Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Zealand show

This week's show was all about the New Zealand indie scene! I've been in love with the country and it's music since I heard The Chills "Pink Frost", it was a total epiphany. NZ's amazing mix of melody and raucousness still amazes me - young bands like The Mint Chicks, Die! Die! Die!, Punches, and Surf City are still making great music from the tiny little islands.

Download the show on request, leave me a comment.

Chills - Heavenly Pop Hit (Submarine Bells, 1990)
Clean - Billy Two (Anthology, 2002 - originally from Boodle Boodle Boodle 12", 1982)
Bats - North By North (Daddy's Highway, 1987)
Bird Nest Roys - Jaffa Boy (Bird Nest Roys, 1987)
Pin Group - Ambivalence (The Pin Group, 1997 - originally from Ambivalence single, 1981) - very first FN release
Mainly Spaniards - That's What Friends Are For (25th Anniversary box set, 2006 - originally from That's What... single, 1982)
Danse Macabre - Between The Lines (Between The Lines, 2005 - originally from Between 12", 1981)
Dead Famous People - The Girl With An Attitude Problem (Arriving Late In Torn And Filthy Jeans, 1989)
Able Tasmans - Hold Me I (Hey Spinner, 1990)
Verlaines - War In My Head (Ready To Fly, 1991)
3Ds - Ben (Strange News From The Angels, 1997)
Headless Chickens - Gaskrankenstation (Body Blow, 1991)
Straitjacket Fits - She Speeds (Hail, 1988)
Bailter Space - The Aim (The Aim EP, 1992)
Jay Clarkson - Fool (Various - Does It Float?, 1994)
Sombretones - Love (Sombretones EP, 1990)
Chris Knox - Not Given Lightly (Seizure, 1989)
Fats Thompson - Too Much Jazz (Various - Does It Float?, 1994)
David Mulcahy - Blue Chicken Heart (Oddy Knocky, 1998)
Snapper - Death And Weirdness In The Surfing Zone (Snapper EP, 1988)
High Dependency Unit - Schallblute (Fire Works, 2001)
Loves Ugly Children - Suck (Showered In Gold, 1997)
Cloudboy - (You're So) Pretty (Down At The End Of The Garden, 2001)
Mestar - Konked Out (Shut The Squizwot Factories Down, 2006)
Punches - Unseen (Punches EP, 2006)
Subliminals - Uh-Oh (United State, 2000)
Don McGlashen - C2006P1 (Make Yourself At Home) (Marvellous Year, 2009)
Peter Gutteridge - Don't Catch Fire (Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox, 2009)
Minisnap - In My Pocket (In My Pocket EP, 2002)

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