Tuesday, July 27, 2010

B-Sides show

Today's show highlighted some of my favorite b-sides and discussed the different types and sources of b-sides: covers, great songs that just didn't quite fit the album, soundtrack contributions, promos, etc. In many cases a bands b-sides were just as good as their albums and deserve a better fate.

You can download the podcast by request - leave me a comment.

Siouxsie & The Banshees - B Side Ourselves (from "O Baby" single, 1994)
Astrid Williamson - Even If You Kill Me (from "Superman 2" single, 2006)
The Beautiful South - Trevor, You're Bizarre! (from "36D" single, 1992)
XTC - Extrovert (from "Grass" single, 1986)
The Frank & Walters - Teenage Kicks (from "City Lights" single, 2007)
Del Amitri - A Better Man (from "Tell Her This" single, 1995)
John Cale - Hedda Gabler (from "Animal Justice" EP, 1977)
Killing Joke - Universe B (from "Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell" single, 2006)
The Sound - Oiled (from "Temperature Drop" single, 1985)
The Chills - Whole Lot Of Non Going On (from "Heavenly Pop Hit" single, 1990)
Adorable - This House Is Rotten (from "Vendetta" single, 1994)
The Pernice Brothers - Up The Down Escalator (from "7:30" single, 2001)
The Fall - Ludd Gang (from "The Man Whose Head Expanded" single, 1983)
China Drum - Baseball In The Dark (from "Wipeout" single, 1996)
Snow Patrol - I Am An Astronaut (from "Open Your Eyes" single, 2007)
A House - More Endless Art ("from "Endless Art" single, 1992)
Strangelove - Motorpsycho Nitemare (from "Time For The Rest Of Your Life" single, 1994)
The Go-Betweens - The Locust Girls (from "Going Blind" single, 2000)
Billy Bragg - Accident Waiting To Happen (Red Star version) (from "Accident Waiting To Happen" single, 1992)
Comsat Angels - Our Secret (new version) (from "The Cutting Edge" single, 1986)
Peter Gabriel - I Have The Touch (Robbie Robertson remix) (from "Phenomenon" soundtrack, 1996)
Sons And Daughters - Blood (single version) (from "Dance Me In" single, 2005)
Subway Sect - Don't Split It (from "Nobody's Scared" single, 1978)
Buzzcocks - Something's Gone Wrong Again (from "Harmony In My Head" single, 1979)
The Stranglers - Straighten Out (from "Something Better Change" single, 1977)
Wire - Options R (from "Dot Dash" single, 1978)
Robyn Hitchcock - Belly Full Of Arms And Legs (from his first Phantom 45 digital download, 2009)
Ryan Adams - Funeral Marching (from "Halloween" single promo, 2004)
Erase Errata - Retreat, The Most Familiar, Extensive, I Bet! (from Numbers/Erase Errata split single, 2001)
Shriekback - Feelers (from "My Spine Is The Bassline" 12" only, 1982)


  1. Excellent selections so far.

    You asked for requests/theme ideas -- I'd love to see your take on "garage rock/garage punk/punkabilly" sometime! I'm in a garage mood what with the Ponderosa Stomp coming to NYC this weekend -- Detroitmania! (Gories, ? and the Mysterians, Mitch Ryder, etc.) Show me what you got!


  2. Interesting selection, quite diverse with a good taste in music.

  3. Nearly forgot...request for podcast please. Cheers!

  4. Rob - thanks for the kind words, here's the show:


    It's almost time for another B-sides show!