Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To School

This week marked the first time I did my show when the kids were on campus, so I decided to select only songs whose titles were related to school or education. It all flows surprisingly well! I'm off again next week but after that I'll be back to my regular weekly schedule.

You can listen to the show on request - leave me a comment.

Guided By Voices - Big School (Static Airplane Jive EP, 1993)
Able Tasmans - School Is No Good For You (Somebody Ate My Planet, 1992)
Captain Sensible - Back To School? (Stop The World single b-side, 1983)
Alex Chilton - New Girl In School (A Man Called Destruction, 1995)
Syd Straw - Learning The Game (Future 40's single b-side, 1989)
Brian Dewan - First Day Of School (The Operating Theater, 2001)
The Fall - My Ex-Classmates' Kids (Are You Are Missing Winner, 2001)
Throwing Muses - University (University, 1995)
Wilco - Student Loan Stereo (Can't Stand It single b-side, 1999)
Martin Newell - My Old School (The Spirit Cage, 2000)
Robyn Hitchcock - College Of Ice (Eye, 1990)
Baby Ray - You Could Go To College (Low Rises, 2005)
Rockpile - Teacher Teacher (Seconds Of Pleasure, 1980)
The Ramones - Rock & Roll High School (End Of The Century, 1980)
Magick Heads - When I Kissed The Teacher (V/A - Abbasolutely, 1995)
The Blue Aeroplanes - Teaching English Through Sex And Death (Spitting Out Miracles, 1987)
Animals That Swim - Learning To Fly (Faded Glamour: The Best Of, 2004)
Cop Shoot Cop - What Have You Teached? (digital download, unreleased 1995)
Tours - Language School (V/A - Perfect Unpop, 2008 - originally released as a single, 1979)
Husker Du - Something I Learned Today (Zen Arcade, 1984)
Mission Of Burma - Learn How (Vs, 1982)
The Wedding Present - Living And Learning (BBC session 11-85) (Tommy, 1988)
Clearlake - Here To Learn (Amber, 2006)
Camera Obscura - Pen And Notebook (Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi, 2002)
Del Amitri - Learn To Cry (Always The Last To Know single b-side, 1992)
Frank And Walters - Learn To Love Myself (A Renewed Interest In Happiness, 2007)
The Bats - Knowledge Is Power (Couchmaster, 1995)
Moreau's Island - Live And Learn (As Big As It Gets, 1999)
X - How I (Learned My Lesson) (Under The Big Black Sun, 1982)
R.E.M. - Sad Professor (Up, 1998)
Unbelievable Truth - Too Many Things To Learn (Building single b-side, 1997)
The Mekons - Learning To Love On Your Own (Rock'n'Roll, 1989)
Yummy Fur - Amphetamine Education Movie (Kinky Cinema, 1997)
XTC - Procession Towards Learning Land (Great Fire single b-side, 1983)


  1. What, no Mission of Burma "Academy Fight Song"?!

  2. Doh! That was a terrible omission!