Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6-14 Show

New stuff this week from TV Smith, F In Math and The Church, old stuff from Talking Heads, Monochrome Set and Minimal Compact. Sadly, the stations streaming broke again so there's no brilliant commentary from your humble host so I'll just make these few points:

TV Smith, the folk-punk, keeps churning out great music years after leading The Adverts.

Love the line from Marty Willson-Piper, "Andy Partridge/Robert Wyatt/You hear it/You buy it". Nice to know artists I like are just as big music obsessives as me!

Iggy Pop's solo albums are patchy (there's not much to "Skull Ring" but it's a great groove and chorus) but the Anthology really collects all the highlights.

I'm an unabashed fan of 80s synth-pop remixes, enjoy the 3 tracks that end the show!

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

TV Smith - Complaints Dept (Coming In To Land, 2011)
F In Math - Don't Look Down (Couch EP, 2011)
The Church - Deadman's Hand (Untitled #23, 2010)
Marty Willson-Piper - Forget The Radio (Hanging Out In Heaven, 2000)
Talking Heads - Love -> Building On Fire (Once In A Lifetime, 2003 - originally released in 1977)
Gang Of Four - The History Of The World (live) (100 Flowers Bloom, 1998 - originally released in 1984)
Generation X - Your Generation (Generation X reissue, 2002 - originally released in 1977)
The Monochrome Set - Reach For Your Gun (Volume, Contrast, Brilliance, 1991 - originally released in 1986 by Bid)
Andy Cameron - I Want To Be A Punk Rocker (Ally's Tartan Army 7", 1977)
Shy Tots - Robot Maid (V/A - Bouquet Of Steel, 1980)
The Damned - Lovely Money (Lovely Money 7", 1982)
The Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks (live) (Live At Max's Kansas City, 1979)
The New Christs - Born Out Of Time (Divine Rites, 1988)
The Androidss - Auckland Tonight (V/A - It's Bigger Than Both Of Us, 1988)
Iggy Pop - Skull Ring (Skull Ring, 2003)
The Walker Brothers - The Electrician (Nite Flights, 1978)
Seafood - Western Battle (When Do We Start Fighting, 2001)
Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin' (Minimal Compact EP, 1981)
Pure Grain - (Here Come) The Millionaires (Here Come The Millionaires EP, 1999)
Polaris - Hey Sandy (Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete, 1999)
Juniper - From Despair To Nowhere (Premier EP, 1996)
Jason Ringenberg - Tuskegee Pride (Best Tracks And Side Tracks, 2008)
Reverend Horton Heat - 400 Bucks (Holy Roller, 1999)
New Pornographers - Your Daddy Don't Know (FUBAR soundtrack, 2002)
20/20 - Yellow Pills (20/20, 1979)
Scritti Politti - Absolute (version) (Cupid & Psyche, 1985)
ABC - How To Be A Zillionaire (Wall St. mix) (How To Be A Zillionaire 12", 1984)
Ultravox - Love's Great Adventure (extended version) (Love's Great Adventure 12", 1984)

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