Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Compiling Devo rarities

Every so often I realize I haven't delved deeper into a favorite artists' catalog. I particularly enjoy digging through b-sides and non-lp material as great bands litter their singles with gems. A while back I ran into stalwart listener pblfsda on the T and we were chatting about Devo. He recommended I check out the _Pioneers Who Were Scalped_ compilation as it has lots of rarities and the best bits from the later years. The oddities are great - I love the General Boy spoken word stuff, and it does have the four good tracks from "Oh No" and "Shout", but the rest of disc 2 is, frankly, awful! I was inspired to put together my own compilation of b-sides and outtakes from a variety of sources. Stuff like "Find Out" and "Part Of You" are better than almost all of "Oh No" and _Recombo DNA_ has some excellent outtakes. I excluded some worthy tracks only because I have them on my import version of "Q: Are We Not Men". Here's my tracklisting:

I'm A Potato (from Hardcore Vol. 1)
Mongoloid (single version, found on Pioneers)
Jocko Homo (single version, found on Pioneers)
We're All Devo! (from Pioneers, found on Pioneers)
Mechanical Man (from Greatest Misses - an early demo)
Be Stiff (non-lp single)
Duty Now For The Future! [General Boy] (found on Pioneers)
General Boy Visits Apocolypse Now [General Boy] (found on Pioneers)
It Takes A Worried Man (found on Pioneers)
Turn Around (b-side)
Make Me Dance (Recombo DNA)
Time Bomb (Recombo DNA)
Nu-Tra Speaks (found on Pioneers)
Mecha-Mania Boy (non-lp single)
Peek-A-Boo! (Dance Velocity) (remix from _Oh No_)
That's Good (from _Oh No_)
Big Mess (from _Oh No_)
Find Out (b-side)
Part Of You (outtake that is found on the Infinite Zero version of "Oh No")
Modern Life (Recombo DNA)
Faster And Faster (Recombo DNA)
One Dumb Thing (found on Pioneers)
Love Is Stronger Than Dirt (Recombo DNA)
Shout (the only good song on _Shout_)

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