Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This week's show was dedicated to the oncoming season change - autumn! Every song had either 'September', 'Autumn' or 'Fall' in the title. I added a few tracks from forthcoming releases at the end - there's been an influx of great new music lately.

Next week's show will be a post-punk primer - but only using Peel session versions! If you've got any requests, leave me a comment.

You can download the podcast by clicking here.

David Sylvian - September (Secrets Of The Beehive, 1987)
Big Star - September Gurls (Radio City, 1974)
Robyn Hitchcock - September Cones (You & Oblivion, 1995)
The Fall - Fall Sound (Reformation Post:TLC, 2007)
The Blue Aeroplanes - Autumn Journal XV (Friendloverplane 2, 1992)
Ian McCulloch - September Song (September Song single, 1984)
The Chills - Autumn Testament #20 (Secret Box, 2001)
The Field Mice - September's Not So Far Away (For Keeps, 1991)
The Church - Russian Autumn Heart (Gold Afternoon Fix, 1990)
The Ropers - September's Rain (The Ropers EP, 1994)
Feverdream - Autum (Songs By Strung Out Singles, 1998)
The Lucy Show - Sad September (Mania, 1986)
Bill Nelson - The Bride Of Christ In Autumn (The Love That Whirls, 1982)
Martin Newell - The Boys Of September (The Spirit Cage, 2000)
The The - August & September (Mind Bomb, 1989)
Camera Obscura - Autumn Tides (Rare UK Bird, 1999)
Winter Hours - September Street (These Familiar Places, 2001)
Dumptruck - Autumn Light (Positively Dumptruck, 1986)
Felt - September Lady (Forever Breathes The Lonely Word, 1986)
Roddy Frame - Autumn Flower (The North Star, 1998)
Ryan Adams - September (Jacksonville City Nights, 2005)
Gene - Autumn Stone (Fighting Fit single, 1996)
Richard Jobson - Autumn (V/A - Auteur Labels - Les Disques Du Crepescule, 2008 - originally from 1981)
Andy Partridge - Autumn Comes Around (Fuzzy Warbles Vol. 3, 2003)
New Model Army - Autumn (Today Is A Good Day, 2009)
Scars - Leave Me In Autumn (Author! Author!, 1981)
Surf City - Autumn (Kudos, 2010)
Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent (Absolute Dissent, 2010)
Grinderman - Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man (Grinderman 2, 2010)
Street Chant - You Do The Maths (Means, 2010)
Black Watch - Emily, Are You Sleeping? (Led Zeppelin Five, 2010)

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