Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Latest show

This week's show was about highlighting some new stuff and old favorites. Great new stuff from British Sea Power, Twilight Sad, David Sylvian, Cathal Coughlan and others.

Listen to the show by request - leave me a comment.

British Sea Power - Cleaning Out The Rooms (Zeus EP, 2010)
The Fall - Quartet Of Doc Shanley (Levitate, 1997)
Lighterthief - Running With The Mothmen (with Barry Andrews) (Hard Listening digital single, 2009)
The Architects Of Disaster - Cucumber Sandwich (Cucumber Sandwich 7", 1982)
The Black Watch - All Over Again (Short Stories EP, 1989)
Apartment - Broken Glass (V/A - Avon Calling 2, 2010)
Alternative TV - Stockhausen In Space (Action Time Vision: The ATV Anthology, 2003 - originally released in 1999)
David Sylvian - Five Lines (with Dai Fujikura) (Sleepwalkers, 2010)
The Neats - Red And Grey (The Monkey's Head In The Corner Of The Room EP, 1982)
The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Tin Toy Clockwork Train (25 O'Clock reissue, 2009)
Method Actors - Commotion (This Is Still It, 2010 - originally released 1981)
Drive-By Truckers - TVA (The Fine Print, 2009)
Cathal Coughlan - Avail (Rancho Tetrahedron, 2010)
Stan Ridgway - Halfway There (Neon Mirage, 2010)
Kirsty MacColl - Mambo De La Luna (From Croydon To Cuba, 2005 - originally released in 1999)
The Twilight Sad - The Wrong Car (The Wrong Car EP, 2010)
AC Acoustics - Stunt Girl (Victory Parts, 1998)
The Pacific Ocean - I'm Part Of Everything Again (So Beautiful And Cheap And Warm, 2002)
Danielle Dax - Here Come The Harvest Buns (Pop-Eyes, 1983)
Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl Of My Dreams (Strange Man, Changed Man, 1979)
Stiff Little Fingers - Touch And Go (Now Then..., 1982)
Cud - Wanting Isn't Getting (Showbiz reissue, 2008)
50 Foot Wave - Clara Bow (50 Foot Wave EP, 2004)
David Kilgour & Sam Hunt - Chord (Falling Debris, 2009)
Laika - Coming Down Glass (Silver Apples Of The Moon, 1995)
American Music Club - Rise (Everclear, 1991)
The Buggles - Blue Nylon (Adventures In Modern Recording reissue, 2010)
Bettie Serveert - Tom Boy (Palomine, 1992)
Clinic - The Return Of Evil Bill (Internal Wrangler, 2000)

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