Thursday, December 9, 2010

Singled Out: The The

I did another Singled Out show this week, highlighting the best of The The. It's quite challenging picking just an hour's worth of work from an artist with as deep and diverse a catalog as Matt Johnson so I focused on his singles as they're universally great.

You can download this podcast by request - leave me a comment.
The The - Controversial Subject (Controversial Subject 7", 1980)
The The - Uncertain Smile (7" version) (Uncertain Smile 7", 1982)
The The - Perfect (7" version) (Perfect 7", 1983)
The The - Infected (7" version) (Infected 7", 1986)
The The - Sweet Bird Of Truth (Infected, 1986)
The The - The Beat(en) Generation (Mind Bomb, 1989)
The The - Jealous Of Youth (Jealous Of Youth CDEP, 1990)
The The - That Was The Day (Dis-Infected CDEP, 1993)
The The - Love Is Stronger Than Death (Dusk, 1993)
The The - I Saw The Light (Hanky Panky, 1995)
The The - Darkness Falls (Judge Dredd soundtrack, 1995)
The The - Shrunken Man (Nakedself, 2000)
The The - December Sunlight (Cried Out) (45RPM, 2002)
The The - Pillar Box Red (45RPM, 2002)
The The - Mrs Mac (digital download, 2007)

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