Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Request for requests

Since starting this blog the single-most viewed post has been the post-punk nuggets show. I'm thinking of doing another one next week and would love to get in anything y'all want to hear, so leave me a comment with your request!


  1. Hey, Mitch,

    If you want suggestions for a catch-all format, you could look to those bands that weren't around too long. With small back catalogs, their material usually isn't repackaged relentlessly. That way much of the audience won't be overly familiar with it. (Which I'm assuming is a large part of that episode's appeal, especially on a college campus, where people are accustomed to accessing large amounts of music online, but not if they don't have a familiar name to search for.)
    How about:
    Dalek I Love You
    Rich Kids ("Ghosts Of Princes In Towers" came out on CD in the 90's, I think)
    Klaus Nomi
    The Glove(which I think you've used before)
    Geza X
    Anything from the Fast Product compilation ("Mutant Pop" on vinyl); it included well known groups like Mekons, Gang of Four and the original version of Human League, but also Scars, 2.3 and The Flowers.
    Pink Section
    Athletico Spizz
    John Cooper Clarke
    Blake Xoltan
    Coati Mundi (I mean, I don't know what your cut off point for obscure is; I'm sure you're thinking, "We could both spend all day doing this. How much of it will people listen to?")
    Well, most of the artists above have at least a few interesting tracks that can mix with a variety. Others (like Eater) are pretty much just plain old punk. But the great thing about the earliest post-punk groups is that it was a volatile time. All those people who started a band in 1977 because they saw the Sex Pistols eventually learned to play their instruments, even if it was by trial and error. Suddenly they could play what they were thinking.

    Ooh, one more: anything from the "Jubilee" soundtrack. Or "The Rat Music For The Rat People". Or the Stiff label samplers. Or...

  2. do like the postpunk stuff
    also like themes like "athens bands"
    or "uk punk"
    rare new wave is good too
    or "martin rushent productions"

  3. You will need a themed series which would be a great idea...some essential bands include Sad Lovers & Giants, For Against, Comsat Angels, Abecedarians, The Sound, The Chameleons, New Model Army, Easterhouse, Savage Republic, Mission of Burma, Salem 66, Au Pairs, The Ruts, the Wipers, Big Black, Husker Du, The Names, Snake Corps, Monochrome Set, ACR, Section 25, Durutti Column...and the list goes on!