyd - Fire Engine (live) (Real Time, 1987)
Tom Verlaine - A Town Called Walker (Flash Light, 1987)
Television - 1880 Or So (Television, 1992)
Iggy And The Stooges - Gimme Danger (Raw Power, 1973)
The Rezillos - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight (Can't Stand The Rezillos, 1978)
The Clash - White Riot (The Clash, 1977)
The Mekons - Never Been In A Riot (Never Been In A Riot 7", 1978)
The B-52's - Rock Lobster (The B-52's, 1980)
Berlin - The Metro (Pleasure Victim, 1982)
Pete Shelley - Homosapien (single version) (Homosapien 7", 1981)
The Judybats - Native Son (Native Son, 1991)
Statuesque - Ton Of Feathers, Ton Of Steel (Angleterre EP, 1996)
Prolapse - Fob.com (Ghosts Of Dead Aeroplanes, 1999)
Uncle Tupelo - Punch Drunk (Still Feel Gone, 1991)
Whiskeytown - Turn Around (Stranger's Almanac, 1997)
Jesse Malin - Wendy (The Fine Art Of Self Destruction, 2002)
Lucero - Tears Don't Matter Much (That Much Further West, 2003)
Tom Waits - Nirvana (Orphans, 2006)
Gerard Langley - Near The Ocean (backing by Big Star) (Lit., 2003)
Arthur Bradford - Roslyn's Dog (V/A - McSweeney's #6, 2001)

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