Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012 Show

This week's show falls on Valentine's Day and it's a big gift to my wife! She has to put up with listening to quite a bit of "spouse-inappropriate" music over the years so I've picked artists she likes and love songs that won't make you cringe! Thanks to the vagaries of college radio technology, the mike wasn't working very well today, apologies for the hollow sounding back announcing.

You can download this podcast by clicking here.

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes (new version) (New Blood, 2011)
Roxy Music - More Than This (Avalon, 1982)
The Go-Betweens - Finding You (Oceans Apart, 2005)
Hem - Valentine's Day (I'm Talking With My Mouth EP, 2002)
The Innocence Mission - Since I Tell You My Every Day (We Walked In Song, 2007)
Kelly Hogan - I'll Go To My Grave Loving You (Because It Feel Good, 2001)
The Lilac Time - I Want To Be Your Man (Lilac6, 2001)
XTC - Then She Appeared (Nonsuch, 1992)
Lloyd Cole - What's Wrong With This Picture? (The Negatives, 2001)
The Sound - Hand Of Love (Thunder Up, 1987)
Nick Cave - (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For? (The Boatman's Call, 1997)
Stan Ridgway - Anything For You (The Complete Epilogues, 2011)
Mick Karn - When Love Walks In (feat. David Sylvian) (Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters, 1986)
Snow Patrol - You Are My Joy (live) (Live At Somerset House, 2005)
Astrid Williamson - To Love You (Never Enough, 2003)
Kate Bush - The Sensual World (The Sensual World, 1989)
Boh Runga - Not Given Lightly (V/A - Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox, 2009)
The Frank And Walters - I'm A Believer (After All EP, 1992)
The La's - There She Goes (radio session) (BBC In Session, 2006 - originally released in 1988)
Thomas Dolby - I Scare Myself (The Flat Earth, 1984)
The Magnetic Fields - The Book Of Love (69 Love Songs, 1999)
The Real Tuesday Weld - Battery-Powered Flowered Love (The Valentine EP, 2000)
Syd Straw - Marry Me (Pink Velour, 2008)
Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl Of My Dreams (Strange Man, Charmed Man, 1979)
The Lemonheads - Into Your Arms (Come On Feel The Lemonheads, 1993)
R.E.M. - Arms Of Love (Man On The Moon EP, 1992)
Del Amitri - More Than You'd Ever Know (Move Away Jimmy Blue EP, 1990)
Wilco - I Got You (At The End Of The Century) (Being There, 1997)
Robyn Hitchcock - I Feel Beautiful (Jewels For Sophia, 1999)

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