Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Emergency show

Last night, instead of working on the Midwest show, I spent a couple of hours in the emergency room of my local hospital, so why not do a show with just that theme? My boy's fine but now you can enjoy this mix of punk, new wave, and downbeat rock.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

999 - Emergency (999, 1978)
Stiff Little Fingers - State Of Emergency (Inflammable Material, 1979)
The Undertones - Emergency Cases (Teenage Kicks single, 1978)
Rezillos - Ambulance (radio session) (Digital distribution, 2009)
Just Urbain - Hospital Bed (V/A - Shakedown! Brisbane Punk Rock (1979-1983), 2005 - originally released in 1980)
Glide - Spin Doctor (Open Up And Croon, 1995)
The Chills - Martyn's Doctor Told Me (Secret Box, 2001)
The Stereo Bus - Mental Hospital (Hey Thank You single, 1999)
The King Of Luxembourg - Trial Of Dr. Fancy (V/A - Too Good To Be True, 2005 - originally released in 1986)
Killer Pussy - Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage (Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage single, 1982)
Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor! (Into The Gap, 1984)
Whiskeytown - Nurse With The Pills (radio session) (Strangers Almanac reissue, 2008)
Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - Scars And Glasses (The Opiates (Revised), 2008)
Patrick Duff - Rock'n'Roll Doctor (Luxury Problems JP edition, 2005)
Hofman - Follow The Ambulance (Reach Around Hofman EP, 1998)
The Replacements - Take Me Down To The Hospital (Hootenanny, 1983)
The Proletariat - Scars (Soma Holiday, 1983)
Dangerous Birds - Emergency (V/A - Laughing At The Ground single, 1982)
Prolapse - Black Death Ambulance (Pointless Walks To Dismal Places, 1994)
Sleeper - Big Nurse (Alice EP, 1993)
The Convent - Scars (About Kings And Queens And Stolen Bicycles, 2002)
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Emergency Turn Off (Turning Into Small, 1998)
Billy Bragg - A Nurse's Life Is Full Of Woe (Talking With The Taxman About Poetry reissue, 2006)
Tiger - I'm In Love With RAF Nurse (Race EP, 1996)
Jesse Malin - Scars Of Love (The Heat, 2004)
Sisters Of Mercy - Doctor Jeep (Vision Thing, 1990)
Swell Maps - Doctor At C. (Collision Time Revisited, 1989 - originally released in 1979)
Cop Shoot Cop - Ambulance Song (Release, 1994)
Second Layer - State Of Emergency (State Of Emergency EP, 1980)
Wire - Ambulance Chasers (live) (The Ideal Copy, 1987)
Justin Sullivan - No Pain (live) (Big Guitars In Little Europe, 1995)

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