Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 Show

Yeah, I could've done a theme on the '1' in the date or a numerical theme but after all the theme shows (which sometimes lend themselves to tracks I might not ordinarily play) I just wanted to pick some of my favorite stuff! New material in the first set then bits and bobs from years passed.

You can download the podcast by request - leave me a comment.

British Sea Power - Who's In Control? (Valhalla Dancehall, 2011)
Gang Of Four - She Said "You Made A Thing Of Me" (Content, 2011)
The Wheat Pool - Helpless (EP mix) (Behind The Stars EP, 2010)
Glasser - Mirrorage (Ring, 2010)
Brian Eno - I Fall Up (II: Vocal Box, 1993)
10cc - I'm Not In Love (The Original Soundtrack, 1975)
Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street (City To City, 1978)
Foo Fighters - Requiem (Requiem EP, 1997)
Mick Karn - The Three Fates (Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters, 1987)
Dalis Car - His Box (The Waking Hour, 1984)
The Great Unwashed - Neck Of The Woods (Collection, 1992 - originally released in 1984)
Jean Paul Sartre Experience - Bleeding Star (Bleeding Star, 1993)
The Verlaines - Heavy 33 (You're Just Too Obscure For Me, 2003 - originally released in 1993)
Heavenly - Itchy Chin (The Decline And Fall Of Heavenly, 1994)
The Reindeer Section - You Are My Joy (Son Of Evil Reindeer, 2002)
The Replacements - Kiss Me On The Bus (Tim, 1985)
The Golden Palominos - Dying From The Inside Out (Drunk With Passion, 1991)
Fuel - Butterfly Knife (Timeless EP, 1994)
The Magnetic Fields - Reno Dakota (69 Love Songs, Vol. 1, 1999)
Modern Eon - Euthentics (single version) (Euthentics 7", 1980)
Polak - 2 Minutes 45 (3x3, 1999)
Richard Butler - Good Days Bad Days (Richard Butler, 2006)
San Francisco Seals - Nowherica (Nowherica 7", 1993)
Foetus - Bedrock ('Sink', 1989)
Dustball - Owe It All To... (Quality But Hers, 1998)
Rich Kids - Ghosts Of Princes In Towers (Ghosts Of Princes In Towers, 1978)
Far Out Corporation - If You Want Release (Far Out Corporation, 1998)
The In Out - T'koff (Cosmosis, 1997)
Gigolo Aunts - Where I Find My Heaven (Flippin' Out, 1993)

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